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Rubab Batool

Konya, Turkey
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About Rubab
Rubab Batool is a journalist based in Konya, Turkey.

Developing Genetic Technologies For Improving Security Of Food Crops

19 Aug 2023  |  technologytimes.pk
This study focuses on developing genetic technologies to improve the security of food crops by enhancing resistance to pests and diseases, increasing tolerance to environmental stressors, and boosting nutritional value. Techniques such as gene editing, including CRISPR-Cas9, and genetic modification, alongside traditional breeding methods, have led to the creation of genetically modified crops with improved traits. These advancements are significant for food security, offering the potential to increase yields, reduce chemical pesticide reliance, and contribute to sustainable agriculture. However, the use of genetic modification in agriculture requires careful regulation, testing, and monitoring to ensure safety and efficacy.

Soybeans Can Help Address Protein Needs of Growing Global Population

22 Mar 2023  |  technologytimes.pk
Soybeans are positioned to address the growing global demand for protein due to their high protein content, versatility, and sustainable production methods. They are a cost-effective food source that can be incorporated into various diets, making them suitable for different socioeconomic statuses. The environmental impact of soybeans is generally positive, especially when compared to other protein sources. The article advocates for increased soy consumption to meet future protein needs and highlights the role of soy in sustainable food production.

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