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Berlin, Germany

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Ruediger Rossig

I have been working as a print, radio, tv and online editor, author/reporter, translator and fixer in Germany, Ex-Yugoslavia and a few other central-east European countries for almost 30 years. Currently I am editor at the German daily taz. die tageszeitung (Berlin) and author for various German, Ex-Yugoslav and international media (print/radio/tv/online). For full CV and more info about me and my work, please have a look at my website:


Al Jazeera English news about the rise of Germany's anti-refugee right


Feature story about refugees from Afghanistan and why they flew from Iran to Germany.


A feature story about Syrian refugees and right wing populists in Germany.


An Aljazeera Balkans-report about Muslims and Anti-Islamism in Germany in 2015, fixed by me

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A report from Bosnia 15 years after war's end (2010), to read the text go to


A UNTV-report about a massaker in Croatia after Operation Storm in 1995, I am the Assistant Producer, i.e. researcher, scout, translator and one of two reporters

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