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Ruslan Deynychenko

Ruslan Deynychenko is a journalist based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Ruslan Deynychenko holds a BA degree in History from Sumy University and MA degree in Corporate Communications from Duquesne University. Mr. Deynychenko has been a reporter with Voice of America since 2002 producing stories for radio and Chas-Time daily TV shows. Primary Instructor at the National University of the Kyiv Mohyla Academy for over a decade. Teach Radio Journalism and Media Management courses for Master's level students. Supervise daily student radio news bulletin production. Created and supervise the Digital Future of Journalism Program (DFJ.ORG.UA) - a post-graduate program for Ukrainian journalists focused on new media, social networks, user-generated content, and multimedia. In 2014 Ruslan Deynychenko was one of the co-founders of the project, a Ukrainian website that reveals false information about Ukraine in pro-Kremlin media.

Video Package (Web / Broadcast) Content Writing Fact Checking
Investigative Reporting Fact Checking

Proposed Ukrainian Media Laws Spark Concern Over Free Speech

The flagship project of our NGO “StopFake” is currently well-known to media professionals all over the world. Not only does it identify cases of fake information about events in Ukraine, but also actually initiated an international discussion on community is checking the media and refuting false information and Russian propaganda about Ukraine. The organization's activities are aimed at preserving Ukraine as an independent state and raising the level of media literacy of its citizens

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