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Rutendo Mawere

Harare, Zimbabwe
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About Rutendo
Rutendo Mawere is a multimedia journalists and a communications and advocacy specialist.
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Chamisa decries supporters’ abductions, torture

27 Oct 2023  |  The Standard
Nelson Chamisa, leader of the Citizens Coalition for Change, condemned the abduction and torture of his party members, labeling it as terrorism. He highlighted the case of James Chidhakwa, a former legislator, who was recently abducted and injured. Chamisa criticized the impunity of the perpetrators and the lack of rule of law in Zimbabwe. The National Transitional Justice Working Group and Amnesty International Zimbabwe also denounced the use of abductions and called for the government to ratify the United Nations Convention Against Torture. Despite previous calls for the criminalization of enforced disappearances, the Zimbabwean government has not ratified the relevant international convention.

Zimbabwe's Doctor Strike Paralyzes Public Health System

04 Oct 2023  |  Voice of America
In Zimbabwe, a doctors' strike has severely impacted the public health system, with patients being turned away and medical facilities lacking staff and supplies. The strike began on September 3 with junior doctors demanding better wages and improved conditions, and has since been joined by senior doctors. The government's offer of a 60% salary increase was rejected by the doctors, who are paid less than $200 a month and demand payment in U.S. dollars. The strike has led to reports of deaths and worsening health conditions for patients. The Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights and the World Health Organization have expressed concern, while the government has threatened to withhold pay from striking doctors. The situation is exacerbated by reports of abductions of activists, including a doctor who led the strike and was later allowed to seek care in South Africa.

Chamisa decries supporters’ abductions, torture

02 Oct 2023  |  Southern Eye
Nelson Chamisa, leader of the Citizens Coalition for Change, condemns the abduction and torture of his supporters, labeling these acts as terrorism. He highlights the impunity and breakdown of the rule of law in Zimbabwe. The National Transitional Justice Working Group and Amnesty International Zimbabwe also denounce these abductions, urging the government to ratify international conventions against torture and enforced disappearances. Civic groups have called for the criminalization of enforced disappearances to protect citizens.

Zimbabwe Farmers Shun 'No Tobacco Day,' Laud Cash Crop

31 May 2023  |  Voice of America
Despite global campaigns against tobacco, Zimbabwean farmers remain committed to growing the crop, citing its economic benefits. Health experts, including the Union for International Cancer Control, highlight the severe health risks associated with tobacco, which is responsible for over eight million deaths annually. The WHO, in collaboration with other UN agencies, is promoting a program to help farmers transition from tobacco to food crops, with a successful pilot in Kenya. However, Zimbabwean farmers like Albert Chakala and Trymore Churu argue that tobacco farming is lucrative and vital for the country's economy. The Tobacco Growers Association acknowledges issues like child labor but insists on continuing tobacco cultivation. The WHO warns of nicotine poisoning among farmers. The Tobacco Industry Marketing Board anticipates a rise in tobacco production for 2023.

Gender-based Violence Widespread in Zimbabwe

09 May 2014  |  Inter Press Service
The article, reported by Rutendo Mawere and with additional reporting by Ish Mafundikwa, focuses on the prevalent issue of gender-based violence in Zimbabwe and its correlation with the spread of HIV. The report highlights ongoing efforts within the country to combat this form of violence and reduce its impact on public health. The article is based in Harare and provides insights into the challenges faced by those affected by gender-based violence and the initiatives aimed at addressing this critical issue.

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