Ruth Esther Namatovu

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Kampala, Uganda

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Ruth Esther has worked for:
English to Africa Service, Voice of America

Ruth Esther Namatovu

Ruth Esther Namatovu is a journalist, TV producer,director and reporting professional with over a decade of experience in print ,broadcast and electronic media .She lives in Kampala-Uganda, where  she also  practices  as a media and strategic communications consultant.



Documentary on mitigating the threat of IEDs in Somalia


Saluting women in AMISOM Military.: This documentary sheds light on how female combatants are changing the character of peace enforcement missions.


This video is about what AMISOM female peacekeepers do in the stabilization efforts in Somalia,including driving armoured vehicles and mentoring the Somali police force.


This documentary is about the professional aviation female experts that shepherd UN flights in Mogadishu. They are referred to as " Blue Angels"


VOA Story: This story is about promoting a cashless digital society in East Africa


This video on media freedom in uganda was researched,scripted and edited by me but narrated by somebody else. However on the end credits its indicated that it was compiled by me ruth namatovu.


I freelance with the London evening post, an online news paper. Sometime I come up with story ideas and some times I am assigned from the managing Editor. I write about politics, social or economic issues. I can produce Tv documentaries, program's and also report.

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