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About Ruwaida
Ruwaida Amer is a journalist based in Palestine- Gaza strip
Iam working freeluncer with CNNarabic, DW arabic, Middle East Eye, Aljazera, Electronic Intifada.
I produce video stories and written reports for 4 years until now sure.
and Iam monitor my videos.
Drone Footage
Media Training

Gaza’s fishermen struggle to repair boats returned damaged by Israel

17 May 2024  |  Middle East Eye
Fishermen in Gaza face significant challenges in repairing their fishing boats, which have been confiscated by Israel and returned with severe damage. The high costs and lack of supplies exacerbate their struggle, highlighting the economic hardships and ongoing conflict in the region.

How to distract a starving child: Hunger in Rafah amid Israel’s war on Gaza

06 Mar 2024  |  Al Jazeera
In Rafah, Gaza, families are facing severe hunger amid Israeli bombings and a shortage of aid. Displaced mothers like Tahrir Baraka and Marwa Talbani struggle to feed their children, often going without food themselves. With resources depleted and aid sporadic, the situation is dire, as families ration what little they have and children cry with hunger. The war has not only displaced families but also left them fighting a daily battle against starvation.

The olive tree, symbol of Palestine and mute victim of Israel’s war on Gaza

22 Jan 2024  |  www.aljazeera.com
In Gaza, amidst Israeli bombardment and siege, residents are forced to cut down their olive trees, symbols of Palestinian identity, for firewood to survive. Ahlam Saqr, Khaled Baraka, and Fayza Jabr share their grief over losing trees that witnessed their family histories. The destruction of these trees, some over 70 years old, represents a deep cultural loss and a practical response to the crisis, as fuel and essentials are blocked from entering Gaza. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) is mentioned for providing housing assistance in the past.

Catastrophic': Residents, aid organizations describe conditions in northern Gaza

14 Jan 2024  |  ca.sports.yahoo.com
Residents and aid organizations in northern Gaza are experiencing catastrophic conditions, with severe food shortages and isolation from humanitarian aid. The Israeli army has reduced its presence after claiming to dismantle Hamas' military framework in the area. Despite this, aid agencies struggle to provide necessary supplies due to restricted access. The United Nations reports that over half a million people in Gaza face acute food insecurity, with the situation being most dire in the north. The World Food Program warns of a potential famine within six months if conditions do not improve. The Israeli authority COGAT asserts it is facilitating aid delivery, while Hamas' surprise attack on Israel and subsequent Israeli military response have resulted in significant casualties and destruction.

‘Catastrophic’: Residents, aid organizations describe conditions in northern Gaza

14 Jan 2024  |  News Talk 1290 KOIL
Residents and aid organizations in northern Gaza are facing catastrophic conditions, with severe food insecurity and limited humanitarian aid. The Israeli army has reduced its presence after targeting Hamas' military framework, but the region remains largely isolated. The United Nations reports that over half a million people in Gaza are facing acute food insecurity, with the situation being the worst in the north. The World Food Program warns of a potential famine within six months. Despite the Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories' efforts to coordinate aid, the area has experienced heavy bombardment and isolation, with residents recounting harrowing experiences of siege, starvation, and fear.

‘Catastrophic’: Residents, aid organizations describe conditions in northern Gaza

14 Jan 2024  |  kxel.com
The humanitarian situation in northern Gaza is described as catastrophic, with severe food insecurity and limited aid access. Residents and aid organizations report dire conditions, with many people facing starvation and extreme hardships. The Israeli army has reduced its presence but continues to focus on dismantling Hamas. Aid agencies are pressing for better access to provide essential supplies. Personal accounts highlight the severe impact of the conflict on civilians, including lack of food, water, and safety. The article underscores the urgent need for humanitarian assistance and the challenges faced in delivering aid amidst ongoing conflict.

In Gaza ‘safe zone,’ Palestinians are living out their nightmares

04 Jan 2024  |  www.972mag.com
Al-Mawasi, a coastal strip in Gaza, has become a densely populated refuge for Palestinians fleeing the war, with an estimated 300,000 people recently displaced there. Originally home to 6,000 residents, the area now lacks basic necessities and infrastructure to support the influx of displaced families. Israel's evacuation orders have affected over 620,000 people from Khan Younis and 1 million from northern Gaza since October. Residents like Muhammad Sadiq, Reem Al-Atrash, and Aya Awad share harrowing experiences of displacement, lack of food, water, and shelter, and the emotional toll of living in a 'safe zone' that feels more like a desert. The blockade on Gaza exacerbates the struggle for resources, as families work together to meet their basic needs amidst the ongoing conflict.

Israel’s War on Gaza Silences Its Historic Mosques

01 Jan 2024  |  islamtimes.org
Over 300 mosques and three churches in Gaza have been destroyed or damaged by Israeli forces, leaving a void in neighborhoods accustomed to the call to prayer. Residents like Khaled Abu Jame and Khaled Islim express their sorrow and resilience, with the latter stating a willingness to rebuild amid the rubble. The Grand Omari Mosque, a historical site with roots dating back to a fifth-century Byzantine monastery, was among the destroyed. The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Palestine condemned the destruction, citing violations of international treaties and calling for global intervention to protect Palestinian heritage and support their quest for freedom and independence.

Gaza’s churches are under attack at Christmas

23 Dec 2023  |  electronicintifada.net
Christians in Gaza, numbering around 1,000, are facing heightened fear and danger as Israeli tanks surround their churches and violence escalates. The Holy Family church in Gaza City and the Church of Saint Porphyrius have been attacked, resulting in casualties including an elderly woman, her daughter, and three children of Ramez al-Souri. Survivors like Suhail Saba and Kamel Ayyad recount the harrowing experiences and loss of safety. The US-supplied weapons used by Israel in these attacks have exacerbated the situation. With the ongoing siege, Christians in Gaza are unable to celebrate Christmas as before, with no permits to visit Bethlehem and a pervasive sense of loss and destruction.

Gaza’s rescue workers are haunted by those they couldn’t save

19 Dec 2023  |  www.972mag.com
Gaza's civil defense workers, including Ibrahim Musa and Ahmed Abu Khudair, are struggling to rescue people trapped under rubble due to Israel's bombardment. With over 8,000 missing, many presumed under debris, they face a lack of equipment and the immense scale of destruction. Civil defense teams, who have lost at least 32 members, believe they are being deliberately targeted by Israeli forces. Despite their efforts, they are often unable to save everyone, leaving them haunted by the experiences. Musa, separated from his family, and Abu Khudair, who recalls failing to save a girl's family, find purpose in their work, feeling a sense of victory when they do save lives.

Gaza’s “safe south” is now a graveyard

11 Dec 2023  |  The Electronic Intifada
Gaza, once considered a safe zone, has become a site of destruction and displacement due to intensified Israeli military actions. Residents of Khan Younis and Hamad City have been forced to evacuate their homes, seeking shelter in overcrowded schools and hospitals. The brief truce in late November gave way to renewed violence, leaving the population in a state of constant fear and uncertainty. With infrastructure damaged and resources scarce, the people of Gaza face the threat of disease in addition to the ongoing bombardment.

Gaza’s al-Fukhari is dangerously overcrowded as Israel pushes people south

11 Dec 2023  |  www.aljazeera.com
Residents of Gaza's al-Fukhari are facing severe overcrowding and displacement as the Israeli army directs them to move south. The European Hospital and schools are filled beyond capacity, and the lack of water is leading to infections, with cholera cases already appearing. Displaced individuals, such as Rula Musmah and her daughters, have been forced to move multiple times and now find themselves without shelter. Salem Awaida, who provided refuge to others, has also been displaced. The area is undersupplied, cut off from Khan Younis, and residents fear famine and disease.

#MeToo Seems to Have Flown Over the Heads of the Banking Industry

07 Dec 2023  |  fullerproject.org
Ardith Lindsey, a former employee at Citigroup, filed a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment and a toxic work environment, highlighting the ongoing struggle against workplace discrimination despite the #MeToo movement. The lawsuit details her relationship with supervisor Mani Singh, who allegedly threatened her after she ended their relationship. Citigroup's response to the situation, including the manner of Singh's resignation and subsequent statements, has been criticized for not aligning with the principles of the #MeToo movement. The case reflects broader issues of sexual harassment within the banking industry, as evidenced by a separate Wall Street Journal report on the FDIC and a Senate investigation into the matter.

I want to put this tent on the rubble

05 Dec 2023  |  The Electronic Intifada
Palestinians in Gaza, including Suad Faraj and Khaled Mohsen, are struggling to survive in the aftermath of Israeli attacks, living in tents and lacking basic necessities such as food, water, and warmth. The war has forced many to adapt to primitive living conditions, with the siege on Gaza exacerbating the humanitarian crisis. Rana Awad describes the challenges of daily life, including unreliable communication networks. The article conveys the collective suffering and loss experienced by the people of Gaza.

The ceasefire and devastation in Khan Yunis: 'Not a single house left standing on our street'

01 Dec 2023  |  brecha.com.uy
After 47 days of continuous bombardment, a temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas brings cautious relief to Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip. The ceasefire allows families to leave shelters for the first time in weeks, facing the devastation of their homes and the loss of loved ones. Khan Yunis has become overcrowded with displaced people, and despite the ceasefire, the city struggles with damaged infrastructure, food and water shortages, and the risk of disease. Personal accounts from residents like Rawiya Jabr, Rola al Saad, and Saeed Qadeeh highlight the human toll of the conflict, with destroyed homes and ongoing trauma.

The bombs are back — with a vengeance

01 Dec 2023  |  The Electronic Intifada
The truce in Gaza provided a brief respite from violence, allowing residents to feel a temporary sense of security. However, the truce ended abruptly, and the resumption of Israeli airstrikes and ground operations has caused widespread fear and displacement, particularly in Khan Younis. The Israeli army's warnings have forced many to seek shelter in overcrowded schools and hospitals, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis. The ongoing conflict has left Gaza's residents in a state of anxiety and uncertainty, with no safe place to turn.

'No walls to protect them': Gaza families brace for winter

30 Nov 2023  |  www.aol.com
The Gaza Strip is facing a dire winter as 1.8 million internally displaced people struggle with inadequate shelter and living conditions following a conflict between Hamas and Israel. The United Nations reports that 80% of Gaza's population is homeless, with many in makeshift shelters. Overcrowded UNRWA shelters are struggling to provide basic necessities, and the risk of disease is increasing, particularly for children. Some families have opted to return to the ruins of their homes rather than stay in shelters. The U.N. estimates that 45% of Gaza's housing stock is uninhabitable, and even with a cease-fire, rebuilding will be a lengthy process.

Ceasefire reveals the toll of devastation in Khan Younis

24 Nov 2023  |  +972 Magazine
A temporary ceasefire in Khan Younis, southern Gaza Strip, has exposed the extensive damage caused by 47 days of Israeli bombardment. The ceasefire, which began on November 24, allowed families to leave shelters and assess the destruction of homes and infrastructure. Khan Younis's population had tripled due to displaced people seeking refuge. Despite the ceasefire, residents face sorrow and anxiety over lost loved ones and homes. The night before the ceasefire was particularly violent, with fears of phosphorus bombs being dropped. The ceasefire has brought some relief, but the future remains uncertain as the devastation is fully realized and the need for humanitarian aid is immense.

Relief and fear in Gaza ahead of Israel truce

23 Nov 2023  |  www.aljazeera.com
After over six weeks of war between Israel and Hamas, a truce has been announced, offering a respite for the people of Gaza. The conflict has resulted in over 14,000 Palestinian deaths, including 5,600 children, and displaced approximately 1.7 million people. The truce promises to allow movement within Gaza and provides an opportunity for residents to grieve and search for missing relatives. However, there is uncertainty about movement towards Gaza City in the north. Civilians express mixed feelings, with some longing to return home to assess damage and seek warmth as winter approaches.

Gaza’s Christians fear ‘threat of extinction’ amid Israel war

10 Nov 2023  |  aljazeera.com
Palestinian Christians in Gaza, including the Tarazi family, are facing a crisis of survival amid ongoing Israeli attacks. The bombing of the Church of Saint Porphyrius and Al-Ahli Arab Hospital has heightened fears of extinction for Gaza's Christian community, which has ancient roots dating back to the first century. With the recent escalation of violence, the community's numbers have dwindled, and many consider emigration. In the West Bank, Christians are also experiencing increased attacks and desecration of holy sites. The recent violence has been linked to the new far-right Israeli government, with concerns that it may lead to the eradication of Christianity from the Holy Land.

Egyptian nationals trying to leave Gaza stuck at Rafah

09 Nov 2023  |  www.aljazeera.com
Egyptian nationals in the Gaza Strip, including Reem Rasmi, are struggling to leave through the Rafah border crossing due to the recent war and Israeli bombardments. Despite Egypt's efforts to evacuate around 7,000 foreigners and dual nationals, many, like Khalida Hassan and her children, remain stuck, facing life-threatening conditions. Mohammed Dahman, who managed to leave with his family, expresses the hardship of displacement and concern for those left behind. The Rafah crossing, the only exit point for Palestinians and foreign nationals, has been a focal point of distress, with its operations heavily scrutinized and criticized by those affected.

Remembering Ahmed, aspiring dentist and dreamer

07 Nov 2023  |  www.aljazeera.com
Ahmed al-Hourani, a 24-year-old aspiring dentist from Gaza, was killed during an Israeli bombing raid. Known for his kindness and dreams of providing dental care to the elderly, Ahmed's life was tragically cut short. His family and friends remember him as a cheerful and loving individual who always sought to make others happy. The article highlights the personal loss and emotional devastation experienced by those who knew him, while also criticizing the Israeli military actions that led to his death.

Gaza mothers fear for premature babies as Israeli siege cripples hospitals

02 Nov 2023  |  aljazeera.com
Gaza's hospitals, including the Nasser Medical Hospital, are facing critical fuel shortages due to Israel's blockade, endangering the lives of premature babies reliant on electric incubators. The conflict, triggered by a Hamas attack, has resulted in significant casualties and displacement, with over 8,700 Palestinians killed. The UNFPA and other organizations are advocating for a humanitarian ceasefire and the delivery of aid. The healthcare system is overwhelmed, with a third of hospitals and two-thirds of primary clinics closed, exacerbating the crisis for pregnant women and newborns. The lack of fuel has also led to water shortages, further threatening hygiene and health in the region.

This is not a war but a genocide

02 Nov 2023  |  le-blog-sam-la-touch.over-blog.com
Ruwaida Amer, a journalist based in Gaza, describes the situation in Gaza not as a war but as a genocide. Heavy bombs and missiles are falling on civilians, aiming to kill entire families. Gaza's 2.3 million Palestinians live under siege, facing shortages of everything. Israel has cut off food, fuel, and electricity supplies to Gaza, making daily life a struggle filled with fear and anxiety. The nights are long, filled with the sounds of bombings, and the days are spent trying to meet basic needs. The international community is witnessing this genocide but does nothing to stop it.

Gaza parents mark children’s names on bodies amid bombing so the world knows

28 Oct 2023  |  Al Jazeera
In the Gaza Strip, amidst heavy Israeli bombardment, parents have resorted to writing their children's names on their bodies to ensure they can be identified if killed. The Israeli offensive, which has resulted in over 7,300 Palestinian deaths, including approximately 3,000 children, began after a surprise attack by Hamas. The bombings have led to widespread destruction and displacement, with accusations of potential war crimes due to an information blackout. Families seek closure and the ability to bury their children in marked graves, while doctors suggest the use of banned munitions. The practice of marking names has spread to UN-run schools, where many seek refuge but still do not feel safe. The article conveys the profound psychological toll on parents and children, who are forced to confront the possibility of death and the desire for the world to recognize their humanity.

Surrounded by death, Gaza content creators fight to get the truth out

17 Oct 2023  |  aljazeera.com
Content creators in Gaza, such as Ahmed Hijazi and Mahmoud Zuaiter, are using social media to document and share the harsh realities of life under Israeli bombardment. Despite challenges like shadow-banning and network connectivity issues, they persist in their mission to communicate the impact of the conflict to the world. The recent Israeli attacks have resulted in significant destruction and displacement, with over 2,800 Palestinians killed, including children, journalists, and influencers like Ali Nisman. The United Nations reports that over one million Palestinians have been internally displaced within 10 days. Content creators are also contending with Western media narratives and are determined to convey the truth about the siege and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

‘We have no hope’: What Pakistan’s expulsion of Afghan refugees means for women

10 Oct 2023  |  fullerproject.org
The expulsion of Afghan refugees from Pakistan has severely impacted women, particularly those who fled the Taliban's oppressive regime. Z Ahamdi, a former lawyer from Herat, recounts her harrowing experience of being detained by Pakistani authorities, the miserable conditions in prison, and the ongoing fear of deportation. Despite efforts by organizations like UNHCR and the World Association of Defense Lawyers, Afghan refugees face significant challenges, including hefty fines and the constant threat of being sent back to Afghanistan, where they risk persecution or death.

Thousands of Gaza residents take refuge in UN schools from Israel air raids

09 Oct 2023  |  www.aljazeera.com
Over 73,000 Palestinians from the Gaza Strip have sought refuge in UNRWA schools due to intense Israeli air raids. The schools offer healthcare and psychological services, but are not immune to damage from the conflict, with 14 UN facilities hit so far. The Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant declared a total siege on Gaza, blocking essentials like food and water. Israeli attacks have resulted in over 500 Palestinian deaths, including 91 children, while Palestinian fighters claim to hold 130 captives. The article includes personal accounts from displaced residents who have experienced repeated displacement and fear for their safety.

War on Gaza: Pharmacies in Gaza forced to shut because of lack of medicines

07 Oct 2023  |  Middle East Eye
Pharmacies in Rafah and Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip are closing due to a severe shortage of medicines amid ongoing Israeli military actions. The population in Rafah has surged, exacerbating the crisis. Residents like Muhammad Salem and Fayza Hajo struggle to find essential medications, with hospitals overwhelmed and unable to provide adequate care. The Israeli blockade has severely restricted the entry of aid, leading to a critical shortage of medical supplies. The European Hospital faces a dire lack of essential drugs, and the Palestinian health ministry reports significant casualties and injuries. The situation is described as a genuine health disaster.

Living under the poverty line in Gaza


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