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Salim Essaid

Salim Essaid is an American TV/online presenter/producer specializing in technology, business, energy and innovation. 

From 2018 to 2020 he was the lead reporter on the Euronews feature program Inspire Middle East, covering topics ranging from culture & the arts to business & innovation in countries including Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, and the UAE. 

Salim is adept at performing live hits covering regional news and politics, equipped with the needed cameras and lighting to produce TV ready quality content. 

He excels at storytelling methods that are relatable  using information and content to explain complex cultural or technical matters to an international audience, all delivered in an easy to digest way.

Arabic English

Gay Arab-Americans create their own space to feel safe and at home. (Associated Press)


In April, Morgan Stanley Capital International delayed Kuwait’s market upgrade citing the pandemic as the cause. The new date is yet unknown, however, analysts believe November could be viable. (Euronews)


As entomophagy, or eating insects, grows in popularity across the globe, Kuwaitis re-visit their cultural tradition of eating locusts that developed from survival practices during harsh desert climates. (Euronews)


Libra, the proposed global digital currency led by Facebook, has raised concerns amongst some governments and financial authorities around the world. (Euronews)


Asmaa Elamrousy is more than meets the eye, she’s a devout Muslim who wears a hijab covered from head to toe, but she’s also a rapper who pounds her fist in the air demanding equality and justice. (Vocativ)


As global dependence on digital technology grows, brands explore how they can reach consumers better with more humanized technology, & Dubai startups train AI with ethical data to gain the trust of its users. (Euronews)


The World Health Organization identified fear and misinformation as one of the biggest challenges they face in battling COVID-19, experts in the field clarify the misconceptions and its effects on society. (Euronews)

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