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Sam Kessler

Cutting to the chase: I'm a luxury lifestyle journalist specializing in watches. I'm the digital editor of Oracle Time, working across print and online, the watch guy for style blog Ape to Gentleman and until last year was running luxury platform Lux Worldwide.

I can cover most aspects of the luxury industry, having cultivated myself as a jack of all trades for the past six years or so. Still, watches are my specialty, even if I do try to avoid being overly technical. Like any writer I'll also do any work I can invoice for, including press releases and copywriting.

If you'd like examples of my work, just get in contact. I'd prefer to show you something similar to what you want rather than just throwing a ton out there.

Turnaround is however long you want, though last-minute will be charged at a slightly higher rates - which, incidentally, are on a case by case basis. Working for such a wide range of publications, I don't have a set rate as such.

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