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Samantha Andrews

I am a marine biologist/ecologist, and a professional science communicator.  I hold an MSc in Marine Environmental Management, an advance graduate diploma (3/4 of a masters’ program) in Fisheries Resource Management, am currently doing a PhD in marine science.  With my strong scientific background, I undertakes extensive research, reading peer-reviewed articles as well as government and NGO documentation for every piece I produce.  Outside of academia, I primarily write for a non-specialist audience.  I have also undertaken radio interviews, held public presentations, and run public workshops.

I write about all aspects of environmental science and conservation, though primarily focus on marine issues including: 
-	Marine Protected Areas
-	Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Sustainable Seafood
-	Ocean Management
-	Climate Change, Ocean Acidification, and the Oceans
-	Ocean Life and Ecosystems
-	Human-Centred stories 
-	Pollution and Litter 
-	Management and sustainable use
-	Ocean Literacy


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