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Sampson David

Monrovia, Liberia
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About Sampson
Sampson David is a journalist based in Monrovia, Liberia.
He is a multiple awards winning journalist.

•	Union of Liberia (August 9,2019) Humanitarian Reporting Award
•	Press Union of Liberia (June 9, 2018) County and Social Development Fund best reporter of the year. (CSDF)
•	USAID LAVI Project (June 9, 2018) Certificate of recognition of outstanding coverage of the management of CSDF FY 2017/2018
•	Global Leadership Summit, Buchanan, Liberia (December 12, 2015) Certificate of recognition in Leadership.
Interview (Video / Broadcast) News Gathering Content Writing
Fact Checking

Liberia: Coastal Defense Intervention Falls Short of Financial Sustainability

02 Dec 2023  |  Liberian Observer
Liberia's coast has been experiencing severe coastal erosion due to climate change, affecting communities and economic sectors like fishing and farming. Despite a US$2.9 million Coastal Defense Project by the UNDP and Liberian government, financial sustainability remains a challenge, with uneven distribution and maintenance issues. New projects are underway, including a US$10 million initiative in Sinoe County and a US$25.6 million project funded by the Green Climate Fund. Nature-based solutions, such as planting coconut trees, are being considered alongside traditional seawalls. President George Weah has called for increased funding for climate initiatives at COP28.

Grand Bassa Receives a New Fire Truck

25 Nov 2023  |  bushchicken.com
The Grand Bassa detachment of the Liberia National Fire Service received a new fire truck from the government of Liberia, marking the reopening of the Buchanan fire station. The truck is one of five donated by the Indian government. Officials, including LNFS director Alex Dickson and Grand Bassa's assistant superintendent for development Flee Glay, expressed gratitude and highlighted the importance of the new equipment in reducing fire-related deaths and improving safety. The Fire Service plans to provide training and fuel for the truck, with local authorities expected to support ongoing operations.

Liberia: Low Immunization Rates During COVID-19 Rebound in 2022

23 Jun 2023  |  allAfrica.com
Liberia experienced a decline in routine immunization rates during the COVID-19 pandemic, with significant decreases in Penta3 and measles vaccinations in 2020-2021. Misinformation and fear kept caregivers away from health facilities. However, in 2022, immunization rates rebounded due to reduced COVID-19 prevalence, increased community outreach, and media campaigns. The Liberian government, supported by organizations like WHO, UNICEF, and GAVI, is working to improve vaccination coverage and is planning to introduce a malaria vaccine in 2024. Despite challenges, there is a strong overall support for vaccines in the country.

Construction Finishes on US$120k Wee Bridge in Grand Bassa

27 Feb 2023  |  bushchicken.com
A US$120,000 bridge connecting Grand Bassa, Bong, and Nimba has been dedicated in Grand Bassa’s fourth district. The project was funded by the United Methodist Church, local communities, and Legislative Support Project funds designated by Sen. Jonathan Kaipay. At the dedication ceremony, Emma Okai from the Liberia United Methodist Development Services highlighted the community's contribution and the church's ongoing projects. Sen. Kaipay emphasized the bridge's importance for economic growth and urged voters to judge him based on his performance.

Plenary of Liberian Senate orders reappearance of Gov‘t Economic Management Team

29 Oct 2021  |  elbcradio.com
The Liberian Senate has mandated the reappearance of the Government’s Economic Management Team due to discrepancies in a document from the Central Bank of Liberia regarding new banknote printing. Key figures from the Liberian Revenue Authority, Central Bank of Liberia, Commerce Ministry, and Liberia Bank for Development and Investment were present, but the absence of Finance Minister Samuel Tweah led to the decision for their reappearance. The Senate seeks practical solutions to issues surrounding the exchange rate.

Salary Harmonization benefits Liberia’s overall development

13 Oct 2021  |  elbcradio.com
Montserrado County District Eight Representative Acarous Gray stated that the salary harmonization exercise in Liberia is significantly benefiting the country's development. He highlighted that no official in the Weah-led government earns more than eight thousand United States Dollars, with savings from the harmonization being used for crucial infrastructure projects. Gray expressed confidence in President George Weah's re-election in 2023 due to these developments. He criticized the opposition's recent actions as unproductive and indicative of their disinterest in the Liberian people's welfare. Gray also commented on the internal issues within the Collaborating Political Parties, suggesting their inability to lead the country.

Second batch of AstraZeneca Vaccine to arrive soon

11 Aug 2021  |  elbcradio.com
Liberia is set to receive the second batch of the AstraZeneca vaccine on August 13, 2021, containing 96,000 doses donated by the French Government through the Convax facility. Deputy Information Minister Jarlawah Tonpo credited President George Weah for the acquisition, which will enable those who received the first dose to complete their vaccination.

Liberia Records No New Case of COVID-19 in Past Two Days – Dr. Jallah

29 Jul 2021  |  elbcradio.com
Liberia has recorded no new COVID-19 cases in the past two days, marking the first instance of zero cases since the third wave of the pandemic. Health Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah reported 111 active cases, with 12 located at Star Base in Monrovia. The reduction in cases is attributed to citizens following health protocols and the efforts of health workers. Bong, Bomi, Sinoe, Gbarpolu, and Rivercess Counties have no active cases, while the rest of the country is responding to the pandemic.

Couple Battling Infertility Highlights the Limitations With Fertility Services in Liberia

19 Jun 2021  |  bushchicken.com
Oretha and Melvin Sayoue from Grand Bassa, Liberia, have been struggling with infertility for 12 years, facing stigma and challenges in their community. Despite visiting several hospitals, they have not found a successful treatment. Dr. Patience Martor, an embryologist at the Liberian Government Hospital, explains that infertility can be caused by a variety of factors, including sexually transmitted diseases, poor nutrition, and lifestyle choices. She emphasizes the need for early medical intervention and regular health check-ups. The article also highlights the lack of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) services in Liberia and other parts of the world, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. Liberia's deputy minister for health services, Dr. Francis Kateh, acknowledges the limitations in infertility services but notes some capabilities in analysis. The article calls for political commitment, health education, and international collaboration to improve infertility services and reduce stigma.

Liberia Has the Potential to Reduce the Burden of Malaria – US Ambassador McCarthy

16 Jun 2021  |  elbcradio.com
US Ambassador Michael McCarthy stated that Liberia has the potential to reduce the burden of malaria, citing other African countries moving towards malaria elimination. He emphasized the role of the private sector and domestic resources in malaria control during the launch of the Treated Nets Mass Distribution Campaign in Paynesville City. McCarthy reassured the United States Government's commitment to support Liberia in eradicating malaria threats.

Opposition lacks leadership to solve Liberia’s problems

09 Jun 2021  |  elbcradio.com
Liberian Economist and Politician Samuel Jackson expressed support for President George Weah, citing the opposition's lack of leadership and understanding of economic challenges. He warned that empowering the opposition could result in serious embarrassment and stated that the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has been addressing economic issues.

Mob sets Zwedru Police Station ablaze

18 May 2021  |  elbcradio.com
An angry crowd in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County, Liberia, set the local police station on fire in response to the death of Abraham Flagar, who died from internal bleeding after being beaten over a financial dispute. The situation escalated when a Police Special Unit vehicle hit a protester, Wilson Nenneh, leading the mob to attack the police station. Police Spokesman Moses Carter and Grand Gedeh County Superintendent Kai Farley are working to restore calm and have called for security reinforcements.

Bong County District Six Rep. frowns on reported stolen Stimulus Package

07 May 2021  |  elbcradio.com
Moima Briggs Mensah, the Representative for Bong County District Six in Liberia, expressed disappointment over the theft of a government stimulus food package intended for vulnerable people in Lower Bong. During an interview with ELBC on May 7, 2021, she condemned the actions of those responsible for distributing the stimulus package and disclosed that over four hundred bags of rice, beans, and vegetable oil had been seized from the individuals involved. Despite these seizures, no arrests have been made, prompting Representative Mensah to call on police authorities to ensure justice is served.

Storm victims cry for help

15 Apr 2021  |  elbcradio.com
Several storm victims in Voinjama and Salayea Districts, Lofa County, are appealing for aid from the government and humanitarian organizations after a heavy storm destroyed homes and a public school. Over thirty families are currently seeking shelter in public buildings and relatives' homes. Concurrently, the Carter Center is conducting a six-day training for traditional leaders, women, and youth in Voinjama to enhance governance and community justice practices.

Sinoe County prepares for Pres. Weah’s visit

07 Apr 2021  |  elbcradio.com
Massive preparations are underway in Sinoe County for President George Weah's upcoming visit. The Tailors’ Union of Sinoe County is painting major streets, while citizens, supported by local authorities, are cleaning major buildings and communities in Greenville city. Attorney Teklo Maxwell Grigsby has donated sixty-dozens of lappers to unify the women of Sinoe County for the President's arrival. Citizens have also expressed their willingness to accommodate the President’s entourage.

Rep. Vicent Willie Calls on Citizens to Elect Him as Grand Bassa’s Next Senator

04 Dec 2020  |  bushchicken.com
Vincent Willie, the fourth district representative of Grand Bassa, has launched his senatorial campaign, emphasizing his commitment to youth and women empowerment, infrastructure, safe drinking water, and agriculture. He presented himself as an underdog against candidates from the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change and Liberty Party. Willie highlighted his past achievements, including road rehabilitation and educational initiatives, and urged citizens to vote for him for further development of Grand Bassa County.

Grand Bassa Civil Society Wants December 8 Referendum Postponed

17 Nov 2020  |  bushchicken.com
Civil society organizations, politicians, and voters in Grand Bassa, Liberia, are concerned about the December 8 referendum due to limited public awareness of the constitutional propositions. Barley Togba, chairperson of the Grand Bassa chapter of the Civil Society Council of Liberia, has called for its postponement, citing inadequate civic education. The National Elections Commission (NEC) has faced budget cuts, reducing civic education days and overall awareness programs. Despite NEC's efforts to conduct voter awareness, there is a consensus among various stakeholders, including politicians and civil society groups like the Press Union of Liberia and Liberian Women Can Lead, that the referendum should be postponed. The referendum seeks to amend the constitution regarding dual citizenship, tenure of elected officials, and changing the election date, requiring a two-thirds majority to pass.

Justice Ministry Solicits Feedback to Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy at Regional Meeting in Buchanan

20 Oct 2020  |  bushchicken.com
The Ministry of Justice of Liberia concluded a regional consultative meeting in Buchanan, supported by UNDP and the Carter Center, to draft a policy for formalizing alternative dispute resolutions. Participants from three counties provided feedback for the policy, which aims to improve access to justice and reduce court backlogs. The policy will exclude major criminal cases but include minor and civil cases. A national validation conference is planned in Monrovia.

CPP Officially Endorses Sen. Karnga-Lawrence for Re-Election in Grand Bassa

02 Sep 2020  |  bushchicken.com
The Collaborating Political Parties, comprising Unity Party, Alternative National Congress, All Liberian Party, and Liberty Party, have officially endorsed Sen. Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence for re-election in Grand Bassa. The endorsement took place at the Liberty Party headquarters in Buchanan, with notable figures like former vice president Joseph Nyumah Boakai and political leader Benoni Urey expressing their support. Karnga-Lawrence, who assumed political leadership of Liberty Party after the 2017 elections, thanked the parties and the people for their support, emphasizing the importance of the CPP and the legacy of the late Charles W. Brumskine. The election is scheduled for December 8, and this will be the first election in Grand Bassa since Brumskine's passing.

Grand Bassa Judge Wants Crowded Buchanan Prison Expanded

19 Aug 2020  |  bushchicken.com
Judge Joe S. Barkon of Grand Bassa’s Second Judicial Circuit Court has called for the expansion of the Buchanan Prison Compound to address overcrowding. The prison, originally built in 1966 and converted in 1968, now holds over 90 inmates despite having a capacity for 47. Overcrowding has led to disease outbreaks, and human rights activists have urged the release of detainees with minor offenses. Barkon has freed some minor offenders but stresses the need for a new or expanded facility. Public defender Aaron Kartee has appealed for expedited trials for minor offenses to reduce congestion. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the court's ability to try cases, with the Supreme Court suspending jury sittings.

Three Die in Rollover Accident Along Buchanan Highway

17 Aug 2020  |  bushchicken.com
A severe motor accident on the Buchanan-Monrovia highway resulted in three fatalities and seven injuries. The incident involved a vehicle owned by Representative Fonati Koffa, which rolled over multiple times into a valley. Survivor Emmanuel B. Kollie described the accident, attributing it to distracted driving by Moses Wesseh, who was driving at the time. The victims were transported to the Liberian Government Hospital in Buchanan, where Dr. Abraham Jawara reported that three people died, and the remaining seven, including an infant, are receiving treatment.

COVID-19 Resurfaces in Grand Bassa as Seven Confirmed at Liberian Agricultural Company

23 Jul 2020  |  bushchicken.com
Health officials in Grand Bassa, Liberia, have confirmed seven new COVID-19 cases at the Liberian Agricultural Company's health center, reversing the county's previous status of zero active cases. The outbreak was traced to a health worker who tested positive after being transferred to Monrovia. An investigation identified 74 high-risk contacts, primarily health workers. Efforts to contain the virus include potential isolation measures at the company's health facility and collaboration with the World Health Organization and Last Mile Health. Liberia has recorded 1,117 confirmed cases, 71 deaths, and 613 recoveries as of July 22.

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