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Samson Berhane

I am a writer and a journalist, residing in Addis Ababa. Despite being a non- native English speaker, I can fluently and proficiently communicate in English both verbally and in writing. I am currently working as Editor-in-Chief of the Ethiopian Business Review Magazine, the most circulated monthly in Ethiopia. 
I have been working in the media industry for the past three years. 

I am a creative person having a high command over technical and commercial writing, reading and typing skills. I can also manage digital and social media very well. I consider myself a great team player owing to my profession as a journalist and involved in various research activities including working as a quantitative researcher in projects of Girl Hub and Central Statistical Agency.
Through my staying at university and professional life I have had the exposure to work under stressful environments and pressure, enabling me to improve my management and interpersonal skills.
I possess expertise in editing, stylizing and proofreading in a timely manner. I can also add a fresh perspective to editing, and presentation of Newspapers as a whole.

Amharic English

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