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Samson Omamuzo

Lagos, Nigeria
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About Samson
Samson Omamuzo is a journalist based in Lagos, Nigeria. I have over 5 years producing stories in video, text and image format for the newsroom, broadcast companies and communications. 

I report stories in Nigeria with a unique angle from script development to writing and video/photo coverage and with a good network of Journalist, reporters and contacts to work within Nigeria. 

I have worked with Aljazeera, Global Citizen, The African Channel, Kwese TV, Outbox TV and other media companies.
English Igbo Yoruba
Video Package (Web / Broadcast) Audio package (Radio / Podcast) Interview (Video / Broadcast)
Business Finance Politics

The Growth of the Creator Economy: When to Hire and How to Manage Your Team

04 Apr 2024  |  africatechmemo.substack.com
The article discusses the rapid growth of the creator economy and the transition from solo endeavors to business operations, emphasizing the need for hiring to manage increased workloads. It highlights insights from LinkedIn and comments from Pepsi's CMO Todd Kaplan on the importance of brands paying attention to cultural movements. The piece outlines the signs of growth, such as finding product-market fit and having a steady revenue stream. It provides tips on when and how to hire, including understanding the role's importance and budgeting for new hires. The article also covers the types of roles creators might need to fill first, such as customer service, creative, administrative, technical, and marketing positions. It advises on managing new hires and building an effective team aligned with the business's values and goals. The author, Samson, concludes with suggestions on finding talent and encourages reading about web3 in relation to the creator economy.

Lagos State Okada Ban: A Look at the Economic Implications and Company Survival

05 Jun 2020  |  www.operanewsapp.com
The article discusses the implications of the Lagos State government's ban on Okada (motorcycle taxis) on transportation and investment in the region. It highlights the potential job losses and the negative impact on companies like Gokada, Opay, and Max, which have invested in the bike hailing sector. The ban restricts movement across major bridges, affecting the income of bike riders and possibly deterring foreign investment. The article suggests that while Opay might survive due to its diversified services, Max could rely on its logistics arm, and Gokada appears most vulnerable due to its focus on bike services. The piece also touches on the role of the NURTW (National Union of Road Transport Workers) and the need for the government to consider the broader economic consequences of its policy.

[UPDATE] Sugar Rush Is Back At The Cinema But There's A Problem

05 Jun 2020  |  www.operanewsapp.com
The article discusses the recent suspension and subsequent reinstatement of the Nigerian film 'Sugar Rush' by the Nigeria Film Censor Board. The film was initially suspended from cinemas, causing an uproar among fans and concern from the producers. The executive director of the censor board, Alhaji Adedayo Thomas, announced through Twitter that the film had been granted final approval for public screening. The article criticizes the lack of transparency regarding the reasons for the film's initial suspension and the risk of future bans. It also mentions the censor board's progress, such as a 7-day approval window for films. The film's producer, Jade Osiberu, expressed gratitude for the support received during the ban on her Instagram page.

The Growing Numbers of Cable Channel/TV in Nigeria

05 Jun 2020  |  www.operanewsapp.com
The article discusses the competitive landscape of the cable TV market in Nigeria, focusing on the dominance of DSTV and Startimes, which together hold about 85% of the market share. The author analyzes Startimes' strategy to target the lower economic class with cheaper subscriptions and their efforts to compete with DSTV by launching their own VOD platform, Startimes go. The article also touches on the importance of broadcasting rights for popular sports leagues like the Premier League and the Bundesliga in attracting subscribers. The author suggests that Startimes could improve its market position by scaling up its sachet subscription options, increasing marketing efforts, partnering with local businesses, leveraging sports betting, and creating or acquiring compelling content to compete with DSTV's offerings like Big Brother Naija.

If Passed Into Law, The Nigeria Finance Bill Will Exempt SMEs Generating Less Than N25m From Tax

05 Jun 2020  |  www.operanewsapp.com
The article discusses the proposed changes in Nigeria's tax policy as outlined in the Finance Bill 2019. It highlights the potential relief for small businesses, where those with an annual turnover of less than N25 million may be exempt from paying Company Income Tax (CIT) if the bill is passed into law. Currently, companies in Nigeria pay a 30% CIT, but the bill proposes a reduction to 20% for medium-sized businesses with turnovers between N25 million and N100 million. The author views the proposed changes as potentially beneficial, particularly for small businesses, but notes that the actual benefits and sustainability of the policy will only be evident in time.

3 Months After A Boko Haram Bombing, This Is What Life Is Like

Al Jazeera plus: University school protest in Nigeria

Spice Origin - Nike Arts Gallery for Spice TV

MY AFRICA: LAGOS FOR The Africa Channel

Interview spot for Outbox TV: Ejiro Amos Tafiri

Okada Ban: Lagos State Government Released Update; Opay, Gokada, Max Mostly Hit By New Law

27 Jan 2020  |  www.operanewsapp.com
The Lagos State Government, through a press release by Commissioner Gbenga Omotoso, announced a crackdown on okadas (motorcycle taxis) in six local government areas, starting February 1, 2020. This ban affects major traffic zones and will significantly impact ride-hailing services like Gokada, Max, and Opay, which have invested heavily in the okada business. The article questions the timing and rationale behind the decision, suggesting that the government has not fully considered the implications, especially given the persistent traffic congestion and road blockages by large vehicles in Lagos. The author implies that the ban may lead to increased lobbying by the affected companies and that despite the outcome, the government is likely to benefit financially from negotiations with these ride-hailing services.

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