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Samuel Sukhnandan

Georgetown, Guyana
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About Samuel
Journalist, editor and news presenter with close to 10 years of media experience. 

Worked for companies in Guyana and Saint Lucia, and have also written for Caribbean publications. 

Have a vast knowledge of current affairs, with sound experience in political and parliamentary reporting. 

Also have experience in writing about climate change, oil and gas, agriculture, and social issues.
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Current Affairs Fact Checking

Climate change and mental health across Suriname, Jamaica, and Guyana

05 Dec 2023  |  caribbeannewsservice.com
Climate change is causing significant mental health problems among indigenous communities in Suriname, Jamaica, and Guyana, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and suicidal thoughts. The traditional way of life, which relies on ancestral knowledge for activities like agriculture, is being disrupted by changing climate patterns, leading to food insecurity and stress. Indigenous leaders and activists highlight the need for climate justice and recognition of indigenous rights to mitigate the mental strain caused by displacement and the loss of cultural practices. The Amerindian Peoples’ Association of Guyana reports challenges in sustaining communities due to climate change, with issues like drought, crop destruction, and food security threats. Indigenous peoples advocate for climate action that respects their inherent rights.

China’s diplomacy made ‘historic leaps’ in 10 years, says Vice

21 Oct 2022  |  guyanachronicle.com
Over the past decade, China's diplomacy has made significant strides under President Xi Jinping's leadership, according to Vice-Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu. China has promoted its vision of diplomacy, contributed to global governance reforms, and enhanced its international influence. Initiatives like the Belt and Road and Global Development Initiatives have supported developing countries. China's relations with Latin American and Caribbean countries have strengthened, with several countries switching allegiance from Taiwan to China. Expert Rasheed Griffith from the Inter-American Dialogue highlighted China's people-centered diplomatic approach and predicted more countries will align with China in the future.

China's Communist Party congress to begin Oct 16

13 Oct 2022  |  guyanachronicle.com
China's Communist Party is set to hold its national congress on October 16, where President Xi Jinping is anticipated to secure a third term. The congress will involve key personnel changes and the election of the Central Committee. Xi's leadership has seen significant economic growth, poverty reduction, and the establishment of 'Xi Jinping Thought' in the party constitution. Despite economic challenges and strict COVID-19 policies, former President Donald Ramotar has expressed confidence in the party's ability to continue China's development.

China-funded training opportunities bridging skills gap in LAC

03 Sep 2022  |  guyanachronicle.com
China has significantly contributed to bridging the skills gap in Guyana and the Latin America and the Caribbean region by offering training opportunities, according to Guyana’s Ambassador to China, Anyin Choo. The 5th China-LAC Forum: Dialogue Between Civilisations in Nanjing City highlighted the importance of medical cooperation, with Guyana's health sector benefiting from Chinese surgical techniques, equipment, and medical brigades. Former Health Minister Leslie Ramsammy also acknowledged China's pivotal role in healthcare improvements in Guyana. China's Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Xie Feng, emphasized mutual respect and win-win cooperation for a shared future. The forum, organized by various Chinese institutions, serves as a platform for increased exchange between China and LAC countries, focusing on topics like science and technology cooperation.

Guyana applauds China-CELAC cooperation

26 Aug 2022  |  theworldnews.net
Guyana, as part of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), is set to benefit from a new China-CELAC cooperation on disaster risk management. Colonel Retired Nazrul Hussain of the Guyana Civil Defence Commission praised the initiative, which aims to streamline mitigation and risk reduction efforts. China's Emergency Management Minister Wang Xiangxi emphasized the importance of international cooperation in disaster management, a sentiment echoed by UN representative Mami Mizutori. A joint statement was adopted at the forum's conclusion, and a special fund was established to assist CELAC countries with natural disasters, with Argentina and Mexico being the first donors. China also donated US$50,000 to Guyana for disaster relief and risk management.

China recommits to achieving equality & development with LAC

15 Aug 2022  |  ncnguyana.com
China, through Assistant Foreign Affairs Minister Hua Chunying, has reaffirmed its commitment to fostering long-term peace, equality, and development with allies, particularly in the Latin America and the Caribbean region. The sentiments were shared at the opening of the China International Press Communication Centre programme, which aims to build a platform for global media to understand China. The Belt and Road Initiative was highlighted as a significant effort by China to aid development, with 130 countries, including Guyana, participating. The programme offers foreign journalists the chance to learn about China's politics, economy, and culture, and to cover major events.

Another Venezuelan plight: sex trafficking in Guyana

13 Dec 2021  |  www.iwnsvg.com
Fabiana, a 22-year-old from San Felix, Venezuela, was lured into sex trafficking in Guyana after being offered a job in a retail store by an old high school friend, Rayli. The job offer, which came through Facebook, turned out to be a facade for exploitation in a country known for its mining activity and oil discoveries.

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