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Sana F

Born to be Honkie and cultivated to be news junkie; falling in love with journalism by work and learning digital marketing by curiosity. 

Having more than seven-year experience in media, publication, translation and digital marketing, I am trained up to be an all-around reporter/translator/editor and even content marketer with good English and Traditional Chinese writing/translation as well as unequalled digital marketing skills.


English Chinese

The follow-up stories of Vaccination Travel Tour in Australia: Australian families are worried about local resources being snatched away after learning the existence of vaccination travel tour which is mainly targeted at non-local Chinese parents and children.


My very 1st video taking and editing project: Startup Business for Optimist or Realist


It's an exclusive story of revealing Vaccination Travel Tour in Australia: A recent vaccine scandal in China prompted mainlander Chinese parents taking their children to Hong Kong and Macau for vaccinations. In Australia, few travel agencies and migration companies regard the misfortune as a fortune that they are running "vaccination travel tours" for the worried parents, asking for over ¥ 10,000 (AUD$126.82) for a six-day and four-night tour package per traveller exclusive of the doctor's consultation fees and vaccine costs.

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