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Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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About Sana
Curious by nature, storyteller by nurture. Sana has had ten-year work experience in media and MarCom she is well-trained to be a multimedia content creator with good English and Traditional Chinese writing, translation as well as storytelling skills. In the past, Sana has collaborated with different international and domestic media outlets as well as commercial organizations, including The Economist, The Telegraph, South China Morning Post, China Radio International, Apple Daily, Sing Tao Daily (Australia), Skyscanner, etc to work as a fixer, stringer, video editor, writer, and researcher to cover stories ranging from politics to lifestyle. In recent years, Sana spends more time studying digital innovations, including Blockchain, NFT, and Cryptocurrencies in the hope of witnessing the evolution of Web 2 to Web 3.
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Video | Vaccine-Preventable Disease Scorecard

08 Sep 2021  |  Economist Impact - Perspectives
The article discusses the urgent need for global collaboration and investment in the development of COVID-19 vaccines. It highlights the unprecedented public health threat posed by the pandemic and the necessity for public-private partnerships to mobilize political will and financial resources. The author emphasizes the importance of pursuing multiple vaccine approaches and considering vaccines as a global good, with fair allocation ensuring priority access for healthcare workers and vulnerable populations. The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) is mentioned as a key player in accelerating vaccine development, with a funding requirement of US$2bn to advance multiple candidates. The article also notes the financial contributions from several countries and the G20's pledge to support the global effort against COVID-19.

Green burials, which include the scattering of ashes in Gardens of Remembrance or at sea, increased to almost 35% in 2019 compared to the number in 2016 in Hong Kong. Yet, the cultural resistance has hindered some from fully accepting such funerals.


Explainer: How to buy Bitcoins now in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong families left broken and divided after months of violent protests

16 Oct 2019  |  The Telegraph
The article discusses the impact of Hong Kong's political crisis on family relationships, highlighting a personal story of a family torn apart by differing political views. The Wongs, a close-knit family, experienced a severe fallout at a funeral when a disagreement over the city's politics led to a physical altercation between the father and son. The pro-democracy movement, which is in its fifth month, has polarized the city and caused personal rifts within families. The author shares the account of Brian, a teacher, who is worried about the lasting damage to his family's dynamic as his father and brother, who have opposing political views, may never reconcile.

Chinese Australian history EP2: The shift of Chinese professions, now and then

16 Aug 2019  |  chinaplus.cri.cn
Chinese immigrants arrived in Australia in the 19th century, initially working as laborers and craftsmen. The rise of Chinese workers led to discriminatory practices, culminating in the White Australia Policy of 1901, which sought to limit non-white immigration. The policy contributed to a decline in the Chinese population in Australia until its abolition in 1973. Today, Chinese Australians are prominent in various sectors, with individuals like Bing Lee and Penny Wong being notable examples. Historian Michael Williams from the University of Western Sydney provides insight into this history.

Chinese Australian history EP1: The museum passing on Chinese history & culture in Bendigo

16 Aug 2019  |  chinaplus.cri.cn
Bendigo, a former mining town near Melbourne, Australia, has a rich Chinese cultural legacy from the 19th-century gold rush. The Golden Dragon Museum, founded by Russell Jack in 1991, showcases this heritage. The town celebrates this history with an annual Easter Festival parade featuring imperial dragons. With Russell Jack's recent retirement, the future of the museum is uncertain.

Chinese Australian history EP3: The changing face of Sydney's Chinatown

24 Jul 2019  |  chinaplus.cri.cn
Douglas Lam, a resident of Sydney for nearly six decades, has observed the transformation of Sydney's Chinatown, noting the shift from it being the sole provider of Chinese goods and cultural items to a decline in its competitiveness due to gentrification, urban development, and the availability of Chinese products in other suburbs. Historian Michael Williams from the University of Western Sydney notes that the city has hosted three different Chinatowns that evolved with the Chinese community's size.

Top 10 Brunch Spots In Tsim Sha Tsui East...

07 Jul 2016  |  Culture Trip
Culture Trip, a company established in 2011, aims to inspire travel that appreciates local culture and fosters meaningful connections. The article outlines Culture Trip's commitment to responsible travel through their curated premium small-group trips, which include Culture Trips, Rail Trips, and Private Trips. These trips range from 5 to 16 days and offer authentic experiences, activities, and quality accommodations. Emphasizing sustainability, Culture Trip ensures that all trips are flightless within the destination and fully carbon offset, with goals to achieve net zero emissions soon. The company caters to solo travelers, couples, and friends, and focuses on minimizing the environmental impact of travel while providing enriching experiences.

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