Sana, Wai Shan Fong

Sana, Wai Shan Fong

Sydney, Australia

Available: Yes

Sana, Wai Shan Fong

Born to be Honkie and cultivated to be news junkie; falling in love with journalism by work and learning digital marketing by curiocity. 

Having nearly five-year experience in media, publication, translation and digital marketing, i am trained up to be an all-round reporter/translator/editor and even content marketer with good English and Traditional Chinese writing/translation as well as unequalled digital marketing skills. 

In order to equip myself well in this foreign soil, I am seeking more freelance writing/translation/editing/reporting opportunities. I have no problem to take any project outside Australia and I would be grateful if you could arrange a Skype/phone chat with me. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Many thanks,
Sana, Wai Shan Fong


English Chinese

I am currently a Freelance Writer for Skyscanner HK. I am responsible for writing travel stories. Since i am based in Sydney at the moment, my topic mainly focuses on Australia.


Apple Daily, Real-time News Translator - Translate real-time foreign news - Responsible for script writing, news topic selection and voice-over production - Proofread and review translation


The Culture Trip, Contributor - Write English stories for the website, including pieces related to food, travel and culture - Upload articles and pictures as well as manage the page via Wordpress


Petra Equipment, Casual Copywriter - Write restaurant and food truck fit outs content - Utilise WordPress to design our food truck and Petra Group website - Make sure contents are accurate and well-written in all websites

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