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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Santhia P.

I'm a good communicator with strong interpersonal skills with always an eye for stellar scoops: Communications whiz with over ten years' of experience as a journalist, broadcast journalist sub-editor, anchor, team leader and in the corporate world, resulting in an exceptional comprehension of media and the business world. As well as, the ability to infer strategic corporate messages directed toward a reader-friendly, approach and zealous content.

Global mindset: Attained exposure joining hands with organisations and companies from other countries for coverage, discussions and collaborations.

Adaptable and receptive: Gained reputation, immense industry knowledge and experience in several sectors; banking and finance, stock market, securities market, property, advertising, manufacturing, healthcare, sports, transportation, agriculture, hospitality and tourism, aviation, retail, financial results, telecommunication, corporate companies, biotechnology, eCommerce, construction, service industries, etc.

Skills: I have interviewed prominent figures, leaders and personnel, developing key messages, reported on major events, moved on to broadcasting, aided in news production, did live coverages. Then mentored young team members while writing and taking turns to manage the desk; and of course still writing.  I believe I have excellent writing skills (print and online), and I do churn good contents.


English Hindi Malay Tamil

Among few articles attached under my LinkedIn profile.

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