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Sara Darling

Brighton, United Kingdom
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About Sara
I am an experienced journalist based in Brighton, United Kingdom.
I cover travel, fashion and arts- for long form features, round ups, interviews and reviews. Please see links on my website saradarling.com. I also edited 55Pages zine for seven years and have experience working with brands for content.
Feature Stories Content Writing Research
Arts & Books Film & Theatre Food & Drink

8 of Corfu's best beaches: From Corfu Town to sandy Glyfada

26 May 2024  |  Weather2Travel.com
Corfu, an island in northwest Greece, offers a variety of beaches catering to different preferences, from secluded bays to family-friendly spots and vibrant sandy stretches. Key beaches include Loggás Beach known for its sunset views, Barbati Beach in Corfu Town with its clear waters and facilities, and Glyfada Beach, a popular sandy beach with a lively atmosphere. The article highlights the unique features of each beach, such as watersports, cliff diving, and nature trails, and promotes travel deals with TUI for visiting Corfu.

11 idyllic beaches & nature parks in the Dominican Republic

12 Apr 2024  |  www.weather2travel.com
The Dominican Republic is celebrated for its luxury resorts, sandy beaches, and diverse terrain. Punta Cana is recommended as a base for exploring the island's top beaches and nature parks. Highlights include the white sands of Playa Bávaro, the surfing destination Playa Macao, and the tranquil Playa Bonita. Samaná Bay is known for whale watching, while Los Haitises National Park offers caves and mangroves. The remote Playa Rincón and the pristine Bahía de las Águilas in Jaragua National Park are also notable. For adventure, Damajagu waterfalls and Scape Park provide hiking and adrenaline activities. The article also mentions the weather in Punta Cana and promotes First Choice for travel deals to the Dominican Republic.

Sri Lankan Adventures

04 Apr 2024  |  saradarling.com
Sara Darling shares her travel experiences, including a lifelong dream visit to Sri Lanka, exploring the cultural side of Verbier in the Swiss Alps, contemporary galleries in Amsterdam, cocktail bars in Central London, three separate features from a trip to the Dominican Republic, a travel article on Dubrovnik for the Scottish Times, a helicopter view of Paris, a birthday journey through Copper Canyon in Chihuahua, and a summertime visit to Geneva.

11 unforgettable experiences to try in the Maldives in 2024

26 Mar 2024  |  weather2travel.com
The Maldives offers a variety of unique experiences for travelers, including skydiving at Ifuru Island's permanent dropzone, wellness programs at Amari Raaya Maldives, surf therapy at Kuda Villingili Resort, coral reef regeneration at Fairmont Maldives, and underwater living at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. Additional attractions include an eco-friendly ice rink at OZEN Reserve Bolifushi, sustainable fashion and art at Patina Maldives, dual-island fun at Jawakara Islands Maldives, underwater jet packs at Siyam World Maldives, below-surface massages at Huvafen Fushi Madlives, and glass-bottom bathtubs at Six Senses Laamu. The article also mentions Travelbag for travel offers to the Maldives.

Tried and Tested: Loop Ear Plugs

12 Mar 2024  |  stylenest.co.uk
The author describes their positive experience with Loop ear plugs, highlighting their effectiveness in providing a good night's sleep and noise reduction during a flight to Boston. The 'Quiet' plugs offered significant noise masking, while the 'Switch' plugs allowed for adjustable levels of noise reduction. The ear plugs come with a storage case and washable silicone tips, making them a practical investment for those seeking to reduce background noise.

Celebrating the mighty Grapefruit at Wild at Tart

01 Mar 2024  |  StyleNest
Wild at Tart, a restaurant in Victoria, London, is celebrated for its Mediterranean, British, and Middle Eastern cuisine. The restaurant, known for its community vibe and locally sourced produce, offers a Californian inspired menu featuring grapefruit. Grapefruits, a hybrid of orange and pomelo, are rich in vitamins and fiber. The restaurant serves grapefruit-infused cocktails and a special dessert, the Florida Grapefruit Posset, until 12th March. Wild at Tart is the first permanent space in London for Tart London founders Lucy Carr-Ellison and Jemima Jones.

Face Yoga for February

01 Feb 2024  |  stylenest.co.uk
John Bell & Croyden, London's original pharmacy, is offering holistic facials in collaboration with organic brand Almora Botanica. The 'Face Yoga Fitness Experience' is available from February 1-15, providing a session that stimulates facial muscles, skin, and lymphatic system, and includes a guided, self-administered class and hands-on facial.

Winter Skin Care with Olay

30 Sep 2023  |  stylenest.co.uk
The article discusses the importance of winter skin care, highlighting the use of Olay's Vitamin C + SPF 30 day cream. The author describes the product's history, benefits, and personal experience with its use, emphasizing its affordability, suitability for sensitive skin, and the convenience of its all-day protection. The cream's main ingredients, Vitamin C and niacinamide, are noted for their antioxidant properties and ability to encourage cell renewal.

Celebrating the Menopause at Pause Live!

28 Sep 2023  |  StyleNest
The 'Pause Live!' event in the UK is the first festival dedicated to raising awareness about menopausal symptoms, featuring a lineup of industry experts in medicine, surgery, and gynaecology. Scheduled for November 25th, the event offers lectures, one-on-one sessions, and holistic wellbeing workshops. Notable speakers include Dr Maja Schaedel, Dr Zoe Schaedel, Dr Ioannis Liakas, Nigel Denby, and Dr Ginni Mansberg. Tickets cost £29.99 and include VIP goodie bags.

Arty Amsterdam: The Best Contemporary Galleries to Check Out This Summer

12 Jul 2023  |  Flush the Fashion |
Sara Darling explores Amsterdam's contemporary art scene, highlighting the city's vibrant culture beyond its stereotypical attractions. She visits five new galleries, including the STRAAT museum known for street art, Nieuw Dakota with experimental exhibitions, and Oscam focusing on art, fashion, and design. The article also mentions the VolksHotel, a trendy co-working space and hotel, and the Oude Kerk church, which doubles as a contemporary art gallery. The piece showcases Amsterdam's inclusive and experimental arts scene, with a special mention of Shepard Fairey's upcoming exhibition at STRAAT.

Film Review: Reality

20 Jun 2023  |  flushthefashion.com
Reality, a film based on the true story of Reality Winner, a 26-year-old US intelligence officer, showcases the events leading to her imprisonment for leaking a classified report on Russian interference in U.S. elections. The film, featuring Sydney Sweeney, is described as a cat and mouse chase between Winner and two federal agents, culminating in her conviction under the Espionage Act. The review highlights the film's portrayal of the power of US politics and the lengths to which the Trump administration went to penalize whistleblowers.

Putting the surgery into Turkey: Why Acibadem is the go to hospital for Brits

13 Apr 2023  |  StyleNest
Istanbul has become a prime destination for medical tourism, particularly for Brits seeking affordable cosmetic and medical procedures. Acibadem, a leading hospital in this sector, offers high-quality services at significantly lower costs compared to the UK. The hospital provides a transparent consultation process, state-of-the-art facilities, and comprehensive aftercare, making it a trusted choice for international patients. With 22 centers worldwide, Acibadem continues to attract a growing number of medical tourists.

Oman: A Land of Contrasts and Adventure

15 Mar 2023  |  Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
Sara Darling's article provides a vivid travelogue of Oman, highlighting its natural beauty, cultural richness, and adventure opportunities. The country, mourning the loss of Sultan Qaboos bin Said, is described as peaceful and prosperous. The author details the diverse landscapes, from deserts and mountains to the warm sea, and the unique experiences available, such as dune bashing and dolphin spotting. Oman's weather is portrayed as ideal for vacationers, with sunny days and cooler nights. The capital, Muscat, is connected by well-maintained roads and is near the world's largest uninterrupted sand desert. The article also reviews luxury accommodations like Sahab Resort and Spa and Dunes by Al Nahda, and mentions guided tours by Al Fawaz Tours. The piece concludes with a factbox offering travel packages from Southall Travel and Oman Air, suggesting Oman as a multifaceted destination for various types of travelers.

Holly Blakey's Fun And Captivating Show, Cowpuncher My Ass

23 Feb 2023  |  www.thebespokeblackbook.com
Holly Blakey's show 'Cowpuncher My Ass' at the Royal Festival Hall is a captivating contemporary dance performance that has evolved from its sell-out success in previous years. Known for her work with music videos and fashion houses, Blakey's show defies easy interpretation, offering a gluttony of the senses through dramatic and sensual dance. The performance features a cast of talented dancers, a striking soundtrack by Mica Levi, and costumes with a punk spirit by Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood. The show's organic yet deeply structured nature is expected to provoke discussion, a hallmark of Blakey's work.


11 Jan 2023  |  StyleNest
Apoth & Co, founded by two female skincare enthusiasts, offers a range of natural, cruelty-free, and environmentally conscious skincare products. The brand emphasizes the use of ethically sourced ingredients and the elimination of single-use plastics. The products are designed to address various skin issues, particularly beneficial for menopausal skin, and promote a daily routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

Get in to the spirit of Christmas at the Coppa Club

01 Dec 2022  |  stylenest.co.uk
The Coppa Club in the South Lanes offers festive winter pods and a Christmas wreath making class, complete with a free glass of fizz on arrival. The class, limited in space, is conducted with guidance from The Brighton Flower Company. The atmosphere is festive, with other diners enjoying delicious meals. The venue is suitable for solo guests, meetings, or date nights, and offers a range of services from breakfast to dinner. Located in Brighton Square, the Coppa Club complements the traditional British seaside architecture and serves dishes like fish n chips.

Christmas chocolates you’ll want to keep for yourself

15 Nov 2022  |  StyleNest
Soko Patisserie, a chocolaterie-patisserie from Birmingham, offers a range of artisan chocolates, including bonbons with seasonal flavours and an Advent calendar with a variety of treats. The Golden Hazelnut Rocher is highlighted as a unique gift option. The products are available for nationwide delivery.

Lazy Espresso Martini the Bone Idyll way

03 Nov 2022  |  stylenest.co.uk
The author expresses a fondness for espresso martinis and shares the discovery of Bone Idyll's premixed Espresso Martini, which is praised for its convenience and quality. The article reminisces about the cocktail's history, crediting bartender Dick Bradsell for its creation, and celebrates its resurgence. Bone Idyll's product is highlighted as a ready-to-serve option that is perfect for parties and the upcoming Christmas season.

Chin bumps be gone!

28 Sep 2022  |  stylenest.co.uk
The author shares their experience of dealing with chin 'cellulite' as they enter middle age, describing a visit to Dr Ahmed El Muntasar for a non-surgical, non-invasive aesthetic procedure. Dr El Muntasar, who practices in Mayfair with clinics also in Manchester and Leeds, diagnosed the issue as overly tense muscles and administered Botox to relax the area. The treatment was quick, and the author was satisfied with the results, noting their chin appeared as relaxed as it had been decades earlier.

All About Gatsby At London Cabaret Club

07 Jan 2022  |  thebespokeblackbook.com
The London Cabaret Club offers a roaring twenties party experience in the art-deco Bloomsbury Ballroom, inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald's 'The Great Gatsby'. Guests can enjoy a traditional dinner and live performances by characters such as Jay Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan, and Nick Carraway, along with a jazz band, trapeze artists, and dancers performing the Charleston, swing, and Lindy Hop. The event promises an atmosphere filled with sparkles, feathers, and glitz, and the opportunity to dance until dawn.

A Pocket Guide To Mérida Mexico

30 Dec 2021  |  citizen-femme.com
Mérida, the capital of Yucatán, offers a rich blend of Mayan culture, colonial ambiance, and tropical climate, making it an ideal destination for seasoned travelers. The city serves as a gateway to numerous archaeological sites, ecological parks, and beaches. Key accommodations include the historic and intimate Hotel Boutique La Mision De Fray Diego, the luxurious Hacienda Xcanatun by Angsana, and the authentic Hotel Zamna. Mérida's vibrant center features colonial townhouses, galleries, and upmarket shops, providing a hipster, European vibe.

Dr Lizzie Does Botox

27 Sep 2021  |  stylenest.co.uk
The author shares their experience of getting Botox treatment from Dr Lizzie Tuckey at The Prager Clinic in London. Initially consulting via Facetime, the author felt reassured and at ease. Despite travel delays, the clinic accommodated the author's late arrival. Dr Lizzie's approach was natural-looking, avoiding an overdone appearance. The treatment involved a 3D facial image and targeted injections, with no immediate side effects. The results were a softer appearance with diminished forehead lines and brighter, crinkle-free eyes. A follow-up ensured the treatment's success, and the author expresses satisfaction with Dr Lizzie's expertise and manner.

Catching Comets Review

22 Sep 2021  |  thebespokeblackbook.com
Catching Comets is a one-man play performed by Ali Michael at Pleasance Courtyard Theatre, offering a blend of romance and fantasy. The protagonist, Toby, navigates modern relationships with humor and emotion, juxtaposing his real-life awkwardness with his alter-ego, the fearless 'TobyMan'. The play, written by Piers Black, delves into male insecurities and the need for relevant role models, all within a fast-paced, 70-minute show that has been well-received for its engaging performance and insightful narrative.

The Tragedy Of Dorian Gray

27 Jul 2021  |  www.thebespokeblackbook.com
The classic tale of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde is reimagined by Blue Devil Productions at Brighton Fringe, set in the swinging sixties. Maximus Polling stars as Dorian Gray, whose charm and vanity lead to his downfall. The play explores themes of excess, vanity, and sexuality, with a small cast navigating the seedy clubs of Soho. Gray's quest for fame and beauty results in betrayal, heartbreak, and murder, ultimately leading to his tragic end. The adaptation is praised for its performances and gripping climax.

Embrace your inner city blues with the Manhattan speaker

14 Jul 2021  |  flushthefashion.com
The GPO Manhattan Bluetooth speaker combines retro aesthetics with modern functionality, offering an impressive built-in amplifier and nostalgic disco EQ tracker with luminous lights. Designed to resemble an old-school ghetto blaster, it is portable, sturdy, and ideal for parties. The speaker can be easily synced with a smartphone to provide a powerful sound experience. Sara Darling, a freelance travel, fashion, and lifestyle writer, shares her positive experience using the speaker at a boat party.

The Best Luxury Hotels in Aruba, the Caribbean

25 Jan 2021  |  Culture Trip
The article highlights several luxury hotels in Aruba, each offering unique amenities and experiences. The Riu Palace is noted for its spacious rooms and distinctive architecture, while Aruba Ocean Villas is praised for its romantic and secluded setting. The Boardwalk Boutique Hotel offers a laid-back atmosphere and family-run charm. The Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino caters to a diverse crowd with its adult-only pool and various dining options. Barceló Aruba is favored for its large pool and numerous restaurants and bars.

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HOFA Gallery Launches Digital Platform for Fractional Art Ownership

05 Mar 2020  |  The Bespoke Black Book
London's HOFA Gallery has launched a digital platform named 'XXI' that allows art enthusiasts to invest in shares of blue-chip artworks. This initiative, co-founded by gallery owner Elio D’Anna and commodities trader Gijs de Viet, aims to make high-value art pieces like those of Banksy and Jeff Koons accessible to a broader audience. With a minimum investment of $500, investors can own a fraction of an artwork, reducing the financial risk. The artworks will be displayed at HOFA's Mayfair gallery until March 5th, after which they will be securely stored. Investors receive digital tokens representing equity, with the option to cash in at any time. The platform also offers the chance to enjoy the art at exclusive events, with exhibitions planned in various cities.

Masculinities: Liberation through Photography

24 Feb 2020  |  Flush the Fashion |
The Barbican in London is hosting a photography exhibition that delves into the representation of masculinity in media since the 1960s. The exhibition features over 50 artists and includes various forms of media such as photographs, films, and audio. It challenges the narrow depictions of men in contemporary TV shows like Love Island by showcasing a diverse range of male identities and forms. The exhibition includes works by Catherine Opie, Robert Mapplethorpe, Akram Zaatari, Jeremy Deller, Thomas Dworzak, Marianne Wex, Tracey Moffatt, Richard Mosse, and Sunil Gupta. It addresses themes such as the female gaze, queer identity, black bodies, hypermasculinity, fatherhood, politics, and power. The exhibition is open until May 17th and aims to resonate with various perceptions of male identity and examine power relations between gender, class, and race.

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