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Sara Saka

Luanda, Angola
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About Sara
Sara Saka is a seasoned journalist with a diverse professional background, known for her insightful coverage of international relations and governance. Before embarking on her journalism career, Sara honed her skills in patience and organization as an English teacher, working with children aged 6 to 12 at the Planeta Educar Child Center and St. Andrews English School from 2016 to 2021. Her ability to lead, create, and adapt was further developed during her tenure as an entertainment agent at the Expo2020Dubai, where she served from October 2021 until March 2022.

In the following year, Sara's expertise in media and communications led her to become the Angolan correspondent for Euronews and Africanews in Luanda, where she prepared news reports on political events, showcasing her deep understanding of the local and international political landscape. Her journalism has notably covered Angola's presidency of the OEACP, the impact of the Ukraine war, and the COVID-19 pandemic on global security and development, advocating for collective action and dialogue.

Beyond her journalistic endeavors, Sara has also excelled as an event manager and public relations agent, assisting clients like Angoalissar, The CFAO group (Toyota, Winpart), Satguru, OBBA, and the Indian Embassy in Angola, among others, in enhancing their market presence in both traditional and digital media. Her passion for sports, travel, and creating memorable experiences, coupled with her ability to connect with diverse individuals, is rooted in strong family values. Sara's multifaceted career reflects her commitment to fostering understanding and engagement through her work in journalism and media.
English Spanish Lingala
Interview (Video / Broadcast) Content Writing Research
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Declaração de Luanda é um reafirmar de compromissos.

Organização dos Estados de África, Caraíbas e Pacífico reafirma compromisso para a erradicação da pobreza e combate às alterações climáticas.

A voz da Juventude nos assuntos relacionados ao fenômeno da migração ilegal dos africanos para as outras partes do mundo. E como as mudanças climáticas têm afetado a sociedade

Angola takes over the rotating presidency of the OACPS for the next three years

09 Dec 2022  |  euronews
Angola has taken over the rotating presidency of the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OEACP) for the next three years, with President João Lourenço highlighting the challenges faced by member states, including development indicators below international standards. Angola's presidency will focus on climate change mitigation, good governance, transparency, and enhancing internal production through international partnerships. The presidency begins as the OEACP summit concludes in Luanda. President Lourenço also addressed the Ukraine conflict, emphasizing the need for immediate ceasefire and dialogue to end the war and restore peace.

Um evento, sob o lema "três Continentes, três Oceanos, Um Destino Comum - Construir uma OEACP resiliente e sustentável", que inclui exposições e fóruns e que culminará com uma cimeira de chefes de Estado, que decorre na cidade de Luanda

Fórum da Juventude na Cimeira de 2022 dos Estados de África, Caraíbas e do Pacífico (OEACP) promovem um dialogo relacionado ao impacto econômico e social dos acidentes rodoviários e como o papel da juventude é importante na intervenção destes problemas

Youth vote will be decisive

20 Aug 2022  |  pt.euronews.com
In Angola, over half the population is under 30, with many voters born after the end of the war in 2002. First-time voter Honorato Francisco hopes his vote will contribute to a better Angola, while entrepreneur and student Sebastião Florentino expresses disillusionment with the voting process and plans to abstain. Businessman and artist Lord Nilo emphasizes the importance of voting as an act of citizenship. The National Institute of Statistics of Angola reports that as of July 2022, the population under 25 years old is around 21.5 million, making up 65% of the total.

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