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Sarah Faith

Brighton, United Kingdom
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About Sarah
Sarah Faith is a journalist based in Brighton, United Kingdom specialising in responsible, sustainable, and ethical travel.
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Snowshoe hiking and husky safaris: 4 sustainable alternatives to a winter ski holiday

05 Nov 2023  |  euronews.com
As Alpine resorts face the threat of losing up to 70% of their snow cover by the century's end due to climate change, the article suggests four sustainable winter holiday alternatives to traditional skiing. These include multi-activity holidays in the French Alps with Undiscovered Mountains, snowshoe hiking at MoaAlm Mountain Retreat in Austria, husky sledding in Finnish Lapland, and wildlife spotting in northern Sweden. The activities are designed to reduce environmental impact, support local economies year-round, and offer unique experiences like spotting Northern Lights and engaging with Sami culture.

Carbon offsetting is a dangerous distraction argues Sarah Faith. Here’s how to curb your holiday footprint instead.

05 Apr 2023  |  euronews
In this article, Sarah Faith criticizes carbon offsetting as an ineffective solution to aviation emissions, arguing that it distracts from the need to reduce emissions. She points out that despite a temporary reduction during the pandemic, aviation emissions are expected to rise. Faith cites a European Commission report that found most offset schemes under the Kyoto Protocol failed to reduce emissions. She suggests alternatives for travelers to reduce their carbon footprint, such as flying less, taking trains, engaging in human-powered exploration, eating local and plant-based foods, and supporting nature-positive holidays. Faith also mentions new initiatives by airlines like British Airways, Lufthansa, and KLM to fund sustainable aviation fuel, but notes their effectiveness is still uncertain.

Five places in Europe where your holiday can help save nature

05 Apr 2023  |  euronews
Sarah Faith, a writer at Responsible Travel, highlights five destinations in Europe where tourism is contributing positively to nature conservation. In the Italian Apennines, tourism is helping to reduce human-bear conflicts and rewild habitats for the endangered Marsican brown bears. Lake Skadar in Montenegro has seen a rise in Dalmatian pelican numbers, thanks to artificial breeding platforms funded by tourism. In Alonissos, Greece, tourists can become citizen scientists, aiding in the protection of marine life. Devon, UK, showcases how tourism can support biodiversity, with a farm-turned-holiday accommodation helping to regenerate a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Lastly, in the Serra de Estrela Mountains, Portugal, and Swedish Lapland, tourism is aiding in the recovery from wildfires and the protection of ancient forests, respectively. These examples demonstrate how nature-positive tourism can leave a beneficial impact on the environment and local communities.

Look beyond Montenegro’s coast for spectacular hiking and raftable turquoise rivers

29 Nov 2022  |  euronews
Sarah Faith explores the inland adventures of Montenegro, a Balkan country known for its coastal resorts and cruise destinations. She highlights the spectacular hiking and rafting opportunities away from the coast, such as the Tara River, known for its clean waters and the Durmitor Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with eco villages that support local communities. Faith also mentions the train journey to Montenegro as an adventurous alternative to flying, the rich wine country around Lake Skadar, and the scenic train route from Podgorica to Kolašin. The article promotes sustainable tourism and the conservation of natural resources while providing insights into the country's cultural heritage and natural beauty.

Wilderness holidays: How to choose one that’s good for the planet and you

13 Dec 2021  |  inews.co.uk
The article discusses the rising popularity of wilderness holidays as a means to reconnect with nature and recover from the mental toll of the pandemic. It emphasizes the importance of choosing holidays that are beneficial not only to tourists but also to local indigenous communities and the environment. The article explains what wilderness holidays are, their appeal, and the considerations one should make before booking, such as the level of comfort and the absence of amenities like WiFi. It highlights the role of indigenous guides in providing authentic experiences and the need for nature-positive holidays that protect and restore biodiversity. The article also advises on how to support local natural spaces and avoid overtourism, suggesting alternatives to flying and promoting longer stays to reduce environmental impact.

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