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Sarah Foster

Quito, Ecuador
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About Sarah
Sarah Foster is a journalist based in Quito, Ecuador.
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Nature and scope of certified nurse-midwifery practice: A workforce study

26 Jun 2024  |  Wiley Online Library
The text is a comprehensive reference list for a workforce study on the nature and scope of certified nurse-midwifery practice. It includes various sources from organizations such as the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, American College of Nurse Midwives, and World Health Organization, among others. The references cover topics related to midwifery education, certification, workforce characteristics, and healthcare outcomes, primarily focusing on the United States.

The environmental cost of scientific research

21 Jun 2024  |  Varsity Online
Scientific research, while crucial for addressing environmental crises, generates significant waste, particularly plastic. Labs often use single-use plastics for convenience, contributing to landfill and biohazard waste. Despite the recyclability of many lab plastics, contamination concerns prevent recycling. Packaging waste, especially expanded polystyrene, adds to the problem. Researchers and institutions are urged to adopt more sustainable practices, such as reusing glassware and implementing better waste management policies. Cambridge University faces challenges in managing its waste sustainably, with current practices still harming the environment. The culture of prioritizing publication metrics over environmental considerations exacerbates the issue.

New study finds that Australians are paying $6 billion for unused parking

04 Apr 2024  |  architectureanddesign.com.au
A study by RMIT University and the University of Western Australia surveyed over 1,300 apartment residents in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth, revealing that 20% had excess allocated parking and 14% had insufficient parking. The study, led by Dr. Chris De Gruyter, found that due to minimum parking provisions, residents often pay for parking spaces they do not use, costing more than $6 billion. De Gruyter advocates for unbundled parking policies to give residents a choice and address housing affordability, on-street parking competition, and environmental concerns. Some newer complexes in Australia are already implementing unbundled parking.

Roots of Hate

01 Oct 2023  |  www.christianpost.com
The article explores the historical roots of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, tracing its origins back to Arab and European involvement. It delves into the racial attitudes that facilitated the trade, citing various historical figures and scholars. The author questions the lack of awareness and acknowledgment of the trans-Saharan slave trade and calls for a more comprehensive understanding of history to prevent future atrocities. The narrative is interwoven with personal reflections and historical analysis, emphasizing the need to remember and learn from past injustices.

East Meets West: Discover the Mountain Peaks of Georgia

28 Aug 2023  |  trekbible.com
Georgia, located below the Caucasus mountains, has a history of political turmoil but is now becoming a tourist destination for hikers, bikers, skiers, and thrill-seekers. The Caucasus mountains, including Georgia's third-highest peak Mt. Shkhara, offer adventure and hospitality. Key attractions include Mount Kazbek, the 5th Season restaurant, and Rooms Hotel Kazbegi, a hotel renovated by Adjara Group Hospitality. Despite its growing popularity, Georgia retains its character as a sanctuary.

Bankrate’s Interest Rate Forecast for 2024: Mortgages, credit cards and more will stay pricey, even if the Fed cut rates

10 May 2023  |  aol.com
Bankrate's chief financial analyst Greg McBride, CFA, forecasts that the Federal Reserve will likely cut rates only twice in 2024, which is less than what U.S. central bankers and investors currently expect. Despite potential rate cuts, consumer borrowing costs for mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, and home equity loans are anticipated to remain high. Mortgage rates are predicted to decrease but stay at a decade-plus high, while home equity loans will continue as a high-cost debt. Auto loan rates are expected to fall, but subprime borrowers may still face challenges. Savings account yields are likely to remain higher than during the financial crisis, potentially outpacing inflation. Credit card rates are projected to decrease slightly but will still be costly. The overall economic outlook suggests that while borrowing may become slightly cheaper, significant affordability issues in the housing market and high costs of consumer debt will persist.

How The Fed Impacts Student Loans

11 Mar 2022  |  southfloridareporter.com
The Federal Reserve's decisions on interest rates do not directly affect those with fixed-rate federal student loans, but can impact borrowers with variable-rate private student loans. Federal student loan interest rates are fixed annually and tied to the 10-year U.S. Treasury yield, while private lenders may use the London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor). With the Fed expected to raise rates in 2022, borrowers with variable-rate loans may see an increase in interest. Borrowers are advised to consider refinancing options, especially if they have a solid credit score, private student loans, or can secure a lower interest rate.

TAX SEASON 2022: Everything to Know Before You File, and How to Get Your Refund Quickly

14 Feb 2022  |  Hamodia
Tax-filing season for 2022 is marked by potential delays and complications due to the COVID-19 pandemic, stimulus checks, and child tax credit payments. The IRS began accepting 2021 tax returns on January 24, with most taxpayers having until April 18 to file. Key advice includes filing early, filing electronically, and ensuring accuracy to avoid delays. The article details the impact of the child tax credit, the third COVID stimulus check, and unemployment benefits on tax returns. It also provides a timeline for expected refunds and key dates for the 2022 tax season, emphasizing the importance of gathering necessary documents and filing error-free returns.

Life in Balance

01 Dec 2021  |  Creative Insights - Getty Images
The modern martial art of Aikido emphasizes mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical balance, making it a suitable practice for contemporary stresses. Photographer Milijan Marinovic captured a group of older men practicing Aikido in Mexico City, highlighting their friendships, mentorship, and dynamic lives. Getty Images aims to challenge ageist stereotypes by showcasing active senior lifestyles, with a focus on wellness and self-care.

College Major is Important to Career Success and Quicker Loan Payoff

11 Oct 2021  |  NewsRadio 740 KTRH
The choice of college major significantly influences career satisfaction and the speed of student loan repayment. A study by Bankrate.com analyzed 159 majors, revealing that STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) offer the highest salaries, best employment opportunities, and do not typically require costly graduate degrees. Conversely, liberal arts majors ranked the lowest in these metrics.

Universal basic income would pay a lot of people, but that's just half the story

15 May 2021  |  cnet.com
The article discusses Universal Basic Income (UBI) and its implications, focusing on who benefits from the spending of UBI recipients and the potential trade-offs. It references Sarah Foster's unbiased explainer on UBI, noting the comparison to pandemic stimulus checks and the debate over their impact on employment. The piece also touches on the controversy of UBI's universality, as it would provide equal payments to all citizens, including the wealthy. The article suggests that UBI could be seen as a stimulus for American business or a restructured public benefits system.

New year, new you? Reducing our carbon footprint in 2019

01 Jan 2019  |  SeaChoice
A new Seafood Carbon Emissions Tool developed by Seafood Watch and Dalhousie University helps consumers and businesses make sustainable seafood choices by providing carbon footprint estimates for various seafood species and farming methods. The article stresses the urgency of reducing carbon emissions to meet the IPCC's 1.5°C target and highlights the environmental benefits of choosing seafood over terrestrial animal protein. It also emphasizes the importance of considering the overall health of ocean ecosystems when making seafood choices.

Anxiety pills: your stories of suffering

17 Oct 2018  |  Mail Online
Sarah Vine shared her personal struggles with depression, anxiety, and the side effects of antidepressants, prompting an outpouring of similar experiences from readers. The article highlights the difficulties faced by individuals trying to wean off antidepressants, including physical side effects and emotional numbness. It also touches on the lack of access to therapy on the NHS and the stigma surrounding mental health. The personal stories illustrate the complexity of treating mental illness and the need for comprehensive care beyond medication.

Multinational companies must take responsibility for LGBT inclusion in the global workplace

10 Oct 2016  |  www.ibtimes.co.uk
LGBT individuals face significant discrimination and violence globally, with many countries criminalizing same-sex activity. Multinational companies are urged to take responsibility for creating inclusive environments for LGBT staff, recognizing that it is both good for business and the right thing to do. Progressive firms are making global commitments to LGBT equality, supported by organizations like Stonewall, which advises over 100 multinational companies. The article emphasizes that responsible businesses are actively working towards equality, which is essential for talent management and risk mitigation.

Banking on Diversity to Fill the Talent Pipeline

12 Aug 2016  |  Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media
U.S. Bank, in partnership with Wallin Education Partners, is working to build a diverse talent pipeline by supporting students at risk of dropping out of college. The initiative includes scholarships and continuous counseling to guide students through their education and into the workforce. U.S. Bank offers internships and jobs to Wallin scholars, aiming to close the achievement gap and prepare for a more diverse future workforce. The program reflects a broader commitment to diversity and the recognition of the unique backgrounds and challenges students have overcome.

Smash Mouth headlines Vernon Hills Summer Celebration entertainment

10 Jul 2016  |  dailyherald.com
Vernon Hills Summer Celebration, a large carnival and music festival in Lake County, will feature Smash Mouth as the headline act on July 16. The festival, which started nearly 50 years ago, includes entertainment, crafts, carnival rides, and fireworks. This year, residents had input on the music lineup, resulting in the selection of Smash Mouth, known for hits like 'All Star' and 'I'm A Believer.' The event, running from July 14-17 at Century Park, also offers a variety of activities including a petting zoo, car and bike show, and a bags tournament. Admission is free, with carnival ride wristbands available for $25.

Cultural convergence in the Neolithic of the Nile Valley: a prehistoric perspective on Egypt's place in Africa

01 Jan 2014  |  www.cambridge.org
The African origins of Egyptian civilization are traced to the 'primary pastoral community' that emerged in the Nile Valley during the fifth millennium BC. New AMS determinations from Neolithic sites in Middle Egypt provide a detailed chronology, challenging recent studies that attribute cultural adaptation in northeast Africa to climate change and environmental stress. The study highlights the importance of funerary practices and body decoration in these early societies.

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