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Saša Dobrijević

Belgrade, Serbia
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About Saša
Saša Dobrijević is a journalist based in Belgrade, Serbia He is a member of the United States Press Agency, USPA - Las Vegas; International Federation of Journalists, IFJ - Brussels and Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia - NUNS Belgrade Reporters Without Borders - RFS Paris and Global Union of Journalists and Media Persons UIJ - London. At this moment Saša is candidate for the European Press Prize for 2023. - "An extraordinary story."
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50th Gala Naturist International Swimming Competition in Belgrade

06 Nov 2023  |  International Naturist Federation
The 50th Gala naturist international swimming competition took place in Belgrade, Serbia, at the 'May 25th – Milan Gale Muškatirović Pool', with participants from various European countries. The event was organized by the Naturist Organization of Serbia, a member of the International Naturist Federation (INF). Competitors of all ages and swimming styles took part, and the event included interviews with participants who shared their experiences and thoughts on naturism. Serbia's representatives won several medals, and the competition was praised for its organization and the friendly atmosphere. The event also featured a special program for young naturists and concluded with a gala dinner at the Hotel Mona Plaza. The article highlights the essence of naturism and the positive spirit of the competition, emphasizing the lack of societal status when participants are without clothes.

Climate Change: What Have We Done?

29 Sep 2023  |  www.dw.com
The three-part series by Saša Dobrijević addresses the alarming issue of climate change, highlighting the increasing frequency of natural disasters and their impact on migration. The series aims to raise awareness through documentaries that emphasize the loss of biodiversity and motivate action. The final part discusses scientific strategies to counteract the influence of the oil lobby and the challenges faced by climate activists. The series is part of the 'Climate Change and Green Energy' project, organized by the International Journalist Programme and supported by Deutsche Welle, funded by the European Climate Initiative and Clean Energy Wire.

Collision of two ships in the Baltic Sea. Statement by the Communications Manager of the Swedish Maritime Administration.

Increased number of arrested and killed journalists all over the world and statistical data showing that media freedom is decreasing. Statement by an American journalist who reported from China.

Similarities and differences of the Orthodox Christmas celebration of the Eritrean and Serbian people.

The collapse of the Public Company Elektroprivreda Serbia and the resignation of the director who is responsible for the very poor functioning of the company. Statements of workers and the president of the company's trade union.

After the eruption of the Tonga underwater volcano, I interviewed the director of South Pacific Radio Broadcasting.

I interviewed a resident of Kiev, a few days before the start of the war. She expressed the opinions of her fellow citizens, which were divided. After a few days, Russia's attack on Ukraine began.

Consequences of the impact of the pandemic on health - International Wellness Forum.

I am the only journalist who reported on the national championship in archery, in which the European champion took part, whose record still cannot be broken by anyone.

Novak Djokovic answers my questions about the progress of the "Serbian Open" tournament.

German doctor who was the only one who fought against NATO's dropping of depleted uranium on Serbia during the bombing.

Completely unknown to the Serbian public, the world-renowned Serbian inventor and scientist is organizing the second Intellectual Property Olympiad in Belgrade.

"Belgrade Cruise Cup" sailing competition in which the representatives of the Serbian sailing team participated, as well as a guest - a famous singer from America who sings original Serbian folk songs with Serbian singers.

Promotion of Bishop Grigori's book. I was the only journalist who received an exclusive statement from His Holiness the Serbian Patriarch Porphyry.

In a mini-neighborhood of street artists in Munich - graffiti artists - a woman from Poland is fighting against the increasing number of domestic violence.

A TV show about the only woman from the Balkans who travels around the world by bicycle. This story of a cyclonomadic woman addresses the basic question of human freedom, their spirit, and the motivation.

Protest in Ottawa - Canada. The largest protest of truck drivers in this country against the measures introduced due to the pandemic.

Administrator of the "Gastarbeiter" group - a man who helps with the integration of people from the Balkans who come to work and live in Germany.

A two-part show about the biggest event of 2021 - "IAA Mobility" - the car and automotive industry fair where the world's novelties in this field are presented - part 2.

A two-part show about the biggest event of 2021 - "IAA Mobility" - the car and automotive industry fair where the world's novelties in this field are presented - part 1.

Protest for human rights in Munich.

After the closure due to the pandemic, cultural events started in Munich. Concert at Odeonsplatz.

The main railway station was closed due to the attack of a man on several people.

The first day of commemoration of the Serbian flag and unity - Consul of the Republic of Serbia in Munich.

Report on the media freedom index. The interview includes journalists from Serbia, America and African Eritrea, who were arrested without any reason. The whole story ends with a statement from the chief attorney of the Committee to Protect Journalists.

At the very beginning of the pandemic, a group of artists held a protest for peace, love and freedom with dance and meditation.

The most persistent car protests in Munich.

Captured Serbian truck drivers on the Ukrainian border at the beginning of the war.

A geologist from the Kingdom of Tonga on a volcanic eruption in the South Pacific.

Threats of volcanic activities.

TSD interview - host president of the newly patented sport "Wheelball".

World Bodypainting Competition.

Exhibition in Freising - Germany.

TSD interview - guest singer of the band "Parybreakers".

TV show "Face of Diaspora" - guest writer Bojana Đoković.

Visit of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to Serbia.

Awarding of journalism awards in Belgrade.

Catholic Easter in Munich during Corona.

Premiere of the movie "Kljuć" in Belgrade.

Protest against the car show and pollution in Munich.

Protest against deforestation in Munich.

Protest against organ trafficking in Munich.

Traditional Marathon in Munich after a break because of pandemic.

IAA mobility started and chancellor Angela Merkel came to Munich for opening. There were a limited number of journalists for her statement, but I made a story with visitors.

Not one but three protests in Belgrade meet at one place.

After so many lockdown months summer in the city was open for citizens of Munich.

I was the only journalist who reported about the Munich protest.

I was editor, and host of the TV show IN&OUT in Munich. This is my biggest exclusive Interview with Manfred Thierry Mugler.


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