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Scott Murphy

Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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About Scott
Scott Murphy is a journalist based in Hong Kong, Hong Kong. I have over 20 years of experience with print, television and audio media internationally. My primary focus is Asia. I’ve interviewed hundreds of celebrities, and am comfortable filing stories and talking to people from all walks of life, no matter what their background. 

My experience includes producing television series, writing TV shows, editing magazines and producing a wide variety of corporate content.
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Chanuary Part 2 - Mr. Nice Guy (1997)

10 Essential Tina Turner Songs From the '70s: How Her Forgotten Era Set The Stage For A Dramatic Debut As A Solo Performer

07 Apr 2024  |  grammy.com
Tina Turner, at 82, has retired and sold her music catalog to BMG, reflecting on her career highlighted by a recent musical, HBO documentary, and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. Despite selling over 100 million records, her work is considered mismanaged. Turner's early '70s solo efforts, overshadowed by her later hits, show her experimenting with styles and overcoming personal struggles. The article lists 10 significant but lesser-known songs from this era, detailing their impact and Turner's journey to a solo career, culminating in her successful 'Private Dancer' album.

Security in 2024: Five Heroes To Protect Your Communications Kingdom

18 Jan 2024  |  No Jitter
The article discusses the persistent cyberattacks on IT infrastructure in 2023 and anticipates their continuation into 2024. It outlines five key technological solutions to defend against such threats: an educated human firewall, unified device management, advanced identity and authentication management, a perimeter-less network, and advanced endpoint protection. These solutions have matured and are now cloud-based, often incorporating AI to enhance protection, detection, and response. The article emphasizes the importance of regular employee training in cybersecurity, the management of devices as attack surfaces, the necessity of multi-factor authentication, the shift to perimeter-less security architectures like SASE and SSE, and the advancements in XDR endpoint security. Financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and government are identified as sectors particularly targeted by hackers.

Man “lucky to be alive” after incident at luxury yacht maker in Plymouth

30 Nov 2023  |  press.hse.gov.uk
A premium yacht maker, Princess Yachts, has been fined £600,000 after an employee, Mark Gillen, suffered life-changing injuries when a staging platform toppled over him at their Plymouth shipyard. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation revealed that the accident was due to inadequate risk assessment and safety measures. Mark's wife, Sarah, expressed gratitude towards HSE but highlighted the ongoing challenges faced by their family. The incident underscores the importance of stringent workplace safety protocols to prevent similar accidents.

Cheshire West: New fine dining Indian restaurant opens

01 Oct 2023  |  www.chesterstandard.co.uk
Nagendra Kumar Prasad has opened a new branch of his fine dining Indian restaurant, K2H, in Northwich. The restaurant aims to offer a unique level of Indian cuisine, different from traditional expectations, with top-class chefs and a sophisticated dining environment. Despite introducing innovative dishes, classic Indian dishes will remain on the menu to cater to all tastes. The restaurant has undergone a complete refurbishment to enhance the dining experience.

Thousands descend on Jodrell Bank in Cheshire for Bluedot

21 Jul 2023  |  northwichguardian.co.uk
Bluedot festival returned to Jodrell Bank Observatory for its fifth year and the first time since 2019, drawing thousands of attendees. The festival featured performances by Hannah Peel and Paraorchestra, with their album 'The Unfolding' being showcased. The Lovell telescope served as a backdrop for projections, enhancing the festival's unique appeal. Upcoming acts include Tim Burgess, Kojey Radical, Jane Weaver, and headliners Groove Armada.

Coveris helps Winsford school children transform garden

22 Oct 2021  |  www.northwichguardian.co.uk
Coveris's 'Green Team' collaborated with Wharton CE Primary School to create a reflection garden, enhancing the school's curriculum and providing a space for environmental learning and respect. The garden, which will also serve as a tribute to the late Emma Ashton, includes trees, plants, and a seating area. Coveris aims to promote waste prevention and sustainability, with its Winsford site progressing towards waste neutrality by 2022.

Cheshire fire service provide advice on burns awareness

13 Oct 2021  |  Northwich Guardian
Cheshire Fire Service, in partnership with the Children’s Burns Trust and The British Burn Association, is raising awareness about burn prevention and first aid during the extended Cheshire Burn Awareness Week from October 11 to 15. They will be disseminating safety information across retail parks and digital platforms, and during Safe and Well visits. Group Manager Steve McCormick highlighted the importance of small actions to prevent burns, such as keeping hot drinks out of reach of children. In 2020, 50 children in Cheshire attended a hospital burns unit due to hot spills. The fire service is promoting the 'STOP, DROP, ROLL' and 'COOL, CALL, COVER' safety messages to help reduce the severity of burns and potentially save lives.

Manchester Airport bosses want simpler system for travel

15 Sep 2021  |  Knutsford Guardian
Manchester Airport Group (MAG) is advocating for a simplified two-tier travel system and the removal of mandatory testing for fully vaccinated arrivals from countries without concerning COVID-19 variants. The current UK traffic light system is criticized for being over-cautious and confusing, hindering the travel sector's recovery. MAG CEO Charlie Cornish highlights the disparity between the UK's travel restrictions and the more relaxed measures in Europe, emphasizing the need for change to facilitate the industry's recovery.

Burma Spring Benefit Film Festival To Debut Online Beginning June 4th

05 Jun 2021  |  thatshelf.com
The Burma Spring Benefit Film Festival, taking place from June 4-13, will allow global audiences to view over 30 movies online and participate in daily live forums to learn about Myanmar. Organized by San Francisco activists and filmmakers, the festival aims to raise awareness about humanitarian and civil rights issues following the military coup in Myanmar. The festival features a range of films, including the premiere of Burma Spring 21, and panel discussions with human rights defenders and members of the National Unity Government. Proceeds from voluntary donations will support the nonviolent democracy movement and provide humanitarian aid through the International Network of Engaged Buddhists.

Historic pub in Cheshire countryside to close its doors

07 May 2021  |  chesterstandard.co.uk
The Holly Bush Inn, a Grade II listed pub in Little Leigh, near Northwich, Cheshire, has announced its permanent closure on social media. The 16th-century establishment, known for its traditional thatched roof and 14 en-suite bedrooms, has been privately owned since 1993 and recently underwent refurbishment. The hospitality sector has suffered significantly during the pandemic, leading to numerous closures. The specific reasons for The Holly Bush Inn's closure have not been disclosed.

Meet drum prodigy Yoyoka Soma, who has impressed rock legends

25 Nov 2020  |  South China Morning Post
Yoyoka Soma, a 10-year-old drumming prodigy from Japan, has gained international recognition for her skills, impressing rock legends such as Dave Grohl and Robert Plant. She has appeared on the Ellen show, performed with Cyndi Lauper and Fall Out Boy, and has been approached by brands like Uniqlo, Moncler, and Nike for campaigns. Yoyoka enjoys family time in Hokkaido and plays in a family band. Despite her success, she remains focused on enjoying her music and improving her drumming.

Happy Ali is a global site featuring uplifting news. I’m a regular contributor here.

Some of the television productions I was involved with. I wrote the television series’ and TVCs.

Hong Kong Journalist's Chess Match at Rizal Park

20 Oct 2020  |  South China Morning Post
The article describes a unique cultural experience at Rizal Park in the Philippines, where a Hong Kong journalist engages in a chess match with a local chess legend. Rizal Park is noted for being a venue that attracts some of the world's top chess players, and it also serves as a gathering place for the community, including stray cats. The encounter highlights the park's significance as a cultural and social hub.

Fight Covid-19: How innovative Hong Kong biotech companies aim to help people battle coronavirus disease

20 Apr 2020  |  South China Morning Post
Hong Kong biotech companies Sanwa BioTech and Govita Tech, based at Hong Kong Science Park, are developing innovative solutions to combat Covid-19 and improve general health. Sanwa's ALiA diagnostic platform can analyze respiratory diseases from nose swabs within 15 minutes, and Govita focuses on preventive health through personalized screenings using biomarkers. Both companies aim to reduce the burden on medical professionals and improve patient outcomes with their technologies.

Ground Zero

10 Aug 2019  |  airmail.news
The article discusses the ongoing protests in Hong Kong, sparked by a proposed criminal-extradition bill and fueled by broader frustrations such as high rents, government-business collusion, and the influence of China over the city's autonomy. It describes the protesters' leaderless, adaptable tactics, inspired by Bruce Lee's 'Be water' philosophy, and their use of technology to organize. The protests are depicted as peaceful during the day but become confrontational by nightfall, with clashes against the police. The Hong Kong Police Force's aggressive response, including the use of tear gas and rubber bullets, is highlighted, along with internal dissent within the force and allegations of collusion with triads. The article also touches on the position of Chief Executive Carrie Lam, who has refused to withdraw the extradition bill officially. The protesters have five demands and have gained support from various sectors, including some civil servants. The overarching concern is the influence of China and the need for systemic change in Hong Kong.

Checkmate Manila: pawns, paws and a grand chess game in the Philippine capital

19 Apr 2019  |  South China Morning Post
Chess Plaza in Manila's Rizal Park is a vibrant hub for chess enthusiasts, featuring nine tables occupied by players daily. The plaza, inaugurated by former President Ferdinand Marcos in 1979, commemorates the 1978 World Chess Championship. Despite declining tournament prizes in the Philippines, the plaza remains a training ground for future champions like Wesley So. Local legends like Siong and equipment manager Teddy Joson contribute to the community's tight-knit atmosphere, while the plaza also faces challenges such as rising costs.

Supermarkets, enough with the muzak! Making the case for music-free shopping

09 Aug 2018  |  South China Morning Post
The article criticizes the practice of playing music in supermarkets, describing it as a nuisance and comparing it to torture. It mentions several Hong Kong stores, including Market Place by Jasons, ParknShop, and Muji, that play music constantly. The author argues that musical taste is personal and that the imposition of music can be stressful, citing historical examples of music used as torture. The piece includes an anecdote about musician Ryuichi Sakamoto curating a playlist for a New York restaurant and concludes with a plea for more music-free shopping environments.

'Les Mis' made me

08 Sep 2013  |  South China Morning Post
Rutherford, a seasoned Broadway performer, reflects on his 14-year journey with 'Les Misérables,' highlighting the support from fellow actors, memorable encounters with celebrities like Bill Clinton, and the intimate nature of Broadway stages. His experiences have inspired a one-man show and charity work, showcasing his passion for live storytelling and music. Despite his success, Rutherford remains humble, sharing humorous anecdotes and emphasizing the importance of giving back through vocal training and performances.

Back from the dead

18 Aug 2013  |  South China Morning Post
Al Jourgensen, the six-time Grammy nominee and frontman of the band Ministry, discusses his tumultuous life, including his battles with addiction, in his new autobiography co-written with Jon Wiederhorn. The book chronicles his near-death experiences, his encounters with pop culture figures, and his relationship with his wife Angie, who played a significant role in his recovery. Jourgensen also touches on his spiritual beliefs and his interactions with 'the greys,' a term he uses for aliens. Despite the chaos of his past, Jourgensen expresses no regrets and is content with his reclusive lifestyle, continuing to record music at home.

The Cars

29 May 2011  |  South China Morning Post
The Cars' frontman Ric Ocasek reformed the band for their first album in 24 years, 'Move Like This', which is seen as a worthy successor to 'Heartbeat City'. The album features new songs with Elliot Easton's rock riffs and Greg Hawkes' keyboard work, reminiscent of the band's 80s era. The absence of the late bassist and vocalist Benjamin Orr is noted, particularly on the track 'Soon'. Overall, the album is received positively, offering a welcome return for the band.

Bobby Taylor

29 May 2011  |  South China Morning Post
Bobby Taylor, born in Washington DC in 1934, recounts his life story from being a child prodigy with a musically inclined family to becoming a member of Motown's top acts with Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers. He shares his experiences with racism, his service in the Korean War, encounters with music legends, and his battle with throat cancer. Taylor highlights his role in discovering Michael Jackson and expresses discontent with Motown over unpaid royalties. After overcoming cancer with alternative medicine, he continues to perform and teach in Hong Kong, aiming to build a musical dynasty and educate the youth about Motown.

Album (1970)

10 Apr 2011  |  South China Morning Post
The article reviews Pink Floyd's 1970 album 'Atom Heart Mother', highlighting its experimental nature and the band's early signs of their distinctive style. It discusses the album's tracks, including 'Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast' and the title track, and mentions the involvement of a brass section and choir. The financial impact of the album's tour and the success of its cover art by Storm Thorgeson are also noted. The review touches on the band's later success with albums like 'Dark Side of the Moon' and 'The Wall', and the eventual break-up and reunion of the band members.

A hell of a ride

13 Feb 2011  |  South China Morning Post
Danny Elfman discusses his passion for music and film scoring, reflecting on his career and upcoming projects. He shares his experiences and challenges in composing, his lack of nostalgia for past works, and his excitement for future endeavors, including soundtracks for 'Men In Black 3' and 'Frankenweenie', as well as a Broadway musical and a collaboration with Cirque du Soleil. Elfman also talks about creating the theme music for 'Mystic Manor' at Hong Kong Disneyland, aiming to craft a memorable melody that will endure for generations.

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