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Lyon, France

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Selene Verri

Italian journalist based in Lyon, France, recently working also from Brussels.
I have worked for 15 years on the Kurdish issue, mainly in Turkey, but I have also traveled to Iraqi Kurdistan and Rojava, Syria. In 2014 I wrote a small book in French on the subjet, linked to an exhibition I organised with Italian photographer Giovanni Sacchetti. I am presently working on a book of short stories of my travels throughout the borders in the mainly Kurdish-populated area, and on a film about the "women revolution" in Rojava.
I am also interested in science fiction and dystopia, having written a university dissertation on politics in science fiction.
My mother tongue is Italian, but I can write and speak fluently in English and French. I also have notions of Turkish and can understand most of Spanish.


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North East of Syria is stable enough to welcome people fleeing from war-devastated areas in the rest of the country and from Iraq. In Qamishli, some refugee children live in houses, not tents and go to real purpose-built schools. In this neighbourhood of Qamishli lives a mix of people: Kurdish, Arabs, Assyrians and Armenians, all side by side. The area was multi-ethnic before the war, but since the conflict the communities are more mingled. While some have gone to Turkey, others have arrived, from cities like Damascus or Aleppo. So multilingualism is essential for everyone to get along. Since pre-schoo children have been learning to speak and write at least three languages. But there is another issue: children are often traumatised, and the different communities must learn to live together in peace. This is why schools created by NGOs like Rojava Free Women's Foundation psychological aid to children and parents alike.


Femicide is essential to genocide. Any genocide. It’s what emerged from the International Yazidi Women’s Conference that took place on March 11 and 12 in Bielefeld, Germany.

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