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Senanu Tord

Accra, Ghana
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About Senanu
Senanu Tord is a video journalist and a documentary filmmaker who reports on a wide range of issues across Africa. He is originally from Ghana and reports in English but speaks and understands basic French. He has worked in many English-speaking African countries and some francophone countries including Ivory Coast, Burundi, Togo, Benin, and Burkina Faso. He develops stories, writes, films, edits, and voices for his projects when needed. He works with Voice of America as a Stringer/Video Journalist and also produces travel features with BBC Travel as a freelance film producer. He also speaks Twi, Fante, Ewe, and Pidgin English.
Akan Ewe
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Battery swap technologies may advance e-vehicle adoption in Africa

26 Mar 2024  |  voanews.com
In Africa, the adoption of electric vehicles is hindered by uneven access to electricity. However, in Ghana, the introduction of battery-swap technologies is providing a viable solution to this problem, potentially lowering pollution and saving money for drivers.

Study Finds Anger, Fear After Dobbs Ruling

04 Mar 2024  |  www.voanews.com
Police arrested 33 people at a pro-Palestinian protest encampment at George Washington University, with charges including assault on a police officer and unlawful entry. A related congressional hearing was canceled, and university parents and faculty condemned the police and school leaders' handling of the protests. Students are protesting for university divestment from Israel, with over 2,600 arrests nationwide and demonstrations on at least 50 campuses. The protests were sparked by Israel's offensive in Gaza following a Hamas terror attack, resulting in significant casualties and hostages.

Number of US Doctoral Degrees at All-Time High

01 Mar 2024  |  www.voanews.com
The number of doctoral degrees awarded by U.S. colleges and universities has reached an all-time high, rebounding from a decline during the pandemic. The increase between 2021 and 2022 marks the largest one-year rise since 1970.

Planned Transnational Highway Would Connect 5 African Nations

28 Feb 2024  |  www.voanews.com
West African nations are advancing the construction of a significant highway network that would link five countries from the Ivory Coast to Nigeria. The African Development Bank has indicated that the project is expected to serve as an economic catalyst for the participating countries.

Ghanaian Small Business Uses AI to Improve E-Commerce

01 Feb 2024  |  www.voaafrica.com
Africa is ranked by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development as the region with the lowest e-commerce investment, primarily due to limited access in urban areas. An AI solution is being introduced to address this issue, with reporting from Accra.

An activist in Ghana is swimming the nearly 500-kilometer-long Volta River, including Lake Volta, to bring attention to worsening water pollution. Yvette Tetteh is also collecting water samples along the way to test for pollution.

Senegalese Journalists Seek Safety, Training Ahead of Vote

18 Dec 2023  |  voanews.com
In preparation for the upcoming elections in Senegal this February, some journalists are opting out of coverage due to experiences of attacks and threats. However, there is a positive development where journalists and police are collaborating on training to improve the situation.

Former Child Soldier Program Deployed to Tackle Drug Abuse in Liberia

26 Oct 2023  |  www.voanews.com
Liberia is facing a significant drug abuse problem, with over 800 drug hubs in Monrovia and an estimated 100,000 drug users. Rehabilitated child soldiers are employing a behavioral therapy approach to combat this issue, as reported by the Global Action for Sustainable Development.

Former Child Soldier Program Deployed to Tackle Drug Abuse in Liberia

26 Oct 2023  |  www.voanews.com
Liberia is facing a significant drug abuse problem, with over 800 drug hubs in Monrovia and an estimated 100,000 drug users. Rehabilitated child soldiers are employing a behavioral therapy approach to combat this issue, as reported by the Global Action for Sustainable Development.

Fact-Checkers Dispel Myths, Reduce Chaos During Liberia's Election Season

19 Oct 2023  |  voanews.com
Fact-checkers in Liberia are actively working to verify or dispel claims made by political parties and supporters during the country's election season, contributing to a reduction in chaos.

Liberia: Election Results Trickle in As Voting in Liberia Continues On Day 2

13 Oct 2023  |  allAfrica.com
The National Elections Commission of Liberia released the first batch of provisional results from the recent presidential and legislative elections, with some areas yet to vote due to bad roads, flooding, and damaged electoral materials. The commission plans to replace the materials and dispatch a team to assist within a week. Observers from the Liberia Election Observation Network and Project Accountable Safe Space are monitoring the situation, calling for patience and respect for the electoral process as vote tallying continues.

Liberians Vote in Presidential, Legislative Election

11 Oct 2023  |  allafrica.com
Liberians participated in presidential and legislative elections, marking the country's fourth national election since the 2003 civil war ended. Despite delays and political violence during the campaign, election day was largely peaceful. Observers noted orderly voting, although some polling stations experienced issues such as long queues and disagreements over mobile phone use. The National Elections Commission committed to allowing all queued voters to cast their ballots and called for calm while awaiting official results.

Liberians Vote in Presidential Election

10 Oct 2023  |  www.voaafrica.com
Liberians participated in a general election early Tuesday, with President George Weah running for a second term amid corruption allegations and economic challenges. VOA reporters Linord Moudou and Senanu Tord provided updates from Monrovia on the election proceedings.

Liberia: Preelection Violence Raises Security Concerns in Liberia

10 Oct 2023  |  allafrica.com
Security concerns have emerged in Liberia due to preelection violence that resulted in at least two deaths in Lofa County. Campaign messaging has intensified political divides, prompting calls for proactive policing during the upcoming presidential and legislative elections. The University of Liberia's student leaders are advocating for peace and non-violence. This election marks the first national vote conducted without international support since the end of the civil war in 2003. The National Elections Commission has implemented new biometric voter systems, but there are concerns about insufficient public education on these reforms. The absence of international security forces is expected to strain the police, who have pledged to ensure safety during the elections. Liberians will vote for 73 legislators, 15 senators, and a president, with 19 candidates challenging incumbent President George Weah.

Returning Migrants Fight Irregular Migration in Gambia

01 Oct 2023  |  www.voanews.com
Gambia’s Immigration Department has initiated a manhunt for immigration smugglers following a rise in the death toll of Gambians attempting to cross the Atlantic Ocean to Europe. Some returnees are conducting workshops to highlight the dangers of fleeing the country.

Ghanaian Community Moves to Aid Burkina Faso Asylum-Seekers

01 Oct 2023  |  www.voanews.com
More than a thousand people fleeing militant attacks in Burkina Faso have sought refuge in Ghana in recent months and are waiting for their status to be determined. To help, villagers in northern Ghana are donating land to a refugee camp.

Ghana’s Youth Use Arts, Entertainment in Push Against Extremism

01 Oct 2023  |  www.voanews.com
Islamist militant attacks in southern Burkina Faso have raised concerns about the potential for extremism among Ghanaian youth due to economic challenges. The aid group Rural Initiatives for Self-Empowerment (RISE-Ghana) is addressing this issue by engaging youth through arts and entertainment with their 'Peace in Schools' program, aiming to prevent the spread of extremism.

African American Woman Encourages Fellow Blacks to Emigrate to Ghana

01 Oct 2023  |  www.voanews.com
Ghana has been actively encouraging African Americans to emigrate to the country since 2019, promoting a connection with their African heritage and investment opportunities. Chaz Kyser, an American, has established a support system to assist African Americans, particularly women, in settling in Ghana and developing business ideas. The initiative highlights the positive reception and support for African Americans in Ghana.

ECOWAS, Western Sanctions Raise Niger Food Prices

26 Aug 2023  |  voaafrica.com
Economic sanctions imposed on Niger by the ECOWAS bloc and Western nations have caused a significant increase in food prices across the country, raising concerns about potential food insecurity.

Political Crisis in Niger Affecting Food Prices for Neighbors

24 Aug 2023  |  www.voanews.com
Sanctions imposed on Niger following the July military coup have led to rising food prices across West Africa and concerns about the potential for the situation in Niger to escalate.

Sierra Leone’s New Gender Equality Bill Doubles Number of Female MPs

17 Jul 2023  |  voanews.com
Sierra Leone's parliament now boasts the highest number of female lawmakers in the nation's history, totaling 41, which is over twice the amount from the previous election. Despite this milestone, activists believe the figures could have been even higher if a new law mandating 30% of leadership positions for women had been fully implemented.

Sierra Leoneans Call for National Unity After Election Irregularities

28 Jun 2023  |  www.voanews.com
Observers of Sierra Leone's election express concerns over vote count irregularities in the re-election of President Julius Maada Bio. Amidst the celebration of Eid al-Adha, there are calls for peace and unity following violence during the polling process that resulted in at least one death.

Sierra Leone Elections Renew Calls to Improve Media Safety

22 Jun 2023  |  www.voanews.com
In Sierra Leone, journalists covering the election campaign have faced harassment and security issues, preventing some female reporters from attending events. Media associations are advocating for enhanced protections and increased support.

Rwanda, Congo Communities Unite for Gorilla Conservation Despite Tensions

29 Dec 2022  |  www.voanews.com
Communities from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda are collaborating on gorilla conservation efforts despite ongoing tensions between the two countries. The initiative aims to protect the endangered mountain gorillas in the region.

A little family of migrants learns to turn their misfortunes into opportunities. Out of an invasion of water weeds, they find fibers to create amazing products.

Rwanda, DR Congo Leaders to Begin Talks to End Regional Tensions

11 Aug 2022  |  www.voanews.com
Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo have agreed to begin direct talks to ease tensions in eastern Congo, facilitated by U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken. The discussions aim to address accusations of supporting rebel groups and to promote regional stability. Blinken also raised concerns about the detention of U.S. permanent resident Paul Rusesabagina in Rwanda, urging fair trial guarantees and legal protections. Both countries welcomed U.S. support and committed to the Nairobi process for mediation.

US Urged to Prioritize Human Rights Ahead of Blinken’s Visit to Rwanda

10 Aug 2022  |  voanews.com
U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Rwanda to engage with African leaders on U.S. strategy for sub-Saharan Africa and to strengthen U.S.-Rwandan relations. Key issues include tensions between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and regional conflicts. Human Rights Watch urged Blinken to emphasize the U.S. commitment to human rights. Discussions will likely cover the M23 rebel group and the imprisonment of U.S. resident Paul Rusesabagina. Rwandan officials expressed willingness to discuss human rights, while a local human rights lawyer highlighted Rwanda's commitment to the cause. A University of Rwanda lecturer noted the influence of a new Cold War-like environment on U.S. relations with Africa.

Ghana Hosts NFL’s First African Development Camp

28 Jun 2022  |  www.voanews.com
The National Football League (NFL) has conducted its inaugural African developmental camp in Accra, Ghana. The event, spanning a week, was designed to scout new talent and enhance the popularity of American-style football throughout the African continent.

Ghana Hosts NFL's First African Development Camp

28 Jun 2022  |  allAfrica.com
The NFL hosted its first African development camp in Accra, Ghana, aiming to grow the sport outside the United States and increase the number of African players. The event, part of the NFL's International Player Pathway Program, featured 49 athletes from seven African countries and included training sessions with professional NFL players. The initiative also introduced flag football to Ghanaian schools, with plans for a local championship and international representation. Key figures like Damani Leech, Osi Umenyiora, and Ghana's vice president, Mahamadu Bawumia, expressed strong support for the program.

Ghanaian Coastal Communities to Restore Lost Mangroves

17 Jun 2022  |  www.voanews.com
Ghana, facing one of the highest rainforest losses globally, now covers only one-fifth of the forest area compared to a century ago. The Green Ghana project, supported by coastal communities, is set to plant 200,000 mangrove trees and shrubs to address carbon capture, erosion, and flooding issues.

Ghanaian Lawmaker Abolishes Medical Exam Fees for Sexual Assault Victims

30 May 2022  |  voanews.com
In Ghana, sexual assault victims are required to provide medical reports to prosecute rape suspects, but the high cost of these exams, not covered by national health insurance, often deters victims from pressing charges. A lawmaker has initiated efforts to abolish the fee for health exams to enable more women to seek justice.

Ghanaian Women Drive New Growth in Coffee Production

02 May 2022  |  voanews.com
In Ghana, the introduction of a modified coffee seedling and new farming practices have led to a resurgence in coffee production, which had previously seen a significant decline. Women farmers are at the forefront of this growth, as reported from Accra, Ghana.

Ghana's Coastal Communities Threatened by Erosion, Sand Harvesting

29 Dec 2021  |  www.voanews.com
Tidal waves and coastal erosion have led to the submersion of an entire fishing community on Ghana's eastern coast. Previously relocated villagers from Fuvemeh have sought a permanent solution from the government to address the recurring issue.

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