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Roma, Italy

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Sergio Lo Gatto

Sergio Lo Gatto is a journalist based in Roma, Italy.
Born in 1982. Lives and works as a freelance theatre critic and cultural journalist in Rome/Italy. He is PhD Candidate in Theatre Studies at the Sapienza University of Rome, with a doctoral thesis in theories of criticism and digital philosophy. At Sapienza University, he holds a permanent workshop in Methodology of Theatre Criticism and Critical Writing. He is one of the founders of and Chief Editor for the independent daily web magazine Teatro e Critica. He contributed to major national newspapers, has been a member of the editorial board of the monthly magazine Quaderni del Teatro di Roma (published by the National Theatre in Rome between 2011 and 2015), he also reports for Tanz (Germany) and Plays International & Europe (UK). He is editorial assistant for Conflict Zones Reviews (international web magazine published by the Union of European Theatres – UTE / co-funded by Creative Europe). He’s one of the founders of WritingShop, a team of four writers from four different European countries that launched a program of itinerant residencies for critics, aimed at developing an international point of view on theatre and performing arts through an experiment of collective writing.


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Interview for American webmagazine. (English)


Reports from several European countries, about performing arts and European culture issues. (English and Italian)


Major online magazine about theatre and dance (mainly in Italian)

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