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Budapest, Hungary

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Seth Coleman

Seth Coleman is a filmmaker, photographer, and journalist.

He often works as a single operator, shooting video packages for CNN, MSNBC, Al Jazeera, Discovery, Weather Channel, and others. 

Follow him on Instagram:  @seth_coleman

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One month after the deadly earthquakes of 2015, the people of Nepal's Kathmandu valley region wait for help.


Tightrope walking is a long-practiced tradition among the Uyghur minority of far-western China's Xinjiang region.


As mobile phones become available to the masses, Myanmar's citizens rush to join the communications revolution.


A police involved shooting of an unarmed hispanic man in Pasco, Washington causes much anxiety among the residents of a small community.


Chaos reigns as migrants and refugees transit Budapest Keleti Railway station.


Crazy English is a short documentary on a unique language learning method in China.

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