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Seungmock Oh

I was trained as a journalist specializing in international affairs via the MA in International Journalism at Cardiff University which is Britain’s top journalism school. In addition to advanced data-driven journalism training, I have learned how to analyze quantitative, qualitative and social data using the scientific method through my BSc Psychology degree, which allows me to approach analysis from both humanistic and scientific angles, being meticulous in dealing with facts.

My journalistic project-based master’s thesis, China’s Strategic intention on the North Korean territory, investigated China’s claim on the historical identity of North Korean territory; China’s economic policy towards North Korea, including natural resource trades; China’s role in plausible scenarios for the future of North Korea. The thesis analyzed information from sources including governmental documents, public databases, reports from think tanks and newspapers, as well as my interviews with governmental officers of South Korea including a former unification minister, and experts in the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and South Korea, and escapees from North Korea.

I have work experiences of reporting on South Korea’s businesses, where I developed sources such as accountants directly dealing with companies of interest, the public affairs judge of the Seoul Central District Court, executives of conglomerate, banks, senior governmental officers, and PR officers.

I also have work experiences of reporting on goings-on inside North Korea as well as South Korea’s telecommunication regulatory issues, where I developed sources including governmental officers and experts.

I also reported on international political, financial, and human rights affairs for worldwide audience, through which I proved my faith that with investigative skills I can delve into the goings-on of anything.


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This report is about a Japan's star novelist's tweet calling for rape of a statue of sexual slavery. The report provides details of Japanese military sexual slavery, often called "comfort women".


This is a news story, published by The Compass, a student run newspaper in Cardiff. The main news is about a new air service connecting Cardiff, Wales and Dusseldorf, Germany.


This is a business news report, published by Business Korea. The main news is that the Kolon Industries Inc., a South Korean company pleaded guilty to conspiracy to steal trade secrets of the Kevlar technology of DuPont.

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