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Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Shah Muhammod Moshahid

Shah Muhammod Moshahid is a journalist based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. passionate adventurers traveler.
Nothing object, but always with better object which will be able to dance with him. he prefer to dance with journalism and writing.
He is contributing writer at Daily Kaler Kantho (Bengali newspaper) and still working as Editorial Assistant at Daily Ajkaler Khabar (Bengali newspaper)


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Interview with an Iristh tourist wiliam Miara about his BD experience.


Interview with a German couple Udo Krause and Sabine Schleusner. Thea y explain there experience about BD. They Said, `In Dhaka we’ve visited the most important sightseeing places, like Ahsan Manzil, Lalbagh Fort, Dhakeshwari Temple, saw a Cricket game and meetup with Couchsurfers. We visited too the University and Martyr's memorial. Spend a lot of times in rickshaws and was on some local markets.' German couple said that, `For us the most adventurous moment in whole Bangladesh was the traffic, traffic-jam and dangerous situations on streets. In Germany the streets are less full of traffic and you have rules on streets. I think, here in Bangladesh rules exist too, but nobody interests in this and everybody want be the first one…But, every day for us was an adventure, cause for us all was exotic and full of beautiful culture. ' others and others

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Interview about her Dhaka experience.

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Bengali Translation of Jody Rosen's write up at nytimes. He wrote on his Dhaka experience with that (The Bangladeshi Traffic Jam That Never Ends) title. Jody Rosen wrote `I WAS IN DHAKA, which is to say I was stuck in traffic. The proposition might more accurately be phrased the other way around: I was stuck in traffic, therefore I was in Dhaka. If you spend some time in Bangladesh’s capital, you begin to look anew at the word “traffic,” and to revise your definition. In other cities, there are vehicles and pedestrians on the roads; occasionally, the roads get clogged, and progress is impeded. The situation in Dhaka is different. Dhaka’s traffic is traffic in extremis, a state of chaos so pervasive and permanent that it has become the city’s organizing principle. It’s the weather of the city, a storm that never lets up.' and etc.



  • Pigeon teen in Dhaka

    Dhaka, Bangladesh Social November 30 @ 12:00am

    The horrible traffic jam of Dhaka is known to all. Not only traffic, but everyone knows about the plight of living in this city. A large number of people live in the house like a pigeon's house. They traveled with some car like pigeon teen. More than a billion people settled in Dhaka, Capital city... Read more

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