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Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Shahira Amin

Shahira Amin is a journalist based in Cairo Governorate, Egypt. Print journalist - Feature stories, interview, research .  Broadcast Journalist _Interview, Live Phoner for Radio or TV , documentary film maker , fixer.  Speaks / writes fluent English.  Mainly reports on current affairs (politics, women's issues, state of the media, human rights especially rights of minorities)




I'm a freelance journalist based in Cairo . My stories have been published in Al Monitor, Freemuse Index on Censorship and I've also worked as a freelance contributor to CNN's Inside Africa filing stories from the Middle East and North Africa region for 12 years and have produced several documentaries for UN agencies. I have won several international awards including Spain's Jiulio Anguita Parrado Award for courageous journalism 2012, Global Thinkers Forum Excellence in Promoting Gender Equity Award 2013, BMW Foundation's Responsible Leader Award 2016

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