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Shuchita Jha

Shuchita is a freelance journalist currently based in France. After working with The Times of India in India for 4 years, she moved to France to explore new cultures. Having expertise in beats like Women and Child Development, Culture, Travel and Education she is now working on these issues and more in France.



  • Once the fashion statement of Begums the 'Bhopali Batua' struggles to stay alive

    Bayeux, France Cultural September 30 @ 12:00am

    Once a fashion statement, to carry a matchig 'batua' (strng-pouch) with gold and silver-wire 'zardozi' embroidery, the Bhopali batua ruled the fashion world as every woman aspired to carry one beautiful pouch in which she'd keep her tobacco, slaked lime and money, along with a silver toothpick to... Read more

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