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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Silvia Radan

Silvia Radan is a photo-journalist based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. I have nearly 25 years experience in journalism, the last 11 being in the UAE, where I worked mostly for Khaleej Times, one of the top English language daily newspapers here.
I have also done freelance work for Time Out-Abu Dhabi, What's On - Abu Dhabi, BBC Online, Mediafax (Romanian national news agency) and various UK and Romanian magazines. I have also worked as a photographer for Photonews Agency in London and freelance.
As a journalist, I specialise in environment, renewable energy, current affaires, social issues, communities, culture, arts, travel and the hospitality industry.


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Every year around December/January, Abu Dhabi organises Al Dhafra Festival, primarily a camel beauty show. In the Western Region of Abu Dhabi emirate, up to 20,000 camels from all over the Arab Gulf are camping in the desert, along with their keepers to enter one of the dozens (72 last year) camel beauty competitions. The festival was set up to preserve Emirati desert heritage, every year growing in the number of activities, events and competitions related to Gulf Arab customs and traditions. This is a feature about the 2015 festival, published in Khaleej Times, one of UAE's top national dailies.


Solar Impulse II was the first aircraft to fly around the world without a single drop of fuel. The solar plane was designed and built by two Swiss pilots, who flew it around the world, a journey that took around one year, starting and ending in Abu Dhabi. I followed their solar adventure from start to finish, with several stories published in Khaleej Times, one of UAE's top national dailies. This is an interview with the two pilots, after their final landing in Abu Dhabi.

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