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Silvina Frydlewsky

Buenos Aires, Argentina
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About Silvina
Silvina Frydlewsky is a journalist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Journalistic production of reports for foreign correspondents.
Coordination of journalistic reporting and news.
Pre-production-planning and development and interviews.
Production of photographic reports by assignments of correspondent.
English Spanish Italian
Research Investigative Journalism Photography
Business Politics Current Affairs

Inflation in Argentina Shoots Up in December as President Milei Embarks on Shock Therapy

11 Jan 2024  |  www.marketscreener.com
Argentines faced a significant rise in inflation in December, with the consumer price index increasing by 25.5%, leading to an annual inflation rate of 211%. This surge occurred during President Javier Milei's first month in office as he implemented pro-market shock therapy to address the economic crisis left by his predecessor, Alberto Fernández. The government and analysts anticipated price hikes in essential goods as Milei attempts to stabilize the economy.

Argentina Swears In Javier Milei as President

10 Dec 2023  |  WSJ
Javier Milei was sworn in as Argentina’s president, promising significant public spending cuts to address the country's severe economic crisis. The inauguration, occurring amid geopolitical turmoil, was attended by foreign dignitaries, including Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on his first trip to Latin America since the Russian invasion.

‘El Loco’ Won the Argentina Election Last Month With Outlandish Ideas. Now He’s Backpedaling.

06 Dec 2023  |  WSJ
Javier Milei, who recently won the Argentina election with radical proposals such as abolishing the central bank, severing ties with China, and drastically reducing public spending, has adopted a more moderate tone as he prepares for his inauguration.

Argentina’s Inflation Surges After New President Cuts Subsidies

01 Dec 2023  |  WSJ
Argentines faced a significant surge in inflation in December, with food, fuel, and drug prices rising sharply during President Javier Milei’s first month in office. The consumer-price index increased by 25.5%, leading to an annual inflation rate of 211%, according to government statistics agency Indec. The new president's pro-market shock therapy aims to revive the struggling economy.

Javier Milei, a Self-Described Anarcho-Capitalist, Is Elected President of Argentina

19 Nov 2023  |  WSJ
Javier Milei, a libertarian congressman, won the Argentine presidency with 56% of the vote against Economy Minister Sergio Massa's 44%, signaling a significant political shift for a country grappling with high inflation and increasing poverty.

Argentina’s Ruling Party Candidate Takes Most Votes in Presidential Election

22 Oct 2023  |  WSJ
Economy Minister Sergio Massa, the ruling party’s candidate, secured the most votes in the first round of Argentina's presidential election, surpassing libertarian economist Javier Milei. With 92% of votes counted, Massa received 36.3%, defying polls that had predicted Milei's victory. The two candidates will face off in a November runoff.

Argentina Binges on the World Cup to Forget Soaring Inflation and Unrest

08 Dec 2022  |  WSJ
Amid one of the world's highest inflation rates and growing unrest, many Argentines, including Natalie Acosta, are struggling to afford basic necessities. However, for the past two weeks, the focus has shifted to Argentina's critical World Cup games, providing a temporary distraction from the economic turmoil.

Argentine Court Sentences Vice President Cristina Kirchner to Six Years in Prison

06 Dec 2022  |  WSJ
A federal court in Buenos Aires convicted Vice President Cristina Kirchner of fraud charges, sentencing her to six years in prison for embezzling money through public-construction contracts. The court also permanently banned her from holding public office, marking a significant development in a long-running graft case against one of Argentina's most prominent politicians. This verdict comes as the leftist government faces severe economic challenges, including soaring inflation.

Argentina Frees Iranian and Venezuelan Crew Members of Plane Detained Since June

19 Oct 2022  |  WSJ
Argentina has released five crew members of a cargo jet, including Iranians and Venezuelans, who were detained since June for an investigation into potential terrorism ties. A judge ruled there was insufficient evidence to charge them, despite claims from U.S. and Latin American officials that one of the pilots is a high-ranking member of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Argentines Show Support for Vice President After Attempted Gun Attack

02 Sep 2022  |  WSJ
Thousands of Argentines rallied in Buenos Aires and soccer matches were canceled to show support for Vice President Cristina Kirchner following a failed assassination attempt. A 35-year-old Brazilian man was arrested and charged with attempted aggravated homicide after he thrust a gun at Kirchner's face and pulled the trigger, though the weapon did not discharge and she was unharmed.

Argentina Names New Economy Minister as Inflation Crisis Mounts

04 Jul 2022  |  WSJ
Argentine President Alberto Fernández appointed Silvina Batakis as the new economy minister amid rising inflation and a weakening currency, following the resignation of Martín Guzmán. Batakis, an economist aligned with the far-left faction of the ruling Peronist coalition, assumes the role during a period of significant economic instability, raising concerns about potential social unrest.








Photos & Fixing by Silvina Frydlewsky for The Washington Post Argentine grandmothers running out of time in search for missing - By Juan Forero for The Washington Post The Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo, a group created in 1976 as an improvised response to the state-sponsored thefts of babies, has recovered 105 of 500 babies born to political prisoners in a seven-year dictatorship that ended in 1983. The group’s relentless work, which included helping create a national DNA database to match stolen babies with their biological families, has won accolades the world over. But with about 400 grandchildren still missing — now adults, mostly 35 and 36 years old — it is clear that time is running out, at least for the grandmothers.




Photos & Fixing by Silvina Frydlewsky for The Washington Post New consumer class powering economic growth across South America by Juan Forero for The Washington Post USHUAIA, ARGENTINA - Here at the end of the Earth, just 600 miles from Antarctica, tourists hike over glaciers and flock to rocky beaches to photograph penguins and 700-pound sea lions.This island is also a little-known motor of manufacturing that churns out cellphones and LCD televisions for a seemingly insatiable consumer market - symbol of the stability that has taken hold in a country once accustomed to defaults and hyperinflation.

Photos & Fixing Silvina Frydlewsky for The Washington Post Gay wedding planners in Buenos Aires by Juan Forero for The Washington Post The men have been partners for 17 years but now, after Argentine lawmakers in July made same-sex marriage legal, they will take the plunge....

Photos & Fixing Silvina Frydlewsky for The Washington Post Orphaned in Argentina's dirty war, man is torn between two families by Juan Forero for The Washington Post A FAMILY AT LAST: Alejandro Sandoval, was orphaned in Argentina's "dirty war." He has been united with his grandparents, Clelia Deharbe de Fontana and Ruben Antonio Fontana.

Photos & Fixing by Silvina Frydlewsky Argentina's Beef Debate: Feedlot or Grassland? Day of the Gaucho Waning in Argentina by Juan Forero for The Washington Post

Photos & Fixing for The Washington Post Jewish gaucho tradition fades in Argentina by Juan Forero for The Washington Post

Photos and Fixing "Argentina scores points with free broadcasts of soccer games" by Juan Forero / for The Washington Post









A gastronomic appointment with General Perón and Evita

30 Jun 2011  |  ELMUNDO
In Buenos Aires, the Perón-Perón bar-restaurant, located in the trendy Palermo neighborhood, is a tribute to the memory of General Juan Domingo Perón and his wife Evita. The establishment, opened by 42-year-old radio and television producer Daniel Nazero, is adorned with Peronist iconography and serves dishes with names that reference Argentine proletarian struggle. The restaurant also features a wine called El Justicialista, produced by Argentina's highly valued painter Helmut Ditsch. Nazero, a self-described classic Peronist, opened the restaurant to showcase the Peronist's appreciation for fine dining beyond political activism.

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