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Simon Scott

Shinjuku-ku, Japan
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About Simon
Simon Scott is an experienced freelance print journalist based in Tokyo, Japan.
English Japanese
Feature Stories Content Writing Corporate Content
Business Politics Current Affairs

Market Wizards Wave Their Wands but Investors Miss the Magic

04 Apr 2024  |  morningstar.com
Systematic trend strategies have seen a resurgence, reminiscent of their success in the 1970s, with market dispersions in the past five years providing a favorable environment. Despite this, investor returns have lagged due to poor timing and selection. The category has seen significant inflows, with $8.5 billion in the first 10 months of 2022, and total assets nearing $25 billion. However, the average investor has not fully benefited from the performance of top funds like AQR Managed Fund HV, Pimco Trends Managed Futures, and Virtus AlphaSimplex Managed Futures due to the timing of their investments. The systematic trend category is complex, with factors such as the number of markets traded, esoteric markets, volatility levels, signal speed, and nontrend influences affecting performance.

The Winners Take It All in Liquid Alternatives

25 Mar 2024  |  morningstar.com
Morningstar's 2021 Global Liquid Alternatives Landscape report shows significant inflows into the liquid alternatives sector, totaling $28.86 billion in 2021, with every category receiving inflows for the first time in over a decade. The report suggests investors are seeking ways to limit downside risk amid concerns about inflation, interest rate increases, and market volatility. Options trading and relative value arbitrage categories gained the most, with the top 10 strategies accounting for 90% of the inflows. These strategies are also the largest within their categories, indicating a preference for funds with perceived staying power. Performance chasing has been an issue in the past, but current inflows favor categories with clearer investment profiles. Despite weaker performance, some categories still received inflows, suggesting investors are positioning for potential downturns. The report also notes a trend toward lower fees and a preference for strategies with longer track records.

Homeless in Tokyo: Fallen through society's cracks and frozen out

24 Dec 2017  |  The Japan Times
The article describes a scene in Shinjuku, Tokyo, where amidst the bustling nightlife, a group of six volunteers from various continents gather for a charitable cause. Unlike the crowd heading for a night out, these volunteers, forming the Tokyo Spring Homeless Patrol, are on a mission to assist the homeless population in the area. They aim to provide essential items to those living in cardboard-box homes, who are often ignored by the general public. The volunteers' efforts stand in stark contrast to the revelry around them, highlighting the social issue of homelessness in Tokyo.

Three years after Japan signed Hague, parents who abduct still win

01 May 2017  |  The Japan Times
James Cook, a father from Minnesota, has been struggling with the emotional and legal challenges of trying to reunite with his four children after his wife took them to Japan and never returned. The article describes Cook's feelings of loneliness and the complex legal battle he has faced, involving court proceedings in both the U.S. and Japan. On September 13, 2016, a critical decision regarding the custody of his children, who are now aged 9 and 14, was being made without his presence. The narrative highlights the difficulties of international child custody disputes and the personal toll they take on those involved.

Day 1: Chasing stereotypes

06 Nov 2016  |  The Japan Times
The journalist has been tasked with finding American supporters of Donald Trump in Tokyo, Japan, ahead of the U.S. presidential election on November 8. Despite the presence of 50,000 U.S. residents in Japan, the journalist notes the difficulty in locating vocal Republicans. The article contrasts the online presence of Democrats Abroad, which is active and modern, with that of Republicans Abroad, which seems outdated and less engaged, with its website appearing unchanged since 2004. This assignment highlights the challenges of political reporting among expatriate communities in foreign countries.

St. Mary's International School in Tokyo rocked by sexual abuse claims

01 Sep 2014  |  japantimes.co.jp
St. Mary's International School in Tokyo was shaken by allegations of sexual abuse against Brother Lawrence Lambert, a former teacher and elementary school principal, dating back to 1965. The current headmaster, Saburo Kagei, informed the school community and reported the case to the local Japanese police and the Archdiocese of the Catholic Church in Tokyo, both of which are conducting investigations. Brother Lawrence is barred from contact with the school community during the investigation.

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