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Simone Di Meo

Naples, Italy
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About Simone
simone di meo is a journalist based in Naples, Italy. He has been dealing with issues such as Italian and international mafias for years; secret services; domestic and international terrorism; subversion; justice and politics.
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Made to Unite, the Book on Bridges

18 Sep 2023  |  www.panorama.it
The book 'Fatti per unire. Ponti nell’arte tra Messina, Roma, Genova e il fiume Kwai' explores the symbolic and physical significance of bridges, curated by Professor Roberto Nicolucci and published by Roberto Nicolucci Editore. The proceeds will be donated to the charity Lega del Filo d'Oro. The book features a mix of technical and literary perspectives on bridges, including historical and contemporary examples. Matteo Salvini's preface emphasizes the ambition and pride in Italy's engineering feats, particularly the proposed bridge connecting Calabria and Sicily.

Sea Dates Become a Criminal Affair

31 Jul 2023  |  www.panorama.it
A major operation in Naples has exposed the illegal trafficking of sea dates, a delicacy bought at high prices by restaurateurs and celebrities but whose fishing devastates coastal and marine environments. The investigation led by the Torre Annunziata Prosecutor's Office resulted in 18 arrests out of 113 suspects, revealing a network involving lawyers, notaries, entrepreneurs, and even a chef who cooked for Jeff Bezos. The Coast Guard, using drones, uncovered the operations of the 'datterari' who caused significant environmental damage. The investigation also uncovered a broader commercial network extending to various regions in Italy and even France.

Wuhan. Plausible Chronicle of an Infection

26 Jul 2023  |  www.panorama.it
An investigation by the Sunday Times reconstructs the steps leading to the spread of COVID-19, suggesting the virus may have originated from a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan. The report details risky experiments on coronaviruses conducted by the Wuhan Institute of Virology, with potential military involvement and cover-ups by Chinese authorities. The article highlights the role of American intelligence and various experts in uncovering these activities, raising questions about the virus's origins and the Chinese government's transparency.

Biotech Patent Case: Ctsv's Response

02 Nov 2022  |  panorama.it
Ctsv has issued a statement regarding their position in a legal case concerning alleged biotech patent violations, which was previously reported by Panorama. The company expressed confidence in the innocence of their administrator, Armando Roggero, and highlighted that a civil judgment has ruled in their favor, stating that their Medicons-P product does not infringe on Hbw srl's patent. The ruling has become final as Hbw did not challenge it. Ctsv has also taken legal steps to protect the free commercialization of their Medigraft kit, which includes Medicons-P. In the criminal aspect, the public prosecutor Alessandro Aghemo had requested the case be dismissed, but the judge Francesca Roseti has called for a trial to examine the complex technical details. Ctsv has also filed criminal acts to investigate whether Hbw's actions could be considered illicit.

Spy story on tissue regeneration. Trial to defend Human Brain Wave

19 Sep 2022  |  www.panorama.it
A complex industrial espionage case has emerged involving biotechnology companies Human Brain Wave Srl (HBW) and Ctsv Srl. The Turin court judge Francesca Roseti has rejected the prosecutor's request to archive the case, instead ordering the indictment of Armando Roggero, administrator of Ctsv Srl, for allegedly counterfeiting HBW's patent in regenerative medicine. The dispute centers around a medical device called Rigeneracons, developed by HBW for regenerating human tissues using the patient's biological material. Ctsv Srl, which once had a production agreement with HBW, is accused of marketing a similar device, Medicons-P, in violation of HBW's industrial property rights. Despite the technical consultants' findings supporting HBW's claims, the prosecutor had moved to close the case, a decision now overturned by the judge, who has given the prosecutor ten days to formulate charges against Roggero for revealing scientific and industrial secrets and manufacturing and trading goods by usurping industrial property titles.

The Craziest Art Theft in the World

29 Jul 2022  |  www.panorama.it
Through some entirely accidental phone interceptions, the reconstruction of how a valuable 15th-century painting was stolen and fortunately recovered was made possible. The gang of thieves would not look out of place in a Totò film.

The Craziest Art Theft in the World

29 Jul 2022  |  www.panorama.it
Through some entirely accidental phone interceptions, the reconstruction of how a valuable 15th-century painting was stolen and fortunately recovered was made possible. The gang of thieves would not look out of place in a Totò film.

The Craziest Art Theft in the World

29 Jul 2022  |  www.panorama.it
Through some entirely accidental phone interceptions, the reconstruction of how a valuable 15th-century painting was stolen and fortunately recovered was made possible. The gang of thieves would not look out of place in a Totò film.

Recovered and Restored a Masterpiece by Nicola Malinconico

06 Apr 2022  |  www.panorama.it
In the hidden depths of Naples, a previously unknown masterpiece by Nicola Malinconico has been discovered and restored at the Museo di Capodimonte. The dramatic depiction of 'Compianto sul corpo di Abele,' dating back to around 1690, was identified through a restoration funded by art historian Roberto Nicolucci. The restoration, led by Claudio Palma, Ilaria Improta, and Sabrina Peluso, unveiled the original beauty of the painting. The artwork is now displayed in the 'Oltre Caravaggio' exhibition, curated by Stefano Causa and Patrizia Piscitello, which runs until January 7, 2023.

I, from Genoa to Ukraine to fight against Putin

24 Mar 2022  |  Panorama
A young Italian volunteer from Genoa is heading to Donbass to join the resistance against the Russians. He views Vladimir Putin as attempting to resurrect the Soviet Union and expresses a willingness to do what is necessary, including killing the enemy.

Incurable Campania

10 Feb 2022  |  www.panorama.it
Due to a decree by Governor Vincenzo De Luca, residents of Campania face increasing difficulties in accessing healthcare services, with tighter limits on their 'plafond'. This has resulted in the postponement of thousands of medical procedures and examinations, exacerbating an already critical situation worsened by the coronavirus pandemic.

Masterpieces seized from crime on display at the Nunziatella

30 Dec 2021  |  panorama.it
Naples regains another piece of its beauty and history through strengthened synergy between cultural institutions and investigative bodies. An immense artistic treasure, previously stolen by organized crime, will soon be accessible to students and enthusiasts at the newly established museum space at the Scuola Militare Nunziatella. The exhibit includes sacred works, particularly from the 17th and 18th centuries, which once adorned the homes of mafiosi and fugitives. The highlight is the 15th-century panel of San Nicola, stolen in 1992 and recovered in 2018. The project, led by Professor Roberto Nicolucci, emphasizes the importance of cooperation between institutions, armed forces, universities, and schools. The Carabinieri of the Cultural Heritage Protection Unit of Naples, recently led by Major Giampaolo Brasili, were instrumental in the museum's creation and serve an educational role.

Catello Maresca: 'I, a judge and, legitimately, a politician'

30 Dec 2021  |  panorama.it
Catello Maresca, a magistrate leading the opposition in the Naples city council, is set to join a Court of Appeal in Campobasso. He addresses accusations of conflict of interest and 'revolving doors' by pointing to 160 colleagues with appointments in ministries and commissions. Maresca, who has faced political controversy for his candidacy with the center-right, defends his dual role as both a judge and a politician, citing legal frameworks that allow it. He emphasizes the procedural correctness of his return to the judiciary, authorized by the Supreme Council of Magistrates, and refutes claims of a divided CSM, noting the majority vote in his favor.

Faith & Finance Stop in Capua

23 Sep 2021  |  www.panorama.it
In Capua, the Istituto per il sostentamento del clero, one of Italy's wealthiest institutions, is managed by the president of the Banca di credito cooperativo di Terra del Lavoro, which is partially owned by the Curia. This situation presents a conflict of interest prohibited by both the Vatican and Bankitalia.

Gaetano Manfredi, a professor to be postponed

04 Aug 2021  |  www.panorama.it
Gaetano Manfredi, former Minister of University, is running for the center-left in the Naples municipal elections. However, his previous tenure as rector of Federico II University raises concerns about his capabilities.

Simone Di Meo: Libri dell'autore in vendita online

24 Jun 2019  |  www.ibs.it
Simone di Meo is a journalist and author based in Naples, Italy. He contributes to several Italian publications, including the weekly magazine 'Panorama', the daily newspaper 'Il Giornale', and the financial newspaper 'Il Sole 24 Ore'. Di Meo has written several books, including 'L'impero della camorra' published by Newton Compton in 2014, 'Napoli in cronaca nera' co-authored with Giuseppe Iannini, and 'Gotham City' published by Piemme in 2017. His work spans across journalism and literature, with a focus on current affairs and investigative reporting, particularly in the context of Naples.

Threats to journalist Simone Di Meo. Articolo21: Municipalities of Cosenza should present his book 'Gotham City'

12 Aug 2017  |  Articolo21
Journalist Simone Di Meo, a contributor to 'Il Giornale' and 'Panorama', faced intimidation during the presentation of his book 'Gotham City' in Praia a Mare, Cosenza. An individual disrupted the event, leading to Di Meo being escorted away by law enforcement. The Journalists' Unions of Campania and Calabria expressed solidarity with Di Meo and concern over the intimidating climate for reporters. Articolo21 calls for local municipalities in the 'Riviera dei Cedri' to host events presenting Di Meo's book to support journalists and raise awareness of the challenges they face, including the issue of juvenile organized crime groups in Italy.

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