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Siobhan Gallagher

Playa del Carmen, Mexico
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About Siobhan
I'm a freelance writer, blogger, editor and coach dividing my time between Playa del Carmen, Mexico and Europe. Former Editor of The Playa Times newspaper, I produce content on travel, food, human interest, culture and communication, coaching and wellness. Challenge me! I love a new area to throw myself into. I'm originally from Ireland, and I've lived, worked and studied in eight countries to date. In addition to native English, I speak Italian fluently and I am proficient in French and Spanish. My photography portfolio is rich with images from North America and Europe. I'm also available for editing assignments and general content creation.
English Spanish French
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UK Immigration Rules: What to expect in 2024?

17 Jan 2024  |  Centuro Global - Global Expansion AI-Powered SaaS Platform
The UK is set to implement significant changes to its immigration laws in 2024, aimed at reducing net migration and tightening regulations. Key updates include increased civil penalties for illegal employment, intensified sponsor compliance actions, and higher salary thresholds for skilled workers. The Immigration Health Surcharge will rise significantly, and the digitalisation of the immigration system will phase out physical documents by 2025. The introduction of the Electronic Travel Authorisation and changes to family-related immigration routes are also notable. These reforms present challenges and opportunities for UK employers, skilled workers, and potential migrants, necessitating careful planning and awareness of the evolving legal framework.




Educational and motivating post for the Iguana Talk blog on making the most of recreational activities to improve communication skills at the same time.

Introduction to my website and services as a communication consultant. Shot in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife in 2019, using a Huawei P20 Pro and DJI OSMO Mobile 2.

Written for my own Iguana Travel blog - an upbeat piece with suggestions on how to make the most of bad weather when travelling, and examples from my own experiences.

A post for both my communication and travel blogs. It's a practical guide on how to get to know a new place, people, network and add value to your new location and community.

To all the roommates I lived with before

02 Jan 2019  |  Curbed
Siobhán Gallagher, an illustrator and book designer based in New York City, has had her work featured in prominent publications such as the New York Times, Penguin Classics, Elle Canada, and US Weekly. She is also the author of 'In a Daze Work: a Pick-Your-Path Journey Through the Daily Grind' and regularly self-publishes zines.

Injured Pro

02 Dec 2018  |  popula.com
Siobhán Gallagher creates a comic that humorously depicts the experience of working one's hand into a maimed, gnarled claw, touching on themes such as carpal tunnel, physical therapy, and tendonitis.

In Good Hands with Chef Francisco at La Cocina

02 Jun 2018  |  The Playa Times
The article reviews La Cocina, a restaurant located at the Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen Resort, emphasizing the contrasts in its ambiance, service, and culinary approach. The Head Chef, Francisco Sixtos, champions a philosophy of simplicity, allowing the natural flavors of the food to shine through without excessive cooking or condiments. The menu features traditional Mexican recipes with modern presentations and a focus on local products. The author describes a dining experience that not only satisfies the palate but also instills confidence in the preservation of Mexican culinary traditions. The restaurant's operation hours are also provided.

Starting the Day Right at Mamita’s Beach Club

30 May 2018  |  The Playa Times
Mamita's, a well-known beach club in Playa, is undergoing significant changes, including a transformation of its facilities and the introduction of an exciting new menu by Chef Francisco del Piero. The article emphasizes the importance of selecting the right ingredients and the chef's commitment to fresh, clean, and honest cuisine. The new menu offers traditional breakfast favorites with unique twists, healthy options, and homemade bakery items. Additionally, Mamita's is expanding with two new restaurant openings, dedicated areas for different guests, and an upcoming spa. The author recommends visiting early to enjoy the breakfast and experience the evolving offerings of Mamita's.

Imagine All the People: A Call for Conscious Tourism in Riviera Maya

04 Apr 2018  |  The Playa Times
The article reflects on the post-Easter holiday atmosphere in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, noting the positive economic impact of tourism on the local economy. However, the author quickly shifts focus to the environmental cost of tourism, emphasizing the pressure it puts on the fragile natural surroundings. The piece is a call to action, urging tourists and residents alike to engage in environmentally friendly practices such as refusing straws and non-recyclable packaging, disposing of trash responsibly, and supporting local businesses and charities. The author encourages readers to imagine the transformative impact if the nearly 40 million tourists who visit Quintana Roo each year became conscious, responsible visitors. The article concludes with a nod to Earth Day, reinforcing the theme of environmental consciousness.

Paradisus La Perla & La Esmeralda Resort Leads the Way in Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development

27 Feb 2018  |  The Playa Times
Paradisus La Perla & La Esmeralda Resort is setting an example in corporate social responsibility and sustainable development within the hospitality industry. General Manager Conrad Bergwerf and his team highlighted the resort's achievements in 2017 and plans for 2018. The resort has successfully integrated more than 30 differently-abled employees, enhancing the work environment. They have received Wine Spectator Awards and a five diamond award from AAA for their restaurants. Paradisus conducted a comprehensive hurricane simulation, holds a Silver Level Certification from the UN for sustainable development, and is aiming for Gold Level. They are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and are involved in various environmental and community projects, including a partnership with UNICEF and local authorities to improve infrastructure and public spaces. The resort's initiatives indicate a promising year ahead for both the business and the local community.

People of Playa: Joe Biner – Disability or Possibility?

22 Feb 2018  |  The Playa Times
The article tells the story of Joe Biner, a man with cerebral palsy who has been a wheelchair user in Playa del Carmen. The author reflects on their initial observations of Joe navigating the streets and later learning about his background and contributions. Joe, originally from Los Angeles, has a degree in outdoor recreation management and has worked with disabled children on trips in various states. His passion for fly-fishing brought him to Playa, where he now splits his time with Montana. Despite improvements, Playa's accessibility for the disabled needs work. Joe commends the helpfulness of local employees and mentions establishments that accommodate disabled individuals. Joe and Mindi Hill of Bahia Divers are launching 'Liquid Love – Where Disabilities Become Possibilities,' aiming to provide beach access and create mobile ramps for local businesses. The article encourages community involvement in these initiatives to promote accessibility in Playa del Carmen.

Make Playa del Carmen Accessible For All

21 Feb 2018  |  The Playa Times
The article discusses the transportation issues in Playa, particularly during peak tourist seasons, highlighting the negative impact of increased traffic on the environment and the city's infrastructure. It emphasizes the importance of alternative transportation methods, such as the initiative by Bicineta, to alleviate traffic and reduce emissions. The article also addresses the accessibility challenges faced by individuals with mobility problems, citing the misuse of disabled ramps by local businesses as a significant concern. The author advocates for greater consideration and courtesy to make Playa more inclusive and accessible for all, reflecting on their personal experience as a cyclist in the city.

Fated Ink

25 Mar 2017  |  PodCastle
A young woman enters a tattoo parlor, embodying the image of perfection with her blonde curls and bright blue eyes. The narrator, experienced in seeing many like her, hints at a transformative experience awaiting her as she requests a tattoo.

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