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Sitara Morgenster

Kaitaia, New Zealand
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About Sitara
Reach out with story ideas or if you’d like to work together on a project. Within the framework of ethical journalism, I can assist with fact hunting, finding and interviewing the best experts for your projects, idea generation, structuring, writing and editing. 25+ years of international experience. Accredited freelance journalist (member of the IFJ). Website https://creativityispower.com
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News Gathering Feature Stories Content Writing
Current Affairs Technology Science & Environment

The Unwanted Neighbor: A Tale of a Feral Pig and Community Discord

04 Apr 2024  |  creativityispower.com
The article narrates the story of a pig named Freedom, who was befriended and domesticated by the author's neighbor, referred to as Francis. Initially, the author was indifferent to Freedom's presence, but as she began to destroy local flora and multiply, concerns arose. Another neighbor, whose garden was damaged by Freedom, confronted Francis, who made no effective efforts to control the pig. The author, frustrated by the destruction of their own garden, sought advice from the council, where an official named Jim informed them that if the pig is considered wild, Francis is not responsible for it. The author, a self-proclaimed 90% vegan, was advised to have the pig shot, which they found unacceptable. The story concludes with the author adapting to the situation by planting seedlings out of the pig's reach and reflecting on the ongoing issue with Freedom and her piglets.

From a Climate Correspondent

02 Nov 2023  |  climatecorrespondent.substack.com
The article discusses the environmental challenges facing New Zealand and the response of the newly re-elected government led by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. It highlights the inclusion of the Green Party in the government, with James Shaw re-appointed as climate minister, and the creation of a new ministry for oceans and fisheries. The article emphasizes the public's desire for environmental protection, as evidenced by recent polls and the election results. It critiques past government actions on environmental issues, such as the delay in implementing cameras on fishing boats and mining on conservation land. The article also mentions Greenpeace New Zealand's call for action on climate pollution from agribusiness and the need for a transformation in transportation. It concludes with a focus on James Shaw's role in driving climate action, including his involvement in the Resource Management Act and the establishment of the Zero Carbon Act and a green investment fund.

Beauty is an Essential Ingredient for the Sanity Of Humanity

23 Nov 2021  |  sitarawrites.medium.com
In the article, the author, Sitara Morgenster, reflects on the concept of beauty and its significance in human life. The author describes beauty as a stable element in our lives, akin to breath, and suggests that beauty can be found in various forms, from natural phenomena to engineered art. The article posits that beauty is subjective and varies from person to person, but it is an essential aspect of life that contributes to our sanity, especially given the current state of the world. The author implies that while beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the capacity to experience beauty may differ among individuals.

E tū union members meet Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at the Taranaki Just Transition Summit

22 Oct 2021  |  equaltimes.org
The article discusses the Taranaki 2050 Roadmap, a plan to transition the Taranaki region of New Zealand from high-carbon industries to a green economy by 2050. The roadmap was spurred by the New Zealand government's ban on future offshore oil and gas exploration and involves stakeholders like government, workers, employers, Māori, and local communities. The economic development agency Venture Taranaki spearheads the project, with significant involvement from E tū, New Zealand's largest private sector union. The roadmap includes initiatives like the establishment of Ara Ake, a center for future energy development. The article also covers the role of the NZEI Te Riu Roa union in supporting the transition and the broader context of New Zealand's climate change policies and actions. It highlights the importance of just transition strategies to ensure that workers are not left behind in the shift to a low-carbon economy.

Editorial meeting minutes. Private and Confidential.

31 Aug 2021  |  medium.com
In a creative exercise, journalist Sitara Morgenster conducts an imaginary editorial meeting with admired figures from the literary and journalism world: Steven Pressfield, Guyon Espiner, Simone de Beauvoir, and Marie Colvin. Morgenster uses this scenario to focus on her writing tasks and overcome procrastination. She contemplates the timeliness of her story ideas and the prospect of expanding her professional network. Drawing inspiration from the imagined advice of her virtual advisors, particularly Simone de Beauvoir's existential insights, Morgenster concludes that networking and career progression will naturally follow as she continues to write, work, and publish.

Why the Relationship between New Zealand and China Is in Flux

30 Aug 2021  |  Sitara Morgenster | Journalist & Correspondent
The article discusses the evolving relationship between New Zealand and China, highlighting a statement from New Zealand's Foreign Minister advising exporters to diversify their trade agreements instead of relying heavily on China. This advice suggests that there may be shifts in the trade dynamics between the two countries, although the specific changes are yet to be determined. The article likely explores the reasons behind the minister's statement, the current trade relationship between New Zealand and China, and the potential implications for both countries' economies and diplomatic relations.

The Science of Smiling: How a Fake Smile Can Lead to Genuine Happiness

24 Aug 2021  |  sitarawrites.medium.com
Science journalist and author Helen Thomson explores the science behind self-help advice in her book 'This Book Could Fix Your Life'. She discusses the impact of the mind on physical health, highlighting the placebo effect as a scientifically studied process. Thomson's favorite mood booster is the 'fake smile-hack', which involves holding a pencil between your teeth to force a smile, potentially leading to increased happiness due to the release of dopamine and serotonin. This method is backed by scientific research, demonstrating the power of even a fake smile to positively influence mood.

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron: An Inspirational Life Saver

08 Dec 2020  |  sitarawrites.medium.com
Sitara Morgenster discusses the transformative impact of Julia Cameron's book 'The Artist’s Way' on her life. She describes a personal crisis of being jobless and isolated in a foreign country in the Middle East, where she struggled with language barriers and shyness. The book's 4 basic tools, which are part of a 12-week creative recovery program, helped Morgenster silence her inner censor, overcome fears, and rejuvenate her creativity. This led to her getting a job at an English-language newspaper, making new friends, learning to paint, and generally living a more creative and inspired life. Morgenster endorses these tools as effective for anyone looking to recover their creativity and shares that additional resources for the full program are available.

Home Office Ethics And Habits

24 Nov 2020  |  sitarawrites.medium.com
The article discusses the impact of dressing up for work even when working from a home office. The author, Sitara Morgenster, initially did not see the need to dress up since she was just working from her kitchen table and wanted to start work quickly. However, after listening to a writers podcast featuring style coach Judith Gaton, Morgenster's perspective changed. Gaton emphasizes that dressing for work can signal the brain to prepare for work and can influence productivity and mindset. Gaton also works with clients to connect their attire with times they felt confident and productive. Taking this advice, Morgenster decided to start dressing up before sitting at her desk to improve her productivity and success.

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