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Smriti Dhunganaa

Smriti Dhungana is a journalist, storyteller, and photographer based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Her areas of work include Nepal's politics, human trafficking, gender, development & social issues in Nepal. Her work has appeared in several international outlets including SBS, and Celluroid magazine, among others.

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If you are traveling when a Nepal bandh has been called, you will inevitable run into a lot of trouble. That’s what happened during my trip to Lumbini where I got stuck on the way for hours on end, and reached the hotel I was staying in only at 1 am in the morning instead of the scheduled 10 pm earlier that night. I traveled on a tourist bus and while a bus travel might be tedious and long, you can enjoy the nature and the views Nepal has to offer along the way. You will also get to eat at local eateries along the highway and that’s a different experience altogether.


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