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Sophia Adengo

Sophia Adengo is a journalist, filmmaker and founder of SVA Media, an audio, visual and multi-media production company in Kampala, Uganda.

Ms Adengo brings over 18 years of experience within the local, regional, continental and international media landscape. 

In 2018, she held the position of Head of Bureau at Feature Story News (FSN) - a Washington DC-based news agency in Africa's most populous country, Nigeria. Notable media clients include China Global Television Network (CGTN), CNN, DW, and TRT. News content cut across a vast spectrum of issues on the African content.

FSN expanded its reach to the South Africa region, where Ms Adengo worked with local teams to produce daily news and multimedia content for SABC.

In 2021 Ms Adengo took on the role of Deputy Head of Multi-media Production, Information Support Team (IST) in Nairobi, Kenya.

IST covered the North and East African corridor, tracking the progress of the United Nations Support Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) and African Union (AU) humanitarian programmes, and strategic communication campaigns particularly in Somalia. Multi-media projects included long-form features, mini-documentary, and digital videos, podcast and vodcasts for designated social media platforms.

Ms Adengo earlier worked with Uganda’s premier media organisation Vision Group- where she served in a variety of positions, among them as Director/Producer of Programming Urban TV, (2009-2013), building on previous broadcast experience in television and radio.

Ms Adengo holds a Bachelor of Communications from Daystar University, Nairobi Kenya, and a Bachelor of International Relations Studies from Cavendish University, Kampala, Uganda. She is also recently certified by the Université De Genéve in Humanitarian Communication.

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