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Sophie Miskiw

Stockholm, Sweden
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About Sophie
Digital journalist currently based in the UK but moving to Stockholm this July, so looking for opportunities. I specialise in lifestyle and digital marketing content.
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How Sweden’s airports became ideas factories

28 Nov 2019  |  www.thelocal.se
Swedavia, Sweden's largest airport operator, has embraced innovation under the leadership of Karin Gylin, its Head of Innovation. The company has integrated innovation into its core values, encouraging all employees to contribute ideas. Swedavia aims to be carbon neutral at all its airports by 2020, with initiatives like solar panels at Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport and exploring energy efficiency in ventilation systems. Lars Haukeland, responsible for business environment outlook, collaborates with Gylin to ensure Swedavia stays abreast of global trends and invests in sustainable technologies.

Why Europe’s fika capital isn’t actually in Sweden

25 Oct 2019  |  www.thelocal.se
Vienna, not Sweden, is celebrated as Europe's fika capital, with its coffee house culture recognized by UNESCO. The city's coffee history dates back to a failed Turkish invasion in 1683, and today, Viennese coffee houses serve as cultural hubs. Vienna offers a variety of coffee experiences, from traditional to artisanal brews, and is renowned for its decadent pastries and cakes. Austrian Airlines enhances the experience by serving Julius Meinl coffee on flights from Sweden to Vienna, promoting a seamless coffee culture experience.

The unexpected side effect of moving abroad

09 Oct 2019  |  www.thelocal.de
Expats often feel disconnected from their native culture when living abroad. To maintain their cultural ties, they engage in activities such as reading news and literature from their home country, preparing traditional dishes, meeting with other expats, listening to podcasts, and using social media. Technology, particularly magazine reader apps like Readly, facilitates access to home country magazines and news, helping expats stay updated with current affairs, slang, and pop culture.

An insider’s guide to Stockholm’s secret design spots

11 Jul 2019  |  thelocal.se
Elena Ramirez, a Spanish interior architect working for H&M in Stockholm, shares her insights on the city's design spots. She recommends exploring suburbs like Telefonplan for authentic Swedish design and highlights AB Café for its quintessentially Swedish decor. The article also features På andra våningen, a second-hand shop with a selection of curated items, and Konst-ig, an independent bookstore specializing in art and design. Södermalm is noted for its independent stores and cafes, and Savant Bar in Norrmalm is praised for its sustainable design. The National Museum and its restaurant, designed by leading Swedish designers, are also recommended for their design and collaborative approach.

Is private healthcare in Sweden worth it?

17 Jun 2019  |  thelocal.se
Dr. Markus Björkström of Hälsocentralen, located at Sophiahemmet Hospital in Stockholm, discusses the benefits of private healthcare in Sweden. He emphasizes the continuity of care, with patients seeing the same doctor consistently, and the ability to get quick appointments and longer consultation times. While private healthcare has been a taboo topic in Sweden due to the high taxes funding public health services, Dr. Björkström acknowledges the pressure on public healthcare and the growing patient interest in private options. Hälsocentralen also offers preventative care services not available in the public system. Dr. Björkström, with his faith in both systems, sees value in private healthcare for those who can afford it.

Where to eat, sleep and visit in Uppsala this summer

04 Jun 2019  |  thelocal.se
The Local provides a guide to Uppsala, Sweden, for summer travelers with various budgets. It includes recommendations for places to eat, ranging from budget-friendly Café Årummet to luxury Peppar peppar. Accommodation options like Hotell Kungsängstorg and Villa Anna are suggested, along with activities such as visiting parks, museums, and flea markets. The article emphasizes Uppsala's rich nature, history, and culture as the city's most rewarding experiences.

My Uppsala: ‘Experience a touch of Swedish Cambridge’

18 Apr 2019  |  The Local Sweden
André Dutra and Arina Polyakova Franzén share their experiences of living in Uppsala, Sweden, highlighting the city's charm, history, and culture. Uppsala is described as a large city with a small college town feel, offering scenic views, historic sites like Gamla Uppsala, and a rich academic profile. The article recommends various local businesses and events, including Café Linné, Arrenius and Company, Augusta Janssons Karamelfabrik, Hambergs fisk, Shotluckan, and Katalin And All That Jazz. The city's events calendar is packed, with the Valborg rafting event being a seasonal highlight. Uppsala is presented as a calmer alternative to Stockholm, ideal for those seeking to experience a touch of Swedish Cambridge.

Why 2019 is a great year to live abroad

21 Dec 2018  |  thelocal.se
2019 is an excellent year for living abroad due to technological advancements that ease communication and healthcare access, such as video calling, social media, and virtual doctor services. Expats report higher quality of life, increased incomes, and better work-life balance in their host countries. Switzerland and Spain are highlighted for financial and lifestyle improvements, respectively, while Norway is noted for outdoor activities. The article also mentions family benefits in Sweden and indicates that most expats are satisfied and not planning to leave their adopted countries prematurely. AXA's global health plans are promoted as beneficial for expats.

Restaurant review for Leeds Living

Listicle for Johnston Press local news site WOW247

Theatre review "The Damned United", created for Leeds Living newspaper

How I Learned to Let Go of My Unfounded Health Fears

09 Nov 2014  |  Mail Online
Sophie Miskiw shares her personal struggle with health anxiety, which began in childhood and escalated with the advent of the internet, particularly Google and WebMD, which fueled her self-diagnoses. Despite physical health, she experienced debilitating anxiety, leading to social isolation and academic challenges. A breakdown at her mother's house led to a doctor's visit, where her anxiety was acknowledged as a mental health issue. She was advised to practice meditation and was prescribed an SSRI. Dr. David Veale of the Maudsley Hospital notes that health anxiety can be exacerbated by early exposure to medical issues and is more common in women. Sophie's recovery involved counseling, medication, and support from her boyfriend. She now manages her anxiety and has completed her master's degree, working as a freelance writer.

By 15 I'd had cancer and countless diseases...or so I thought

08 Nov 2014  |  Mail Online
Sophie Miskiw shares her experience with health anxiety, which began in childhood and escalated with the advent of Google, leading to self-diagnosis and isolation. Despite her mother's nonchalant attitude towards illness, Sophie's anxiety persisted, affecting her education and social life. A breakdown in Brighton prompted a visit to a doctor who recognized her anxiety as a mental issue, not physical. With counseling, medication, and the support of her boyfriend, Sophie learned to manage her anxiety, viewing it as an 'unwelcome back-seat passenger' that she has learned to silence.

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