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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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VOA - Africa Service

Sophie Tremblay

Sophie is an award-winning TV/radio journalist and producer with three years experience working for CBC News and CBC Radio One in Montreal, Canada. She has also contributed to National Geographic, Fusion, BBC, PBS Newshour and Al-Jazeera. She is fluent in English and French and speaks some Arabic and Swahili.


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Radio Canada - Crise humanitaire au Burundi (Report in French)


CBC Radio One - Burundi refugees flood into Tanzania


FUSION - 'Ivory Queen' arrest sends powerful signal in epicenter of Africa's illegal ivory trade


National Geographic - Poachers Busted Following British Pilot's Killing


National Geographic - British Helicopter Pilot Shot and Killed by Poachers


TANZANIA–For the last year, Bathawk Recon, a Tanzanian startup company, has been using unmanned aerial vehicles—i.e. drones—to track wildlife and poachers as part of an anti-poaching initiative. This is part of a larger movement in which drones are increasingly being used for environmental research and wildlife preservation. These drones, often referred to as eco-drones, can do everything from monitor polar ice melt to help determine animal migration patterns.

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