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Stanley Gajete

Quezon City, Philippines
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About Stanley
Stanley Buenafe Gajete is an international multi-platform journalist and communication specialist from the Philippines. He became a news correspondent for CNN Philippines, & Kyodo News English- Japan's leading wire news agency. 

Stanley has made significant contributions as a Foreign Affairs and Defense beat reporter for One News and as an editorial project manager at the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ). His team was recognized in 2022 by the Society of Publishers in Asia (SOPA) Awards for story titled “The Shrinking Gods of Padre Faura” a Philippine Supreme Court investigative report (Excellence in Explanatory Reporting category, Regional- South East Asia).

He also held key roles as the Executive Producer at Chinoy TV at ABS-CBN News Channel and as a head news editor/reporter at New Perspective Media in Dubai, UAE. 
In his tenure with ABS-CBN Integrated News, he excelled as a Production Unit Manager, Story Producer, and writer for various esteemed TV shows. Stanley also earned the distinction of being a 2020 Konrad Adenauer Fellow, a Cum Laude graduate from the University of the Philippines with a degree in Communication. 

He also completed specialized courses at ABS-CBN University like Broadcast Journalism, Broadcast Voice, Big data journalism, government work, and conflict reporting. Stanley's portfolio extends to esteemed broadsheet newspapers such as the Philippine Daily Inquirer and the Manila Times. Notably, he was selected as a media fellow for the 2017 Lopez Jaena Community Journalism. His exemplary work earned him recognition as one of the top journalists in the Philippines at the UP National Science Journalism Awards in 2017. 
Stanley also presented several media & communication research papers at the Asian Media Information and Communication Centre or AMIC Conference.

Stanley contributed as a Communication Specialist at the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), further expanding his impact in journalism.
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We tell stories no matter what. 🎥 Always grateful ❤️🥂💪 Stanley Gajete, CNN Philippines

Last Japanese standing: Cafe owner in Philippines carries on in pandemic

15 Dec 2020  |  japantimes.co.jp
As the Philippines reopened its Boracay resort in October following a lockdown, business owners like Jiro Asanuma, the only Japanese entrepreneur on the island, are skeptical about the quick return of tourists. Concerns about making up for lost revenues are heightened by the fact that the country is entering the 'typhoon months,' which are typically leisure-unfriendly.


VISUAL STORYTELLING ABOUT MILLENNIAL MILLIONNAIRE (story about wealth successful at the age of 18)




Amid slower economic growth, conventional demand drivers in PH strengthens property sector

28 Aug 2019  |  The Filipino Times
The Philippines experienced its slowest GDP growth in four years during Q2 2019, attributed to the delayed 2019 national budget and a ban on public construction prior to the May elections. Colliers Research suggests property developers expand outside Manila, particularly in light of the 23% rise in private construction. The report also encourages hoteliers to cater to Asian tourists through mobile payment platforms. Despite the public construction slowdown, optimism remains for economic growth, driven by private sector projects and sustained domestic demand. The government is urged to lift the PEZA moratorium in Manila and amend investment laws to attract foreign participation. Tourism continues to boost the economy, with a significant increase in foreign arrivals and the hospitality sector's growing contribution to the GDP.

Residential projects in Manila with foreign firms blooms

14 Aug 2019  |  The Filipino Times
The article discusses the strong performance of the pre-selling and secondary condominium markets in Metro Manila, which is attracting both local and foreign property investors. This interest is partly due to the presence of offshore gaming firms from China. Joint ventures between foreign and Philippine companies are producing upscale and luxury projects with high take-up rates, despite their higher price points. Colliers International Research Philippines highlights the mutual benefits for local and foreign firms in these joint ventures, with foreign companies attracted by high yields and local developers gaining credibility. The completion of condominium units is surpassing forecasts, and capital values are on the rise, with an expected average price increase of 5.2% annually from 2019 to 2021.

UN, ADB: Climate change is a serious threat

31 Jul 2019  |  The Filipino Times
The article discusses the serious implications of climate change, highlighting projections by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that global temperatures could rise significantly by 2100. It emphasizes the potential consequences, including changes in ocean temperatures, sea levels, and weather patterns, which could impact various sectors. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) warns of economic losses in Southeast Asia due to climate change, with a potential reduction in GDP by up to 11% by 2100. The article also addresses the need for emission reduction, improved energy efficiency, and the adoption of low-carbon technologies. It outlines the various challenges Southeast Asia faces, such as increased flooding, water stress, more intense cyclones, agricultural decline, health risks, labor productivity losses, infrastructure damage, coral reef destruction, and loss of biodiversity. The piece concludes by questioning the Filipino public's awareness and concern regarding climate change.

New England Journal publishes study on dengue vaccine

23 Jun 2018  |  The Manila Times
A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine highlights the risks of dengue vaccination for individuals who have not previously been infected by the disease, while also emphasizing the importance of vaccination to save lives. The study indicates that the first dengue vaccine may be particularly hazardous for seronegative individuals.

Study suggests eating more fat is better for health

30 Jan 2018  |  The Manila Times
A large-scale epidemiological study by McMaster University in Canada suggests that fat does not harm human health, while sugar does. The study, presented at the European Society of Cardiology Conference in Spain, indicates that saturated fats do not increase mortality risk, but a high carbohydrate diet does.

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