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Stav Dimitropoulos

Athens, Greece

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Stav Dimitropoulos

Stav has contributed breaking news about the EgyptAir flight MS804 crash to FOX News Channel, has reported about the Greek and refugee/migrant crises to CBC and CBS Radio, has  tipped off and helped The Sunday Post publish a groundbreaking investigative article, and has also facilitated intelligence investigators with thorough commercial research. Apart from being an on-the-ground reporter and correspondent, Stav was also mentored as a writer/journalist by well-known US and British editors at the outset of her career, and is now a versatile and internationally published writer and journalist for VICE, Womankind, Tonic, Narratively, The Establishment, Global Government Forum, In The Fray, Olive Oil Times, Overland, Permaculture Magazine, Earth Talk, Gadgette, YourTango, GoNomad, Continnect, and others.

 A native of Greece, she was awarded with the medal of Athens for her academic performances at age 17, and now holds an MSc in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management (Leicester), a BSc in Psychology (Panteion), a Diploma in Feature Writing/Freelance Journalism (LSJ), the CPE (Br/Eng), the ECPE (Am/Eng), Certificates in foreign languages (B2 in Spanish, B2 in Italian etc) and not only.
Stav is proactive, fast, knowledgeable, resilient and well-connected, and able to conduct thorough and accurate research even under tight pressure.


Three stories from Greece: an 87-year-old woman who grew up in rugged Mani, Peloponnese, a 56-year-old woman complaining about the refugee/migrant crisis in a decaying working-class Athens district, and a 31-year-old Afghani refugee living in a camp with her husband and his other wife and kids reflect on their lives. Print story.


Conflict and culture have constrained women’s success in business and government in South-Eastern Europe, says the region’s competitiveness coordinator. Stav Dimitropoulos learns what Dragana Djurica is doing to help release the potential of female entrepreneurs


Greek expat hopes his photo archive will help raise awareness about the value of the centuries-old trees in Laconia region.


Olive oil has great potential in marketing Greek tourism destinations and can be used as a tool of sustainable development, a researcher noted.


A group therapy session, led by a psychiatrist who herself is a refugee, reimagined as a screenplay.


Attempts to crack down on migration have created the perfect breeding ground for new smuggling ecosystems.


Mohammadi for many years called himself a Jihadist, but asserts that the real meaning of Jihad is much different from how many Westerners see it. The story of a militant rebel leader who left everything behind to flee Afghanistan for Greece, and whose violent past continues to haunt him now.


For four years, the oLIVE CLIMA Project in Greece has tackled challenges posed by climate change in the Mediterranean by introducing innovative techniques to convert olive cultivation into a climate management tool.


Meet Parya Rezaei, a 30-year-old Iranian children’s animator who lifts children’s spirits in a detention camp.


Jacques Ganoulis, Special Secretary for Water, Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Greece. Five thoughts on better government.


Jacques Ganoulis, Special Secretary for Water, Ministry of Environment and Energy, Greece: Exclusive Interview


Three stories from the camps in Greece, involving refugees with hycrocephalus, PTSD, muscular dystrophy.


Affected by extended heat and fly attacks, Greece's annual olive oil output is forecast to drop by 17 percent, and Italy's more than double that. Still, Greece remains a surplus country with a loyal client base and strong export potential.


Greek repat Adoni Dimakos follows the Laconian paths the Medieval geographer Pausanias walked in the 2nd century to capture endangered olive oil trees in images and 'sensitize' local farming populations about their eradication.


Seven women from Afghanistan are found at one of Greece's asylum centers, aka "hot spots". Through this seven-minute video, they introspect on their life experience--through the narrator's voice. What are their dreams? What did they escape from? What's after the hot spot? An insight.


Faced with high unemployment, falling budgets and the refugee crisis, the Greek Ministry of Health is launching a system of universal health insurance. Its general secretary Giannis Baskozos explains his plans to Stav Dimitropoulos.


The Greek government is using science and technology to help restore its ailing economy. Stav Dimitropoulos meets Thomas Maloutas, the Ministry of Education’s General Secretary for Research and Technology – whose first task is to stem the ‘brain drain’ that’s taken around 200,000 qualified scientists and technicians overseas since 2009. An exclusive interview.


In September 2016, a national dialogue on the Greek Constitutional reform is opening. The Greek PM has invited scientific and social groups, citizens’ movements and individual citizens to create the "Constitution of the Peoples". Big comeback from the cradle of democracy or political platitudes? An interview of mine with Politeia 2.0 co-founder attempts to answer.


From a detached, technocratic standpoint, the deal is bearing fruit. For instance, the number of migrants that approached Greece from Turkey plummeted from 225 on April fifth to 25 on April sixth, a striking decline when compared to a typical October 2015 day, when arrivals neared 9,200! However, and as a measure taken in panic, the concerns over its legal, organizational and ethical footing, and, mostly, its sustainability are rising.


The Greek region of Attica-Athens is introducing new digital services to tackle tax evasion and corruption, with the aim of comparing data on citizens’ assets and purchases to their declared income.


Athens, the cradle of civilization! Amidst a sea of cement, fume and debt...” might as well be the inner thought system of a prospective traveler to Greece, headaching over the “To stay in Athens or dash to the islands”dilemma. It is true, the idiosyncratic marriage between absolute chaos and perfect symmetry that is Athens is too overwhelmingly complex to be designated as appealing or not...


The Greek government has created a central coordinating unit to manage the work of those public and voluntary sector organisations trying to meet the health needs of refugees. A news article describing the Unit in detail.


A recently published study comes to explain rising suicidality in Greece through not 30 per cent unemployment and seven years of recession but through the existence of another variable, more “lethal” than economic chaos: climate.


A new breed of sensors on plants may just revolutionize agriculture. Greek research led by Dr. Bletsas, NTUI.


Greek urbanites dash to a remote mountain and create an ambitious eco-community.


How unemployment in Greece is conducive to young graduates' return to the countryside; and to the oldest profession, farming.


An article on the African migration crisis, big human smuggling business and the life conditions of undocumented migrants in Greece.


How Permaculture and green cultivation methods can boost tourism in Greece.


A reportage on the lives of Polish migrants who came undocumented to Greece after the fall of the Eastern Bloc and are now living on the streets of Athens.


Everything you need to know about the Greek crisis--origins, culprits, facts and figures--.

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