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Stefania D'Ignoti

Gaziantep, Turkey
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About Stefania
I'm an independent writer and reporter based in Sicily, where I focus on migration, conflict and women's rights. My work has appeared in a number of international media outlets, including The Guardian, The Economist, Al Jazeera English and Foreign Policy, among others.
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Italy's Struggle with Citizenship Law Reform and Ethnic Nationalism

09 Nov 2023  |  Foreign Policy
The article discusses the ongoing debate in Italy regarding the reform of the citizenship law, which currently grants citizenship primarily through blood ties. The proposed reform, known as jus culturae, would allow citizenship through cultural assimilation, particularly for those who have completed five years of schooling in Italy. The debate, which began in 2016, has been met with resistance from populist and right-wing parties. The article highlights the perspectives of ethnic minorities and second-generation Italians who are advocating for the reform, as well as the challenges they face in gaining political representation and recognition. It also touches on the broader issues of xenophobia and the political exploitation of immigration. The article includes insights from activists, experts, and individuals directly affected by the citizenship laws, emphasizing the need for Italy to adapt its policies to be more inclusive and reflective of its changing demographics.

His grandfather fled fascist Italy during WWII and found refuge in Syria. Now Alberto and his family have returned.

05 Mar 2020  |  Al Jazeera
Alberto Livadiotti, an Italian citizen born and raised in Damascus, Syria, recounts his family's journey from Syria to Italy amidst the Syrian civil war. His grandfather, Alfonso Livadiotti, had fled fascist Italy during WWII and found refuge in Syria. Alberto inherited Italian citizenship from Alfonso but had never been to Italy before the war. When the conflict in Syria escalated, the Italian embassy offered to evacuate Italian nationals, and after some hesitation, Alberto and his family left for Lebanon and eventually reached Catania, Sicily. They faced challenges integrating into Italian society, including language barriers and finding housing. Alberto, who converted to Islam 20 years ago, received support from the local Muslim community and eventually opened a successful Syrian restaurant. The family has now settled in Catania, maintaining their Syrian heritage while building a new life in Italy.

How an Italian Self-Defense Class Uses Books to Fight Hate

13 Nov 2019  |  Time
Aurora Lo Porto, a medical student in Catania, Sicily, observed a rise in racist attitudes and decided to take action by co-founding Italy's first 'self-defense reading group' with Maria Carmela Sciacca, owner of Legatoria Prampolini bookstore. The group, launched in collaboration with the humanitarian non-profit Emergency, aims to combat xenophobia through dialogue and critical thinking, using books as tools. The initiative comes in response to the increasing intolerance fueled by populist parties and the far-right rhetoric in Italy, including legal measures against immigrants and marginalized communities. The reading group discusses various topics, including conflict, migration, and human rights, and plans to expand its audience and activities, such as a large-scale public reading event. Mercy David, a Nigerian refugee and sales assistant at the bookstore, is also inspired by the group and hopes to write a book about her experiences.

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