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Stella Adi

Nairobi, Kenya
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About Stella
Stella Adi is a journalist and writer based in Nairobi, Kenya. Specialty: Lifestyle features, interviews, content and creative writing, gender and social issues.
English Swahili
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The real reason you may think your female boss is mean

07 Oct 2023  |  Nation
Female leaders face unfairly harsh judgment due to societal gender expectations, resulting in bias against them in professional settings. Women in leadership roles are often expected to be nurturing and gentle, traits that are not typically associated with successful business leadership. This bias is evident in various fields, including ICT and healthcare, where female bosses are often perceived as mean or overly harsh. The article highlights the need for training to uncover unconscious bias and create a more gender-inclusive workplace. It also emphasizes the importance of women in leadership roles supporting and uplifting other women to break these stereotypes.

Co-parenting: The Challenges and Making It Work

05 Jul 2020  |  Nation
The article discusses the challenges of co-parenting after a separation or divorce, a situation becoming more common as the traditional family structure evolves. Despite the portrayal of co-parenting as manageable by celebrities and social media, many find the reality fraught with difficulties, including emotional strain, scheduling conflicts, and legal complications. The quality of the co-parenting relationship significantly impacts the child's mental and emotional well-being. The article includes personal accounts from individuals who have experienced the complexities of co-parenting, such as dealing with ex-partners, remarriage, and the legal system. It also touches on the perception that mothers are often favored in custody cases. Despite the challenges, the article suggests that with commitment and sacrifice, co-parenting can be successful, as evidenced by some Kenyan celebrities who have shared their positive experiences.

The twists and turns in Angela Ndambuki's life

03 Jul 2020  |  nation.africa
Angela Ndambuki's career journey has been marked by resilience and a passion for the music industry and intellectual property rights. Despite facing challenges such as male chauvinism and an abrupt dismissal from her CEO position at the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, she successfully sued for damages and was reinstated. Angela's work at the Performers Rights Society of Kenya changed laws to ensure creatives were compensated for their work. Her achievements have been recognized with several accolades, and she now serves as the Regional Director of sub-Saharan Africa at the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, focusing on policy and rights holder compensation. Angela's story is one of combining creativity with a professional career, advocating for women's empowerment in the creative industry, and striving to make a difference.

First-hand account of the vegan diet. (Health/Lifestyle feature)

Diverse experts sought giving advice to see us through the coronavirus crisis.

How to emerge a winner after the corona crisis

09 May 2020  |  Nation
Experts from various fields provide advice on navigating financial, mental, and physical health challenges during the COVID-19 crisis. Financial analysts recommend reassessing portfolios and seeking professional guidance, while small business owners are encouraged to innovate and adapt. Mental health professionals emphasize the importance of self-care, maintaining connections, and seeking help when needed. Nutritionists and health experts advise on maintaining a balanced diet and avoiding self-medication.

Why it pays now to have a 'Plan B' in your life

15 Nov 2019  |  Nation
The article discusses the importance of having a 'Plan B' in life, especially in the face of economic uncertainty and job insecurity. It emphasizes the need for contingency planning, saving and investing wisely, being prepared to move on from a job, and redefining success. The article quotes investment adviser Rina Hicks and Maureen Wamahiu from TransUnion Kenya, and shares anecdotes from individuals like June Kan’gethe who have navigated career changes. It also suggests investing in safe options like Treasury Bills and Fixed Deposit accounts, and considering side businesses, particularly in the informal sector where most new jobs are created.

Is your sub-standard workspace leading to physical and emotional health disorders? Here’s how to fix it

05 Oct 2019  |  nairobinews.nation.africa
Rising workplace competition is leading to increased stress, anxiety, and burnout, which can have severe health implications. To mitigate these effects, it is essential to maintain a clean and inviting workspace, take regular breaks, manage time effectively, and foster a positive work environment. Simple changes like decluttering, using uplifting language, and avoiding negative influences can significantly improve mental and physical well-being at work.

Why a growing number of women join country clubs

05 Oct 2019  |  Nation
As women transition through life, their priorities shift, leading many to seek more rewarding social pastimes like joining country clubs. These clubs offer networking opportunities, particularly through golf, which has long been a gateway to business success. Women like Susan Mwende and Joan Mkanyika have leveraged club memberships to advance their careers. Despite high joining fees and a traditionally male-centric environment, initiatives like lower fees for women and youth training programs are encouraging more women to join. Clubs provide a conducive environment for family bonding and professional growth, though more efforts are needed to attract a younger, gender-balanced demographic.

Four poses that can help reduce the period pain

14 Aug 2017  |  www.standardmedia.co.ke
The article discusses four yoga poses that can alleviate menstrual discomfort: Bow pose (dhanurasana), Fish pose (matsyasana), Camel pose (ustrasana), and Noose pose (pasasana). These poses are said to help with constipation, respiratory ailments, backache, fatigue, anxiety, and menstrual pain by stretching various parts of the body and stimulating abdominal organs. The article includes steps for each pose and tips on when not to perform them due to potential health concerns.

How to 'friend zone' nice men you don't want to date

13 Aug 2017  |  standardmedia.co.ke
The article discusses various strategies women employ to place men into the 'friend zone' without hurting their feelings or damaging potential social and career networks. These tactics include giving relationship advice, appearing less groomed, behaving like a tomboy, and treating the man as a platonic friend. The narrative is illustrated through personal experiences shared by individuals who have used or encountered these methods.

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