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Stella Strouvali

Athens, Greece
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About Stella
Stella Strouvali is a journalist based in Athens, Greece.

Elections 2019 in Greece

01 Jun 2019  |  decipheringtheworld.com
The article discusses the outcome of the 2019 European Parliament election in Greece, where the liberal-conservative party New Democracy outperformed the ruling party SYRIZA, leading to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras calling for early legislative elections. New Democracy won 33.12% of the votes, securing 8 seats, while SYRIZA received 23.76%, getting only 6 seats. The article also touches on the reasons behind SYRIZA's defeat, such as the Prespa Agreement, economic memoranda, natural disasters, and accusations against government members. It highlights the political background of New Democracy's leader, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, and suggests that the election results were a significant blow to the current government, with little time for Tsipras to turn the situation around before the next elections set for July 7th, 2019.

Kodi Box Faces the Possibility of Becoming Illegal

05 Mar 2017  |  cyberogism.com
Kodi Box, an open-source media player, is under scrutiny in the UK due to concerns over streaming illegal copyrighted material. The Intellectual Property Office is considering a ban and has invited public feedback. While the original Kodi Box is legal, the addition of certain plugins can lead to copyright violations. Five individuals were arrested for selling fully loaded Kodi Boxes, although they have not been convicted. The Federation Against Copyright Theft has emphasized the need to stop the sale of these devices due to the harm they cause to copyright holders and legal streamers.

Heliograf News-Writing Bots Aim at Changing Journalism Forever

16 Feb 2017  |  cyberogism.com
Heliograf, an AI news-writing bot implemented by the Washington Post, is changing journalism by producing articles rapidly, thus increasing productivity. The bot's quality is highly regarded, and its use allows journalists to focus on more important tasks. While the future of journalism with AI like Heliograf is uncertain, the potential for improved productivity and immediacy is clear.

Unpatched Linux exploit grants instant full access to other users

24 Oct 2016  |  cyberogism.com
An unpatched Linux exploit, known as Dirty Cow, has been discovered, granting users full system access within seconds. Phil Oester identified the flaw, which has existed for over a decade. Despite a fix in 2007, the exploit remains a threat due to advancements in VM technology. Red Hat has issued an advisory on the issue. Antivirus software may detect but not block the attack, highlighting the need for comprehensive security measures.

Google to Launch its Unplugged Streaming TV Service

20 Oct 2016  |  cyberogism.com
Google is preparing to launch a streaming TV service called Unplugged, with rumors of an agreement with CBS to include their channels. The service is expected to launch in early 2017 with a price range of $25 to $40. Despite the non-competitive pricing, Google may offer more content, with potential discussions with Disney – ABC and Fox. Concerns exist about Google's advertising influence potentially affecting user experience. The announcement is anticipated during CES 2017, drawing parallels to Google Video's reveal at CES 2006.

3 Ways to Access Spotify outside US and UK

09 Aug 2016  |  cyberogism.com
The article discusses three methods to access Spotify outside the US and UK: using a VPN like ExpressVPN, free tunnel proxies, and the Hola browser extension. It highlights the pros and cons of each method, emphasizing the reliability and security benefits of using a VPN. ExpressVPN is recommended for its robust network and encryption, which not only unblocks Spotify but also enhances online privacy and anonymity.

12 Best Android Apps for Security and Privacy

04 Aug 2016  |  cyberogism.com
The article lists 12 Android apps designed to enhance security and privacy for users. These include Signal Private Messenger for encrypted communication, Crypt4All Lite for file encryption, Orbot for private connections using Tor, AppLock for securing apps and hiding photos, App Ops for permission management, LastPass Password Manager for password storage, K-9 Mail for encrypted emails, Android Device Manager for device location and data protection, DuckDuckGo for private searching, 360 Security for antivirus protection, and Privary Vault and LockMyPix for hiding photos and videos. Each app is praised for its specific features that contribute to user privacy and security.

How to Watch HBO Go outside the United States

13 Feb 2015  |  securitygladiators.com
HBO Go is a popular online streaming service in the United States, offering high-quality on-demand content. However, it is geographically restricted to the US, presenting challenges for those abroad who wish to access it. The article explains that copyright restrictions are the reason for this limitation and offers solutions to unblock HBO Go outside the US, including the use of VPNs, DNS services, and Tor. VPNs are highlighted for their additional benefit of data encryption, enhancing user anonymity and protection online.

Be able to watch Netflix at school

31 Jan 2015  |  securitygladiators.com
The article discusses various methods for students and teachers to bypass internet restrictions at schools to access Netflix and other streaming services. It highlights the use of VPNs, particularly recommending NordVPN, as a reliable solution to unblock geo-restricted websites like Netflix. The article also mentions the use of proxies and SmartDNS services as alternative methods. It emphasizes the importance of balancing educational needs with opportunities for relaxation and entertainment, and provides guidance on overcoming barriers to access restricted content.

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Jun 2019

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