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Stephan Dietrich

Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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About Stephan
Stephan Dietrich is a freelancing journalist and author based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
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Thun relegated to Challenge League after barrage second leg

01 Oct 2023  |  Tages-Anzeiger
FC Thun has been relegated to the Challenge League after winning the second leg of the barrage against FC Vaduz 4-3 but losing 4-5 on aggregate. Despite a brief comeback, defensive errors cost Thun their place in the Super League. FC Vaduz returns to the top league after three years. Thun's president, Markus Lüthi, acknowledges the financial and strategic challenges ahead as the club adapts to its new reality.

Wiler's squad changes - Goalie Menetrey retires

01 Oct 2023  |  www.bernerzeitung.ch
Wiler-Ersigen's squad planning is ongoing, with the goalie situation resolved as Martin Menetrey retires at 23. Yanick Flury is promoted to first goalkeeper, Valentin Nov receives a contract but is loaned to Mittelland, and Tim Kramer from Zug will be the backup for a year. The team is now seeking defenders to fill three spots left by Savonen, Bürki, and Suter, with one likely going to a new foreign player and another to U21 player Amelio Tambini. Jan Ziehli extends his contract for two years.

Duel of the Relegated – Thun loses again

01 Oct 2023  |  www.bernerzeitung.ch
FC Thun continues to struggle in the Challenge League, remaining winless after three games. The team's lack of confidence and frequent mistakes, exemplified by a critical error from goalkeeper Hirzel, have contributed to their poor start. Despite a late goal that brought hope, Thun ultimately lost 1-3 to Xamax, with Nuzzolo sealing their fate.

Wiler-Ersigen has the agony of choice

01 Oct 2023  |  www.bernerzeitung.ch
SV Wiler-Ersigen demonstrates dominance in national unihockey with 38 goals in the last four games, securing a top position for playoff selection. Coach Thomas Berger remains critical despite successes, emphasizing areas for improvement. The team faces strategic decisions for playoff opponents, balancing sporting and economic considerations, with high TV presence being advantageous. Key players like Michal Dudovic and Joonas Pylsy are in top form, contributing significantly to the team's performance. The league's competitive landscape is clear, with Wiler-Ersigen and GC leading, while other teams are expected to exit early in the playoffs.

1:4 in the Barrage First Leg - Frustrating Evening for FC Thun

01 Oct 2023  |  www.bernerzeitung.ch
FC Thun faced a frustrating evening in the first leg of the Barrage, losing 1:4 to FC Sion. Early goals by Guillaume Hoarau and Matteo Tosetti set Sion on the path to victory. Despite Thun's initial aggressive play, they failed to capitalize on key opportunities. Thun's coach Carlos Bernegger's strategy with a three-man defense did not yield the desired results. The team now faces a significant challenge in the return leg, needing a football miracle to overturn the deficit.

Savonen leaves Wiler-Ersigen - Swiss floorball loses an attraction

03 May 2021  |  www.bernerzeitung.ch
Krister Savonen, regarded as the world's best defender, is leaving the Swiss floorball team Wiler-Ersigen. His exceptional skills and ability to single-handedly influence games made him a standout player and a significant asset to Swiss floorball. His departure marks a loss for the sport in Switzerland.

Floorball Playoffs - Wiler-Ersigen Turns the Corner

28 Mar 2021  |  bernerzeitung.ch
Wiler-Ersigen overcame Zug in the decisive seventh playoff quarterfinal, with Joonas Pylsy playing a pivotal role, scoring multiple goals including a penalty. Despite a comfortable lead, Zug closed the gap, but Wiler-Ersigen secured the win with a final score of 9:4. The team, coached by Thomas Berger, now faces GC in the semifinals, with their best player Krister Savonen's participation uncertain due to a concussion. Pylsy, having recovered from a coronavirus infection, is determined to win.

Floorball Playoffs - Köniz Narrowly Escapes

17 Mar 2021  |  bernerzeitung.ch
In the third quarterfinal match of the floorball playoffs, Floorball Köniz faced Tigers Langnau in a high-paced and intense game. Despite some precision lost due to errors leading to goals, the Bernese derby was engaging and close, ending in a 6:5 victory for Köniz. The game's style favored Langnau, known for thriving on combat and emotion, and they were vocally supported by their players. Langnau led four times, but Köniz, the clear favorite and 2018 Swiss champion, managed to equalize each time, with the final equalizer by Oliver Schmocker in the 54th minute. Köniz took control with two goals in the last one and a half minutes, leading the series 2:1. The next encounters are scheduled for the weekend in Biglen and Bern.

The Gap Between Aspiration and Reality

09 Mar 2021  |  www.bernerzeitung.ch
Wiler-Ersigen has lost more than it has won this year, which does not meet expectations. The question posed is based on a false assessment.

Clear Victory for Thun

05 Feb 2021  |  www.bernerzeitung.ch
FC Thun secured a decisive 3-0 victory against Xamax in the Challenge League, with Omer Dzonlagic scoring twice before halftime and Dominik Schwizer adding a third goal after the break. This win strengthens Thun's position at the top of the league, sending a strong message to their rivals, GC, ahead of their upcoming match. The article highlights the significant contributions of Dzonlagic and Schwizer to the team's success.

Excursion tip - The most beautiful way to Worb

08 Jan 2021  |  derbund.ch
A scenic approximately four-hour walk from Bern to Worb, mostly along the Aare river, is presented as an excursion tip. The article was first published on January 8, 2021, and is part of a series that has been regularly updated since spring 2020. Due to changing COVID-19 regulations, the actual opening hours, schedules, and availability may differ from the information provided. Readers are advised to verify current conditions when planning their trip. Full access to the article requires a subscription.

The Best Shooters from the Canton

30 Sep 2020  |  www.bernerzeitung.ch
The Feldschiessen 2020 shooting competition in Bern was extended over several months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with around 17,000 participants, significantly fewer than in previous years. Ten shooters achieved the maximum score, eight with rifles and two with pistols.

Thuner Unordnung

26 Sep 2020  |  www.bernerzeitung.ch
Thun played well in Wil and led 1-0, but ultimately lost 3-1 due to three set-piece situations. Marc Schneider summarized that three individual errors led to the team's defeat, leaving them empty-handed.

Tatu will surely miss me

25 Sep 2020  |  www.bernerzeitung.ch
Reflecting on a 23-year career in Unihockey, the interviewee discusses the journey from a novice to a seasoned player, highlighting key moments such as the first victory against Sweden and winning the European Cup with Wiler-Ersigen. The transition from player to a role in Swiss Unihockey is seen as an opportunity to further professionalize the sport. Despite a quiet retirement due to the pandemic, the focus remains on the positive influence and leadership within the team.

Playoff Second Leg – Thun relegated to the Challenge League

10 Aug 2020  |  www.bernerzeitung.ch
FC Thun has been relegated to the Challenge League after losing the playoff second leg against FC Vaduz with an aggregate score of 4-5. Despite winning the second match 4-3, Thun's earlier 0-2 loss in the first leg and defensive errors cost them their place in the Super League. FC Vaduz returns to the top league after three years. Thun's president, Markus Lüthi, acknowledges the need to address the club's future in the Challenge League, as their infrastructure was reliant on Super League football.

Resignation of the figurehead - Mr. Unihockey retires

20 Mar 2020  |  bernerzeitung.ch
Matthias Hofbauer, Switzerland's best-ever floorball player, is retiring from the spotlight. Due to the spread of the coronavirus, his departure is without fanfare. Hofbauer's final game took place on March 1st in Chur, with no spectators present due to coronavirus restrictions.

Glass Recycling Has a Poor Environmental Balance

12 Jul 2019  |  www.beobachter.ch
Switzerland boasts a world record with over 40 kilograms of glass per capita being recycled annually, achieving a 94 percent recycling rate. However, the environmental cost is significant, as producing new glass from recycled materials requires the energy equivalent of one and a half deciliters of oil per kilogram. This translates to nearly 52 million liters of oil annually for the 344,000 tons of recycled glass in Switzerland.

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