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Stephanie Andrews

Budapest, Hungary
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About Stephanie
Stephanie Andrews is a journalist and photographer based in Budapest, Hungary. Her work has appeared in The Culture Trip, Matador Network, Food52 and TravelPulse. A passion for food (as it pertains to culture), social issues, feature stories and investigative reporting.
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Current Affairs Food & Drink Investigative Reporting

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and Chicago is a flurry of holiday excitement

21 Apr 2020  |  Fairmont Moments
The article highlights various holiday activities and attractions in Chicago. It begins by setting a festive scene and mentions the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at Millennium Park and the Christkindlmarkt. The Fairmont Chicago, Millennium Park is featured for its annual Cookies and Cheer event, offering a gourmet cookie experience and a special guestroom package. The hotel also hosts a Kids Cookie Camp. Ice skating opportunities at Millennium Park and Maggie Daley Park are described. The Museum of Science and Industry's Christmas Around the World exhibit is showcased, along with Goodman Theatre's production of 'A Christmas Carol.' Christkindlmarkt is recommended for last-minute gift shopping and mulled wine. Finally, Navy Pier's Winter WonderFest is presented as a family-friendly indoor holiday event. The article concludes with an invitation to book a holiday getaway at Fairmont Chicago.

Come for the Beaches, Stay for the Island Charm: Bask in the Best of Bermuda

21 Apr 2020  |  Fairmont Moments
The article provides a travel guide to Bermuda, highlighting its attractions such as pink sands, turquoise waters, and a variety of activities including cave diving, whale watching, golf, and spa treatments. It emphasizes Bermuda's suitability for water sports like snorkeling and diving, with specific mention of popular beaches and shipwreck sites. The article also covers outdoor adventures like parasailing, cliff diving, and walking the Railway Trail. It features local dining options, focusing on seafood and the island's rum-based drinks, and suggests the Waterlot Inn for steak lovers. Romantic activities and venues for couples are also suggested, including sunset cruises, bioluminescent glow worms, and the Unfinished Church for weddings. The article is written by Stephanie Andrews, who shares her own travel experiences and expertise in food writing.

Visiting Budapest during the winter holidays for TravelPulse

This Fungus Is the Secret To the Most Expensive White Wines in the World

21 Apr 2020  |  Matador Network
The article discusses the unique conditions of the Tokaj region in northeastern Hungary, which contribute to the production of Tokaji, a renowned dessert wine. The presence of 'noble rot', caused by the fungus Botrytis cinerea, is essential in creating the wine's characteristic sweetness. The article explains the process by which noble rot affects the grapes, leading to a dehydrated fruit with concentrated sugar. It also compares Tokaji with other noble rot wines from regions like Bordeaux, Germany, and the US. The piece concludes with recommendations for trying Tokaji wines, highlighting Royal Tokaji 2016 Late Harvest, Oremus 5 Puttonyos aszu 2008, and Fuleky Pallas Tokaji Late Harvest, along with pairing suggestions.


Hungary's Love Affair with Beverages: From Unicum to Craft Beer

19 Dec 2019  |  Budapest Local
The article explores Hungary's rich beverage culture, highlighting traditional drinks and modern trends. Unicum, an herbal bitters produced by Zwack, is noted for its digestive properties. Pálinka, a fruit brandy, is celebrated with festivals and contests. Tokaji wine, particularly Tokaji Aszú, is a renowned sweet white wine from a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The craft beer scene in Budapest is thriving, with local breweries like Mad Scientist, Monyó, and Horizont leading the way. Egri Bikavér, a red wine known as 'Bull's Blood', is gaining attention thanks to young winemakers. Hungarian coffee, or kávé, is a strong espresso that has become the national drink. Thermal waters from baths like Lukács and Rudas are drinkable and believed to have health benefits. Mulled wine, or 'forralt bor', is a winter favorite, while Fröccs, a wine spritzer, is a popular summer refreshment. The article provides a glimpse into the Hungarian love for diverse and quality drinks.

Wine: the sweet nectar of the Gods.

30 Sep 2018  |  Budapest Local
The article explores the rich wine culture of Hungary, highlighting its diverse wine regions and the unique varietals they produce. It emphasizes the country's winemaking heritage, particularly in regions like Villány, known for reds and rosés; Somló, famous for its volcanic white wines; Eger, home of the legendary 'Bull's Blood'; Szekszárd, with its low-acid, low-tannin reds; and Tokaj, renowned for its sweet Aszú wines. The piece suggests that to truly appreciate Hungarian wines, one must visit these regions and partake in expert-led wine tours. It also touches on the historical and cultural significance of these wines, weaving in local legends and the global acclaim some have received. The article serves as both an informative guide and an invitation to discover Hungarian viniculture.

How Fried Potatoes and Eggs Get Cozy in Portugal

05 Feb 2018  |  Food52
The article is a personal narrative of the author's experience in Porto, Portugal, after a stressful period of working long hours and a breakup in Chicago. The author describes the comfort found in the city's food, particularly the bacalhau à brás, a traditional Portuguese dish made with salt cod, potatoes, and eggs. The author recounts the process of making the dish and the emotional and physical warmth it provided during a difficult time. The article also touches on the author's interactions with the city and its people, finding solace in new friendships and the local culture. The piece concludes with a recipe for bacalhau à brás and an encouragement to enjoy the dish with good wine and company.

Discover where to stay in Budapest, with the help of local curator and festival founder Noémi Nádudvari.

03 Oct 2017  |  Culture Trip
The article provides a comprehensive guide to the various districts of Budapest, highlighting the unique characteristics and attractions of each. Noémi Nádudvari, the founder of the Színes Város Street Art Festival, shares her insights on the best places to stay and visit in Budapest. The Castle District is noted for its classic tourist sights and aristocratic atmosphere, while the Jewish Quarter is known for its vibrant street art and ruin bars. Other districts like Józsefváros and Ferencváros are described as trendy and diverse, with a mix of cultural sites, food markets, and thermal baths. The article also mentions the city's historical sites, such as the Hungarian Parliament and the Dohány Street Synagogue, as well as various cultural experiences, from thermal baths to street food courts and art galleries.

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