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Stephanie Dorceant

Stephanie Dorceant is a journalist based in São Paulo, Brazil. Originally from Miami, Fl, Stephanie has been working as a journalist and documentary filmmaker for nearly 10 years. Graduating from Florida State University's prestigious Journalism program in 2008, having spent time in London, UK during a journalism intensive, she set out to New York to work with major broadcast news agencies and productions such as Arise News, Al Jazeera, ABC, Tristar Studios and others. 

Now currently living and working as an independent journalist in Brazil, Stephanie has been focused on documenting and reporting stories focused on socially relavent issues. With her passion and taste for the under-reported, she continues to spread awareness on issues that effect communities around the world.

English Creole Portuguese

Rough cut short documentary for BRIC Media Arts 2-Month Documentary Intensive Program (Dec 2015)

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Documenting abandoned landmarks and structures in New York (2013)

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Reporting on impoverished communities in Salvador, Brazil

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Covering Tomorrowland festival in São Paulo, Brazil (2016)

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