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Steve Lunt

Bude, United Kingdom
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About Steve
▪ 1. Ex-BBC and CNN multimedia journalist, highly experienced in covering wide range of subjects across the Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Americas. Proven track record in successfully completing complex news, documentary and other multi-stranded multimedia projects on time, within budget: https://bit.ly/3bwpNfq.

▪ 2. Accomplished presenter of polished pieces-to-camera, and a seasoned video journalist able to produce, shoot and edit in the field – delivering compelling video and audio to BBC and CNN standards: https://bit.ly/2YfsWJb.

▪ 3. Award-winning writer and author of The Telegraph's 'Introduction to the Philippines'. Acclaimed by the Philippine Consulate of South Australia as "one of the world's top travel bloggers" (https://bit.ly/3i24eHh); and identified by Rappler news website as a “leading communication expert” (https://bit.ly/3bSjJgK).

▪ 4. Proven abilities in managing and working collegially with multinational teams, as well as independently where required – from busy offices to remote field locations and challenging environments. Flexible, versatile and highly mobile – living, working and travelling in 35 countries. 

▪ 5. Proficient in ENPS, social media tools, video and image editing software (including FCP X and Photoshop) to deliver meticulously crafted, original digital content.

▪ 6. Experienced EPK director: first movie project was the 2008 UK/France production of 'Lady Godiva', registered with the British Film Institute: https://bit.ly/3n6FFsg.

▪ 7. Ten years of legal practice in previous career as a barrister. Specialising in criminal, family and human rights litigation, this extensive forensic work as an advocate in the UK's highest courts now enables me to cover humanitarian stories with a deeper understanding of legal, political and social frameworks.
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Business Politics Current Affairs

BBC Showreel, including Live Reporting

Pieces-to-camera for CGTN, extracted from documentaries made for their weekly current affairs show, Assignment Asia

NGO rescues leftover wedding food to feed the needy

31 Aug 2021  |  news.cgtn.com
The article discusses the issue of food waste in India, particularly at weddings, which are traditionally lavish and result in a significant amount of uneaten food. 'No Food Waste', an organization started by three graduates in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, is tackling this problem by collecting surplus food from weddings and other functions and distributing it to the needy. The organization has developed an app to streamline the process and has fed over 900,000 people while saving over 300 tons of food. The article also references data from the United Nations indicating the severity of undernourishment in India and the high percentage of food waste. Assignment Asia, a CGTN program, is mentioned as the source of the story, highlighting the social impact of 'No Food Waste' through the experience of a volunteer, Tharnesh Dhibbu.

Training Video for Asian Development Bank

Editor's note: Cameraman Steve Lunt covered the bus siege in Manila. Here he writes about his experiences.

31 Aug 2021  |  CNN
Steve Lunt, a cameraman, recounts his experience covering the Manila bus siege where a former police officer, Rolando Mendoza, hijacked a bus with 22 Hong Kong tourists and three Filipinos, leading to a 10-hour standoff. The siege ended with eight tourists killed and the gunman shot by police. Lunt describes the scene, the relaxed atmosphere initially among the police, and the tension as the situation escalated. He also covered the aftermath, including the return of survivors and bodies to Hong Kong, and the emotional impact on those involved. The article provides a personal perspective on the tragic event and its coverage.

Video Journalism for CNN: Talk Asia

'Quiet' Aquino: Profile of Philippines leader

31 Aug 2021  |  CNN
The article discusses the inauguration of the new president of the Philippines, Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III, known as 'Noynoy'. It explores his character, his reluctance to run for office, and his clean political record, which stands out in a country plagued by corruption. Aquino won the election by a landslide, with his integrity and concern for the poor being key factors. The article touches on his personal history, including the assassination of his father and an attack on his family during his mother's presidency. It also provides insights into his personality, hobbies, and lifestyle, portraying him as a humble and private individual. Aquino's commitment to the presidency is framed as a continuation of his family's legacy and a response to the expectations of the Filipino people.

Documentary for CGTN's weekly current affairs show, Assignment Asia

BBC News Reporting - Showreel

Probing questions in the Philippines

09 Sep 2015  |  telegraph.co.uk
The article describes the author's experiences with the direct and personal questioning culture in the Philippines, particularly in Manila. It contrasts the Filipino openness and interest in others' lives with the author's British reserve and preference for privacy. The author notes that in the Philippines, eating alone or seeking medical advice often involves less privacy than one might expect, with personal questions and public consultations being the norm. The author has come to accept this cultural difference and even expects it as part of the Filipino way of life.

My trip to discover the real Pacquiao

07 May 2015  |  The Telegraph
The author recounts a trip to Mindanao, Philippines, to uncover the story of Manny Pacquiao beyond his boxing fame. Despite warnings from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the author visited Pacquiao's homes and interviewed locals, learning about Pacquiao's humble beginnings and philanthropic efforts. Pacquiao's loss to Mayweather is mentioned, but the focus is on his positive impact on the Filipino people, who admire him for his discipline and as a symbol of the Filipino Dream. The author speculates on Pacquiao's potential future in politics.

Philippines: an introductory guide

16 Jan 2015  |  The Telegraph
The article is a travel guide to the Philippines, highlighting the country's resilience and recovery following Typhoon Haiyan. It showcases various tourist destinations such as Palawan, Bantayan Island, Manila, Boracay, Cebu City, and more, each with its unique attractions and accommodations. The piece emphasizes the natural beauty, cultural heritage, and the friendly nature of the Filipino people, making it an appealing destination for travelers. It also mentions the Philippines' rich biodiversity, especially for divers, and provides practical travel tips and recommendations for places to stay.

Don't let the doomsayers dim your view of the Philippines

26 Aug 2014  |  The Telegraph
The article discusses the British Behaviour Abroad Report 2014 released by the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). The report is presented as a guide for British nationals traveling abroad, with a focus on the Philippines. It seems to contain statistics and information on the countries that are considered to be of most concern in terms of safety for British travelers. The tone suggests that the Philippines has been specifically mentioned in the report, implying that it may be a destination where British travelers have encountered problems or where there is a higher risk for them.

Politics Show South West - Their Lordship's House

20 May 2005  |  BBC News
The article discusses the lack of a clear timetable for the government's plans to reform the House of Lords, despite a promise of a free vote on the matter. It highlights the uncertainty of whether a Bill for the reform will be introduced in the current Parliament. The piece also covers the appointment of Paul Tyler, a former Liberal Democrat MP for North Cornwall, to the House of Lords. The article questions the government's commitment to making the House of Lords more representative of the UK's regions, especially after the removal of hereditary peers six years prior, which affected 13 peers from the South West including Lord Clifford of Chudleigh, the Earl of Devon, and Lord St Levan.

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