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Suddaf Chaudry

Suddaf Chaudry is based in London & Islamabad, she is available for commissions. She has covered politics, developmental issues, and conflict globally.  Her special focus is the Middle East and South Asia, she possesses copious newsroom and online experience including editorial and reporting roles across a variety of publications & platforms” Her website  details her work and can be found tweeting @suddafchaudry.


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@ZeeCompanion Insight 10-10-17 Part 1 Host @siddiquiaftab Guests @suddafchaudry Panelist on Zee TV Companion -Discussing Is democracy the best form of Governance?.


Mapping the Looming Water Crisis Pakistan I will be digitally mapping the looming water crisis in Pakistan as part of a long-term digital project.


Facts & Findings from the Water Hackathon in Pakistan


Changing the Status Quo on Pakistan's Water Crisis A hackathon was held in Lahore to discuss the looming water crisis in Pakistan. It has been reported that Pakistan will run dry by 2025 alongside the current threat of alarmingly high levels of arsenic in the water, the challenge is great. The aim of the Hackathon was to raise awareness of water sector challenges. Therefore the Objective is to Develop, Innovate Engage & Collaborate and Learn through establishing a solution to the water crisis. Participants had access to public data- and personal experiences of the crisis, to address long-standing complexities surrounding water and sanitation.


LONDON - The main benefits of sharia-compliant banking are low risk and high investment, which are imperative in the economic climate in Britain as the country battles to remain “strong and stable” post Brexit vote. British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson unveiled his vision on Brexit without consulting Prime Minister Theresa May and the party infighting reflects how unstable Britain’s position is on Europe.


“Radical Origins” by Azeem Ibrahim aims to address why so­ciety is losing the battle against Is­lamic extremism. A loaded question because there are as many theories about the origins of terrorism as there are to expound them. Ibrahim, a research professor at the Strategic Studies Institute, US Army War College and a senior fellow at the Centre for Global Policy, states on the book’s cover that he can educate his read­ers on how to turn the tide.


Published in Arab Weekly The Syrian conflict is the defining conflict of our time, there is no single unified strategy in place to chart a path to resolution. Subsequently, seven years of conflict has left a legal vacuum in Syria with no signs of compromise. Amnesty International describes the situation as ‘Surrender or starve’ strategy displacing thousands amounts to crimes against humanity’. At present 6 million Syrians are facing an uncertain future, for 7 years there has been no documentation relating to birth, death or marriage.


BATTLE LINES OF HISTORY- THE KASHMIR DISPUTE As violence escalates between Indian Police and Pro Independence protesters. allegations of human rights abuses are there a question of a new conflict emerging between the warring neighbours. As India and Pakistan blame one another for the violence in Kashmir, the situation remains at an impasse. The only way forward is reform, dialogue, and level-headed policy.


Can Silicon Valley save the Global Supply Chain-“IS THE TECH WORLD READY FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP” The Web Summit a technology conference that brought together academics and biggest buyers and sellers of technology to tackle urgent global issues. Lisbon is clamoured with signs of the web summit, the Portuguese government has announced 200 million euro fund to attract the wealthy to secure its future as the next silicon success story. "We want to do better, we want to do it faster, we want to go further and we know we have a lot to learn from you", said Antonio Costa President of Portugal at the opening night gala.


The most disputed corner of the world: the deepening crisis in Kashmir.


The article will focus on my first experience of a family funeral in Pakistan, my Aunt's funeral takes place in the 'city of eagles' (Sargodha-Punjab). The observing of an Islamic funeral involved juggling the challenges of load shedding and soaring temperatures of the summer heat. During the funeral, I uncovered narratives of patriarchal constraints in every sphere of daily life from marriages to financials for the women in the village, juxtaposed with the very real threat of terrorism. This piece of journalism articulates the challenges of orchestrating a funeral in a country of where the average income per annum is under $1500. The threat of regional insecurities has created an environment in Pakistan where the personal act of a family funeral becomes political.


The UK public not supportive of fighting in Syria. Polls indicate a drop to below 50% in supporting airstrikes.


Erdogan strips media freedoms Turkey’s response to Tuesday's Istanbul attack is to enforce blanket media bans


Fighting in Yemen threatens widespread Humanitarian Disaster Gulf Cooperation Council officials meet to discuss humanitarian pause in Aden, as fighting continues to wreak havoc in Yemen.

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