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Suddaf Chaudry

Suddaf is a freelance journalist currently based in Islamabad, Beirut and London. She covers extremism, security, politics and human rights primarily focusing on the Middle East and South Asia particular focus on Pakistan, Syria and Iran. Her works has been featured in Aljazeera, Middle East Eye, Arab Weekly, VICE, The Caravan and FirstPost. In 2016 she completed television production training, her television work has covered the faltering relationship between military and Media in Pakistan for Aljazeera. She is currently developing an investigative documentary on the subject of enforced disappearances. She speaks Urdu and Punjabi, Photojournalism is another focus she captures the under-reported, populations on the fringes. Furthermore, her journalism includes digital platforms which led her to lead a digital project mapping the water crisis in Pakistan in conjunction with a hackathon in order to enhance storytelling on a looming crisis in the Subcontinent. Suddaf recently covered the Pakistan elections uncovered poll rigging and the campaign of fear by the country's intelligence agencies. Her work on the Middle East has reported on the Iranian regime change through the airwaves, and Iran backed foreign militias. In Syria, she presented the costs of working without a legal system the dark underbelly of the illegal black market. She has also been a panellist at Chatham House discussing Afghanistan and Pakistan beyond the status quo, her work on the field in Pakistan was brought to the forefront.

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Chatham House Panellist

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Chatham House Panellist


Geo goes dark: Media and the military in Pakistan Media mystery in Pakistan: who ordered Geo News off the air? Plus, covering the world's largest biometric database.


Frosty Neighbours? Unpacking Narratives of Afghanistan-Pakistan Relations Due to their strong historical, cultural and religious ties, Afghanistan and Pakistan officially profess a close friendship with one another. At the same time, with Islamabad fearing an Afghan rapprochement with India, and Kabul claiming that terrorist sanctuaries on Pakistani soil are prolonging the war in Afghanistan, do the neighbours view one another with certain levels of mistrust? Panellists consider the influence of popular narratives on the countries’ policies and ask whether bilateral relations can be reshaped in a constructive and meaningful way. Looking forward, will the Afghan government, driven by considerations for regional connectivity, become a partner with Pakistan? Can the new government of Imran Khan, who counts Pakistani Pashtuns as core supporters, move Pakistan and Afghanistan beyond their present cold friendship? Or, with the rise of political populism globally


Zee Companion Insight Episode 10-10-2017 Part 1 Paper Round

1222 A hackathon was held in Lahore to discuss the looming water crisis in Pakistan. It has been reported that Pakistan

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